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(Vox)   Now that we have people washing their hands correctly, can we find some kind of pandemic that will teach lazy bastards and women who "hover" how not to pee on the toilet seat?   ( divider line
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176 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 12 Mar 2020 at 4:02 PM (16 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2020-03-12 4:22:12 PM  
As soon as we can reach the people walking around in the summertime saying "how about this heat?"
2020-03-12 4:23:41 PM  
I seem to remember hearing somewhere that the toilet seats are specifically designed to help non-transfer of germs - hence you cannot get an STD from a toilet seat.  You can, however, get it from the sprinkles, and covering the seat with super absorbent toilet paper defeats the purpose of the plane seat.

Old study, but science is still relevant:​th/ColdandF​luNews/story?id=6519300&page=1

Besides, who wants to waste a super power like hovering - over a toilet seat?
2020-03-12 4:53:22 PM  
Good luck with that, most guys can't aim and most women can reduce a public bathroom into a biological warfare zone in two hours.
2020-03-12 5:02:45 PM  
I used to do maintenance for the dorms at UNL. We had issues with their being excrement all over the toilets as well as loose seats on all of the toilets. Turns out that the problem was traced to some of the foreign students standing on the toilet to use them since they were used to the squat toilets prevalent in their home countries.
2020-03-12 5:11:50 PM  
Read in some medical journals that pee is usually sterile. Unless you have a used infection or something like that. Can you get a virus from touching someone else's Peepee? No, I don't mean tha...oh, go ahead, have you fun.
2020-03-12 5:17:32 PM  
believethe men's room attendant is there to help you with that.
2020-03-12 5:22:04 PM  

Fano: As soon as we can reach the people walking around in the summertime saying "how about this heat?"

It's proper to respond to "How do you do?" with not an answer, but with "How do you do?"  right back.  I think the correct response to "How about this heat?" is "How ABOUT this heat?!"  Hopefully, the original asker will realize what an inane remark it is.
2020-03-12 6:20:31 PM  

Billy Liar: I believethe men's room attendant is there to help you with that.

And the best part is - they didn't even have to hire him!
2020-03-12 6:59:54 PM  
If you really believed in equality, you ladies would raise the seat after you finish your business.
2020-03-12 8:05:56 PM  
Can we just start flogging people for NOT cleaning up after themselves when they use common toilets?
2020-03-12 8:51:08 PM  
Men can effectively avoid pissing on the toilet seats by pissing in the sink instead.
2020-03-13 12:12:57 AM  
I don't hover, I lay TP over the seat. I'll also avoid a wet seat unless I have no other choice then use TP to clean it and then line the seat.
2020-03-13 7:52:43 AM  
Who the f*ck is using public bathrooms now? I'd rather let it run down my leg and fill my sneaker.
2020-03-13 10:44:50 AM  
when i worked in an office, it was truly an astonishing coincidence that the women would complain about piss everywhere immediately after a chinese delegation would visit.
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