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(Reuters)   Cat breaks loose in airplane, attacks pilot. Two years from now, a commission will study this incident   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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d23 [BareFark]
2004-08-10 08:49:31 AM  
what a cat-astrophe!

/runs and hides
2004-08-10 08:53:09 AM  
[image from teachyourmindtofly.com too old to be available]

no doubt a member of meow-qaeda
2004-08-10 08:55:50 AM  
Nice, Riche.

I expected my cats to do something like this when we took them on a six-hour flight. Fortunately the kitty dope we got from the vet worked.
2004-08-10 09:03:32 AM  
The cat just wanted its gin martini with an olive....

If I don't get a drink to calm my nerves on a plane, I usually end up attacking the co-pilot too.
2004-08-10 09:05:07 AM  
They say "attacked the co-pilot", but I doubt it.
You just know he went grabbing for it in just the wrong way...
2004-08-10 09:31:21 AM  
[image from teachyourmindtofly.com too old to be available]

Newest air marshal. Don't fark with him.
2004-08-10 09:42:31 AM  
Exhibit A in the case for having porn for the in-flight entertainment.
2004-08-10 10:10:42 AM  
Well maybe we can finally outlaw cats.
2004-08-10 10:17:35 AM  
Why didn't the pilot just pull down his pants and kill the kitten?
2004-08-10 01:01:26 PM  
Blame it on the shadowy terrorist group, Al-Cata.
2004-08-10 01:01:41 PM  
If the cat had wings it wouldn't have needed an airplane in the first place.

Ever think of that?
2004-08-10 01:04:01 PM  
GIS for airplane cat

[image from frn.net too old to be available]
2004-08-10 01:04:10 PM  
Johnny_Blaze_47 ahahahahahaha
2004-08-10 01:04:39 PM  
al-qaeda has now started recruiting cats. soon we will hear stories about cats with box cutters
2004-08-10 01:05:21 PM  
[image from members.nuvox.net too old to be available]

2004-08-10 01:05:47 PM  
[image from victoriajackson.com too old to be available]

2004-08-10 01:05:55 PM  
My cat is a freak.

He also likes to wake me up in the morning by licking my nose, clawing my face, or.. his favorite method.. walking on my head and curling up.

Nothing like being greeted in the morning with cat anus.
2004-08-10 01:06:09 PM  
See, if this had been a winged cat (see earlier thread), it could have flown to Vienna by itself.

The gray cat, named "Gin," broke out of its cage about 20 minutes after take-off and scurried to the cockpit where it scratched the co-pilot

And for that they turned back? Please. Slap a band-aid on the wussie co-pilot and keep flying. What's next? "Flight turns back because flight attendant got a hangnail"?
2004-08-10 01:07:17 PM  
Cats were first domesticated in Egypt, home of Mohammed Atta. These cats have been bred for 5000 years as sleeper agents, and now our country is full of them (especially old ladies houses), waiting for their chance to kill the infidel. Those Al-Qaeda are some long-term planning bastards.
2004-08-10 01:08:15 PM  
Damn those Al-Qatta operatives!
2004-08-10 01:08:24 PM  
[image from catskittysgatos2.homestead.com too old to be available]

they're all out to get us!!

// I'm a dog guy
2004-08-10 01:08:35 PM  
Son of Thunder: See, if this had been a winged cat (see earlier thread), it could have flown to Vienna by itself.

Um...RTF comments.

(J/K! Kisses!)
2004-08-10 01:09:45 PM  
This pilots a pussie
2004-08-10 01:10:02 PM  
what a pussy!
2004-08-10 01:10:15 PM  

[image from teachyourmindtofly.com too old to be available][image from njweedman.com too old to be available]
2004-08-10 01:12:00 PM  
2004-08-10 01:10:15 PM lunarworks

exactly what I was thinking! ;)
2004-08-10 01:12:31 PM  
See, if this had been a winged cat (see earlier thread), it could have flown to Vienna by itself.

Dang. shueytexas beat me to it.

Riche: no doubt a member of meow-qaeda

No doubt. Don't they operate out of Cat-ar? Or was it Cat-mandu?
2004-08-10 01:12:39 PM  
Were they worried about cat scratch fever?
2004-08-10 01:13:57 PM  
Halle Berry can scratch and bite me as much as she wants.
2004-08-10 01:13:58 PM  
Here is the picture of the cat, and it wasn't grey:

[image from themoviebox.net too old to be available]

/Reminds me of that joke about pussy and cockpit...and black box...
2004-08-10 01:14:13 PM  
nice kitty...
2004-08-10 01:14:14 PM  
shueytexas: Um...RTF comments.

No need to get catty. :^)
2004-08-10 01:14:31 PM  
That's nothing! I was just killed by a moody bear!
2004-08-10 01:14:41 PM  
[image from buzzstuff.net too old to be available]

[image from podboy.demon.co.uk too old to be available]

[image from lrrc3.sas.upenn.edu too old to be available]

I wonder if one of these comic felines was let loose on the plane? hmmmmm
2004-08-10 01:16:19 PM  
My parents are flying tomoorow, with their evil Mainecoon from hell. I usually LOVE cats, but this cat is the spawn of satan. Good luck to the airline security who have to search her carrier. Yeah, have a tranq gun ready! Wish I had a picture to display. She's so cute, but she'll sit there and growel at you. Evil kitty.
2004-08-10 01:17:00 PM  
[image from logo.cafepress.com too old to be available]

whoops can't forget this kitty....
2004-08-10 01:17:05 PM  
I hope no kittens were killed.
2004-08-10 01:17:08 PM  
And since Fark cut my visual aid... I'm trying again...
[image from armadillotales.com too old to be available][image from teachyourmindtofly.com too old to be available]

2004-08-10 01:18:22 PM  
[image from home.comcast.net too old to be available]

2004-08-10 01:18:23 PM  
Ritche - My kittens are part of Al-Cata, but I think Meow-Qaeta rocks! They are switching affiliations now...
/tired cat mommy after terrorists decided to attack my ass at 4am
2004-08-10 01:19:02 PM  
I'm confused. They had to go back because the copilot was scratched?
2004-08-10 01:21:29 PM  
He was probably complaining about the in-flight meal service.
2004-08-10 01:22:01 PM  
well I assume that the co-pilot attempted to catch the kitty and his/her hands/arms got scratched in the process... It's not the cats will just attack you for no apparent reason...
2004-08-10 01:22:17 PM  
Good thing it wasn't an Air China flight...

"[image from redsquarewebdesign.com too old to be available]
2004-08-10 01:22:40 PM  
By the way, dogs: Your opinion is neither wanted nor necessary here. Again.
2004-08-10 01:23:54 PM  
See, now jerkass333 is on the right track here. The cat attack and all is funny (BTW, I did submit this with a better headline) but the real issue is why in the hell would they have to turn the flight back over this incident. I'm perplexed. Did it have box cutters? Did it demand to be flown to Cuba?

/still pissed about not getting the greenlight.
2004-08-10 01:23:57 PM  
People who take cats on airplanes should be shot.
2004-08-10 01:25:03 PM  
oh my what a visual bullshiatter... makes me wonder WHY I haven't had one of these inawhile....

[image from commerce.secureinput.com too old to be available]
2004-08-10 01:26:02 PM  
Cat story trifecta in 3....2....1.....????
2004-08-10 01:26:09 PM  
stevemcgarrett What is that??
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