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(Google)   Live weather camera of Detroit. Apparently it's Detroit, the Moon -- not Detroit, Michigan.   ( clickondetroit.com) divider line
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2002-01-30 01:16:17 PM  
Simply... fascinating?
2002-01-30 01:16:18 PM  
2002-01-30 01:18:46 PM  
Nice moon.
2002-01-30 01:19:16 PM  
Camera snowed in?
2002-01-30 01:19:53 PM  
news.bbc.co.ukView Full Size

"Taxi? Here's a million bucks, drive me to Michigan. and step on it!"
2002-01-30 01:19:57 PM  
Freezing Rain all night and all morning. Must be frozen over.
2002-01-30 01:20:34 PM  
Can't believe you would think of something other than the moon when you hear Detroit.
2002-01-30 01:21:37 PM  
Doesn't look as bad as Mt. St. Helens
2002-01-30 01:22:13 PM  
um, ok.. so what, the camera got iced over
WOW! that is just farkING AMAZING!

Detroit NEVER gets ice!!
2002-01-30 01:22:14 PM  
Most likely just snowed in...

I'm 40 min west in Ann Arbor and we're pretty snowed in at the moment. I think the weather channel is messed in the head as well because if I add up all the expected accumulation of snow....we're looking at something of a foot and a half of it.
2002-01-30 01:23:35 PM  
hahaha. i work for the company that does the site...and mycfnow.com, among the others.

most exciting cam, ever!
2002-01-30 01:23:41 PM  
[image from a1844.g.akamai.net too old to be available]
2002-01-30 01:23:52 PM  
ice on outside cameras is pretty common. *shrug*
2002-01-30 01:26:18 PM  
I work in downtown Detroit and I can't even see my building. But there are other options like Comerica Park or Ford Field. Its just the crappy weather up here.
2002-01-30 01:27:49 PM  
white man move to suburb. black man stay in city. detroit become one big ghetto
2002-01-30 01:27:53 PM  
Frankly, I can't see why anyone would want to look at Detroit. I have an interior office so I just do it for the lack of a view.
2002-01-30 01:27:55 PM  
Bet you're safer in Detroit, Moon, without a space suit, than in Detroit, Michigan, with a bullet-proof vest.
2002-01-30 01:31:43 PM  
wow, a webcam that doesnt show anything

you don't see that very often
2002-01-30 01:32:11 PM  
Let's be a little positive here.

I was initially very apprehensive about working in Detroit. But its been very nice. The downtown area is very clean and safe. My fiancee & I even stayed at a four star hotel next to the Greektown casino for New Year's. Most fun I ever had.

Of course, a bottle of Dom Perignon and a jacuzzi suite helped ;-)
2002-01-30 01:32:53 PM  
I think a giant bottle of white-out brushed over Detroit would be a great improvement. Maybe we could try a city there all over again when it dried.
2002-01-30 01:36:18 PM  
Rain on the camera lens... wow.
2002-01-30 01:36:21 PM  
I've been there.

Yep, that's Detroit all right.....
2002-01-30 01:41:11 PM  
Being from another part of Michigan, we like to say that Detroit is a suburb of Windsor. Nobody wants to claim it as their own...

But it is nice to have a place to put all your riff-raff. Makes the rest of the state that much better.
2002-01-30 01:42:08 PM  
Another farked shot from some building up John R.

C'mon! Watch a mugging in the snow LIVE!
2002-01-30 01:43:03 PM  
Sheesh. No one has a sense of funny any more.

I bet you people are the ones that told my dad I pissed in his wheaties.

Damn you, spoil sports!

Suspend the jaded attitude. Wonder in that which is funny... which this is almost...kinda... well, it does look like the moon. Gee.

I wonder if the light in my fridge turns off when I close the door.
2002-01-30 01:43:51 PM  
Perhaps this might be better, although it's metro Detroit -- and it's not live, but it was at noon...

[image from shortfatguy.com too old to be available]
2002-01-30 01:44:30 PM  
Yep, I'm in Detroit and thats what I see right now. I am very drunk also.
2002-01-30 01:45:01 PM  
It's pointing towards Windsor. Then again, Windsor was for sale on Ebay yesterday... maybe someone bought it and moved it.
2002-01-30 01:56:57 PM  
Uhhh, I am in Lansing.......Clear skys and not a flake of snow or precipitation of any kind. WTF.
2002-01-30 02:05:11 PM  
It's about friggin time. Speaking as one of those white people in a Detroit suburb (Redford Township, home of....um....), I have to say where the hell has the snow been? This is the only thing that's interesting here, all the action's downtown. ;P
2002-01-30 02:17:52 PM  
Is that a Yeti?!?
2002-01-30 02:24:41 PM  
so let's have a detroit fark party!
2002-01-30 02:30:06 PM  
Detroit fark party!!! And no, there are no Yetis in Detroit. We don't want to disturb the zombified Coleman Young.
2002-01-30 02:39:14 PM  
A Detroit Fark party would be fun for about 4 hours....Once we got past Greektown and St Andrews Hall there's not much else. We'd have to improv
2002-01-30 02:39:48 PM  

Now we just need to find an abandoned warehouse.
How are we going to do that in Detroit?
2002-01-30 02:42:40 PM  
Detroit Fark Party at Carter's Hamburgers!
2002-01-30 02:44:32 PM  
hold your horses buddy...
2002-01-30 02:50:28 PM  

I don't remember eating that.
2002-01-30 02:58:14 PM  
Motown is NO TOWN
2002-01-30 03:05:35 PM  
Didja see the poll?

"What is your favorite Michigan Fahrenheit temperature range?"
Below 0 Degrees
0-20 Degrees
21-40 Degrees
41-60 Degrees
61-80 Degrees
81-100 Degrees
Above 100 Degrees
I like all the temperatures

What is your favorite beer temperature?
Below 0 Degrees
0-20 Degrees
21-40 Degrees
41-60 Degrees
61-80 Degrees
81-100 Degrees
Above 100 Degrees
I like all the temperatures
2002-01-30 03:06:14 PM  
Still in Lansing, still no weather.....WTF?
2002-01-30 03:06:22 PM  
hey, I'm all about a Detroit fark party. I was considering hosting one until I got kicked out of my house (landlord had to sell due to divorce). We could schedule it to coincide with a good show at St. Andrews or maybe the Magic Stick/Majestic. How about a Fark Rock and Bowl (fark and bowl?) at the Garden Bowl? They have bands every thursday night I believe.

Or, for the full experience, we could go see some washed up metal band at Harpo's over in East Detroit.

Did you know that Detroit is French for "from the troit?"
2002-01-30 03:07:53 PM  
I cant get to #Fark chat! so i guess ill just talk to my self , here, about snow, or something....
/me sigh
2002-01-30 03:08:55 PM  
ROCK N BOWL all the way brah....Agnostic Front paid for everyones bowling that was with them, under one condition, they had to do it in their underwear. All these skins and stuff bowling in their drawers....good times
2002-01-30 03:09:47 PM  
Now, c'mon. If we're going for the full experience, we have to schedule it for a Red Wings game. Obviously. ;) And as for Lansing, who knows. But ha ha, no snow for you!
2002-01-30 03:10:18 PM  
I'm an hour north of detroit and its snow free up here. And speaking of free, I scored the free passes to see the Doobie Brothers rock out at the Palace last night. Theyre old. :) Ah well, Dark Star Orchestra in Ann Arbor on saturday! weee
2002-01-30 03:10:24 PM  
Damn, forgot to add in Motor as an option. Always good DJ's (trance, D&B, etc) there and you can get in wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Plus you can wander around and get some Polish food.
2002-01-30 03:13:18 PM  
Oh, wait! the guava applete just started up, maybe i can get to fark after all, Agnostic front are a bunch of nazis WHAT?
2002-01-30 03:13:32 PM  
I haven't been to MOTOR since it was called "The Falcon Club"
I sure miss that place R.I.P Falcon
2002-01-30 03:15:41 PM  
I make no assumptions as to what kind of skinheads are going to AF shows, TRAD skins or NAZI's but everytime AF comes to town....I wear a helmet
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