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(Quad-City Times)   Purse snatcher eludes Chief of Police. Luckily, he drops his parole papers in the process   ( msnbc.com) divider line
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2002-01-30 11:56:32 AM  
ANOTHER Stupid thief... you need a seperate section!
2002-01-30 11:56:52 AM  
Why would he be carrying his parole papers? Unless he took a purse right after he got out of jail.

Either way, nice job with "Stupid" tag.
2002-01-30 12:02:04 PM  
Gotta love that "Dumb Crook News."
2002-01-30 12:04:34 PM  
Same guy?
2002-01-30 12:06:56 PM  
$27,000 bail - so if he comes up with $2,700 he can get out? What am I missing here - lawyers please 'splain me .
2002-01-30 12:13:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-30 12:21:18 PM  
My First Story Post!

Kaloo kalay! What a glorious day!

I knew Drew couldn't pass up a stupid thief story!
2002-01-30 12:21:42 PM  
You know I can handle the the guy escapeing prison, selling heroin, driving around a stolen car, kidnapping, torture, slaying and murder.... But purse snatching! That is just sick! Lock him up and throw away the key!
2002-01-30 12:24:31 PM  
Don't these idiot crooks ever call Miss Cleo ?
2002-01-30 12:27:39 PM  
Kevin Lee, any relation to that psycho Buddy Lee from those disturbing jean's commercials?

I smell conspiracy!!!
2002-01-30 12:28:56 PM  
I think I'll move to Davenport. Davenport seems like a nice town. I think I was in Davenport once. Then again, Davenport is probably indistinguishable from the rest of the Quad Cities (unless, you're from Davenport, or you're a sofa).
2002-01-30 12:32:26 PM  
I think there's supposed to be an "of course" somewhere in there, as well.
2002-01-30 12:41:03 PM  
The full bail is $27,000. To get bailed requires the full amount paid to the courts from somewhere and bailbond folks get the 10% from you to put up the rest. They get their money back when you go to court. To get bailed for $2,700 he'd need someone to put it up to a bailbonds place because if he's stealing purses he sure doesn't have it. I'd say any bailbondsman would take one look at this guy and say no way because when he jumps, the bail guy loses the other $24,300 until/unless he gets caught.
2002-01-30 01:02:15 PM  
yah, crooks are dumb.
see, what he should have done is rob a bank, BUT, to put the chief off his trail, called in a fire down the street, from, say, a payfone. so they don't trace his call.
always thinking, that's me. always thinking.
2002-01-30 09:47:10 PM  
My First Story Post!

Kaloo kalay! What a glorious day!

I knew Drew couldn't pass up a stupid thief story!

Big, fat hairy deal. What, are you, 12? "Ooh, look at me!! I'm speshill!"

2002-01-30 10:04:02 PM  
2002-01-30 10:07:34 PM  
oooooooo...look at me...I'm Squinth...I'm gonna make fun of someone over the internet...I'm gonna start a Flamewar!

F. you.

And, hey, how about those patriots!

BTW, I found this...

[image from lordoftherings.net too old to be available]

Pippin Took

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Pippin, Hobbit, heir of the Old Took and a friend of Frodo's.

In the movie, I am played by Billy Boyd.

Any of you pussys wanna respond? Huh?

2002-01-30 10:18:00 PM  
Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch. Jesus.

"F. you."

You gotta do it with feeling there dude!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-30 10:41:41 PM  
People! People! Lets have some respect for Farkdom. Puleeze, is that all you f.u.c.k.e.r.s can say? Have some respect for the act of fornication for f.u.c.k.s sake.
2002-01-30 10:50:02 PM  
Could you be a bit more specific Affornicator? I don't quite get your drift.
2002-01-30 10:57:21 PM  
Simmer down or I will spank your wee wees.
2002-01-30 10:59:41 PM  
Yes, Please!
2002-01-30 10:59:45 PM  
You'll have to spank your own Tucci. I don't have outdoor plumbing.
2002-01-31 12:04:53 AM  
Boo! Tucci!
2002-01-31 12:31:37 AM  
Boo! Mike!
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