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13352 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Aug 2004 at 12:03 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-06 01:31:57 PM  
I have had SP2 installed for months! I didn't realize until just now that it is a Beta!

/shows you how much I pay attention
2004-08-06 01:34:26 PM  

> Other than that, Linux has about 1-2 years to go before its
> ready for the desktop.

What justification do you have for this opinion, other than the fact that a Linux system is separated between the kernel, the shell, and the windowing system (X)? If you set up the machine properly, you don't have to *bother* with logging in to a shell and then starting X from there. And if you use a good distro aimed at "power users" like SuSE, you get a graphical login by default. What, exactly, is your problem?
2004-08-06 01:35:03 PM  

Not quite sure whether your comments were pro- or anti- windows...

I understand your dad not wanting to switch from IE, the amusement to everyone (including yourself I'm sure) is that to the average user, Firefix *is* IE. There really is no difference.

Yes, your dad has a point that he shouldn't have to learn something new and so on, which is why I think it's funny that people would rather "stick with something they know" (which entails learning a whole bunch new stuff about how to keep your system clean and what you can and can't do) than switch to something like OS X, which really entails LESS work.

Quite simply, I don't think Windows is fit for the desktop anymore. It is just too hard for someone who is not familiar with computers to keep a Windows system clean. I don't care how many people come out of the woodwork and tell me "all you need to do is be careful," because tens of millions of people out there disagree with you. Hell, I know what I'm doing, and I STILL managed to acquire a couple of pieces of spyware in my 9 months using XP at work.

I have seen computers with in excess of 1400 "items" that Adaware flags.
2004-08-06 01:35:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/just do it
2004-08-06 01:36:32 PM  
Anyone here Windows 2003 Server installed??

I keep getting the farking BSOD everytime I resize a window (I.E. window or Word window or anything). It only happens when I'm using Winamp or have Media Player running at the same time I have I.E. or Mozilla open...then all of a sudden I get the farking BSOD with an error message of "win32k.sys" and 0x0000008E.

Also, this only started happening once I got my 2001FP Dell Monitor, connected via DVI-D on a Asus GeForce 5900x Card.

Before that things were peachy. Farking documentation or patches for this whatsoever...
2004-08-06 01:37:20 PM  
This is a repeat.

/ Isn't it?
2004-08-06 01:37:53 PM  

> Anyone here Windows 2003 Server installed??

If I wanted to get farked up the ass, I'd buy my GF a strap-on.
2004-08-06 01:38:29 PM  
"limited conflicts with some third party software applications appear more than likely."

Wow, that would be a first for Microsoft.

Wait, isn't that a plank in the Republican platform?
2004-08-06 01:44:46 PM  
Programmer Cat
If I wanted to get farked up the ass, I'd buy my GF a strap-on.

Well good for you then.

I, on the other hand, need this godamned OS in order to test out .NET apps.
2004-08-06 01:48:12 PM  
Programmer Cat

Setup a printer in SUSE or Mandrake or RedHat and it will not be available in all apps. The shell and X Windows disconnect is a big issue. Xandros fixed the printer issue, and they are ahead on others too. Believe me, I want a alternative. I also wish game makers would start offering games for Linux. For example, why not make game the function of the video cards, like nvidia. Why not run the entire game in the card, and only use the PC, whatever it is, Linux or Windows, or Mac, for file storage?
2004-08-06 01:48:21 PM  
Not quite sure whether your comments were pro- or anti- windows...

I understand your dad not wanting to switch from IE, the amusement to everyone (including yourself I'm sure) is that to the average user, Firefix *is* IE. There really is no difference.

Yes, your dad has a point that he shouldn't have to learn something new and so on, which is why I think it's funny that people would rather "stick with something they know" (which entails learning a whole bunch new stuff about how to keep your system clean and what you can and can't do) than switch to something like OS X, which really entails LESS work.

pro or anti-Windows, dunno.. neither, probably. I just gotta box that I've figured out how to use for the most part, don't knock me off my little pedestal. :) You're right about Firefox.. the biggest reason I stayed with IE as long as I did was because, like my dad, just didn't feel like learning anything else. But the similarity was astounding.. transition wasn't much effort at all.

You're also right about the irony of the "stick with what ya know" folks.. see my dad doesn't have to worry about that, he's got me and my mom.. I've been showing my mom how to do all that and she's been doing all of it. So I guess the lesson here is, learn how to use new stuff, or get married and have a kid. :)
2004-08-06 01:50:43 PM  
another thing.. somebody said earlier something about how much more attractive the Mac interface is.. I meant to add that to my last comment but forgot. It is nice, isn't it. My boyfriend has a Mac and whenever I use it I'm thinking dammit why can't Windows have this stuff? Some of it's pretty snazzy.
2004-08-06 01:53:16 PM  
I submitted this with a funnier headline

/couldnt resist
2004-08-06 01:56:55 PM  

What? Man, set it up and it shows up in all apps just like in every other OS. Or give it a name, print to that name.. whatever. I'm not even clear on what is going on with your system...

The shell/gui disconnect? I call BS. I can't think of any GUI-only OS that has been any good. The terminal is half the reason OS X eats Windows for lunch.

Games running on the Video card only? Well, I don't know, maybe because they need a massively fast CPU to do anything?
2004-08-06 02:09:16 PM  
I can't believe how many of you have drank the Redmond Kool-Aid!

I'm laughing out loud here at every one of you complete suckers who are praising MS for delaying this release again "so that they can get it right".

You people are obviously so far gone you're beyond rescue. But you are damn funny. Here is a company with enough engineers and programmers to make up a country yet they obviously haven't seriously deployed that resource to fix the problems with an OS that they know is sub-standard and seriously flawed!!! In the meantime, they just keep stringing you zombies along because you'll fall for anything they say and rise up in your quasi-religious fervor to hail and prasie them for yanking you around! "Please sir, can I have some more?"

Wow. I'm not laughing anymore. I just sobered up and realized that you probably voted for W, too.
2004-08-06 02:11:22 PM  
2004-08-06 02:11:23 PM  
Windows XP Service Pack 2: Install With Care

(URL:​=​23905071 &_loopback=1)

By Vincent A. Randazzese and Frank J. Ohlhorst,

9:00 AM EDT Fri. Jul. 23, 2004

The real surprise with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 isn't potential compatibility issues, but the mayhem that can occur when SP2 is downloaded onto a system.

CRN Test Center engineers evaluated a release candidate two (RC2) version of SP2, and upon completion of the install on three out of five systems, the machines blue-screened. A message stated that "winserv" was missing. The blue screen occurred on both Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel platforms, and all systems were running Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 1 installed. Every possible avenue to get back into Windows failed.

To remedy the problem, CRN Test Center engineers reached out to Microsoft. The company provided instructions on how to work around the blue screen and uninstall SP2, but it didn't answer questions on what causes the blue screen or the specific systems that may be affected. Microsoft recommended using the Windows XP recovery console to boot the system and then accessing the "%windir%\$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst" folder.

Once in the folder, engineers had to rename "spuninst.txt" to "spuninst.bat" and execute the batch command "batch spuninst.bat." When that process was completed, a rollback of the Service Pack file should have occurred. That didn't happen. So the batch file had to be executed a second time, and then access to Windows XP was restored--but with some caveats. Once back in the Windows operating system, Test Center engineers had to open the registry and set "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\RpcSs\ObjectName" to "LocalSystem." Next, engineers executed the "windir%\$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst\spuninst.exe," which prompted additional rollback changes to the registry.

After that process finished, some interesting events occurred. The rollback process uninstalled every device that existed in the PC. Network cards, video cards and all system resources were uninstalled. The PC was able to recover all of the uninstalled items, except one, upon a reboot. The graphics card, the Matrox Millennium P650, couldn't be recovered. Engineers tried to reinstall the drivers but, oddly enough, the Matrox folder was erased from the system and unable to be recovered. The only way to correct the problem was to go to Matrox's Web site and download the drivers from the support page.

The rollback also removed SP1; absolutely no remnants of SP1 existed anywhere in the system. To verify that problem, CRN Test Center engineers went to the Windows update page, and SP1 existed as a critical update, which needed to be installed again.

Before applying Service Pack 2, make sure a full backup of the PC is implemented. Imaging software, such as Symantec Ghost or Acronis True Image Backup, probably offers the best defense against problems caused by ill-behaved patches.

Microsoft's objective with Windows XP SP2 is to make it easier for end users to configure and manage security resources via new functionality and stronger security settings. Microsoft hopes the new settings will translate into safer Web browsing and improved security infrastructure for both businesses and individuals.

The smoke around the campfire, though, is that SP2 will wreak havoc on many security and firewall software utilities, forcing a redesign of antivirus suites, e-mail clients and firewalls. Test Center engineers installed SP2 on systems with utilities including Panda Software, Trend Micro, Symantec and Avast antivirus software, and all worked seamlessly. Symantec recently claimed that folks who download SP2 will need a Norton patch to co-exist with SP2. Yet Test Center engineers found that not be the case.

The functionality that SP2 brings to the table may make many third-party security utilities--such as popup blockers and software firewalls--obsolete. That functionality may push many security ISVs to rethink their marketing strategies.
2004-08-06 02:13:51 PM  
Because they're all too busy getting the release of WinNoCarbDonut2005 ready.

/Should stick to one thing and do it right.
2004-08-06 02:14:35 PM  

Gentoo is for Ricers

and to add to the discussion, using linux is great for some people, using windows or a mac is great for the other 95% of the population. I'm a programmer and i much prefer to use XP on my home machine...i've given linux quite a few chances, but it's just failed to impress me...the last straw was when Mandrake 9.1, without any warning, stopped recognizing my Radeon and i was relegated to using the command line only...if i was being paid to deal with shiat like this, or was still a student who had nothing but time on his hands i wouldn't mind, but as it is i just want something solid with which i can surf, email, photoshop (i'm NOT putting i use GIMP on my resume thank you), and do some random coding (usually w/ embedded C#)...for these purposes XP is by far the best option, as i know it's not going to randomly crap out on me, which i've experienced too many times with various linux distros...i'm sure mac's are great too, but i find they're generally too expensive (i'm wouldn't want an IMAC) and have a somewhat limited software selection...
2004-08-06 02:15:09 PM  
If Linux played PC games, I'd switch in a milisecond. Transmeta's WINE overlay, or whatever it is, just doesn't cut the mustard. I want my games ready to fly straight out the box, and no, I don't want to do dual boot. Get to work, Linux nerds!
2004-08-06 02:19:17 PM  
SP2 RTM'd yesterday. I will be avalible soon.
2004-08-06 02:20:31 PM  
XP SP2 farks up 3 out of 5 installs.

Have fun, Windows people!

/obligatory link to Knoppix
2004-08-06 02:22:52 PM  
Why Linux isn't ready for prime time:

The Luxury of Ignorance: An Open-Source Horror Story
2004-08-06 02:23:36 PM  
I'm glad someone posted the article about sp2 screwing up 3 of 5 test installs. While that's not a statistically valid finding if the test group is only 5 units, it's still non-zero, and a disturbing finding.

I get stuck doing "friends & family" support, which usually is in exchange for beer or something. However, until I see people being happy with SP2.2 (or however many dot-rev's it takes them to get it right), I'm going to be declining to help people with it this time around.

Meanwhile, my Mac, Linux, and Unix boxes keep on keeping on & not sucking.
2004-08-06 02:27:33 PM  
Let me see if I got this right: GNU/Linux isn't "ready" because the CUPS documentation is crap? I call bullshiat. If Eric S. Raymond can't figure out CUPS, that's *his* problem. I have no trouble using it with my little Epson inkjet, and I read the farking manual.
2004-08-06 02:30:36 PM  
Macabre, CUPS is the "Common Unix Printing System", Linux is just one OS that it runs on.

You'll have to do better convincing someone that "Linux isn't ready for prime time" than pointing to an article which was written about _how one specific application's documentation isn't done well_. He's using CUPS's documentation as an example of how not to properly document software. He doesn't even say he's doing this on Linux in the article.

Did you actually _read_ the article, or did you think that CUPS and Linux are the same thing, or did you know they aren't and use it anyway because you figured nobody would notice?
2004-08-06 02:31:14 PM  
By the time this comes out, Apple will have released upgrades for OSX four times... and each one is a huge improvement. (Even though Tiger has a corny name, and has stolen a major feature from Konfabulator, I have high hopes.)

Apple was kind of boring in the 90s, but the stuff they've done in the past four years has rocked me.

*Hugs Powerbook*
2004-08-06 02:32:32 PM  
I'd rather them delay it than release it now, it apparently kills 3/5 Windows installations in testing.

You are dumber than shiat. You're referring to a slashdot headline: "Windows XP SP2 renders 3 out of 5 computer unbootable." If you RTFA there, you see that one lame-ass blogger, with five very similar, buggy, machines, installed SP2 on them, and broke three of them.

Conclusion is: there is one stupid blogger, somewhere, who has crappy hardware he claimed was broken, in order to get on slashdot.

By no farking means is this a 60% kill rate.
2004-08-06 02:33:58 PM  
Bobbette, what is this new feature we can look forward to that was taken from Konfabulator?

It's interesting to note, some guy here said he backed out all the patches and XP got faster. Have you noticed that with every OSX update (especially .2 to .3) that our Macs get faster?
2004-08-06 02:38:46 PM  
Linux/Windows Flame WAR!!

it's like 1999 all over again.
2004-08-06 02:38:57 PM  
Programmer Cat
Let me see if I got this right: GNU/Linux isn't "ready" because the CUPS documentation is crap? I call bullshiat. If Eric S. Raymond can't figure out CUPS, that's *his* problem. I have no trouble using it with my little Epson inkjet, and I read the farking manual.

Hence the problem with you pretentious Linux assholes. Here's Eric Raymon - a leading advocate for open source - trashing Linux's poor UI design and shiat GUI. Doesn't that raise any alarm bells? Why do you think Macs are getting so popular with Linux users -- people are fleeing from the bullshiat which is the Linux GUI and the headaches that come with configuring simple shiat like Printers or Sound Cards.

The point is -- you shouldn't HAVE to RTFM for configuring essentials like printers or NIC cards. You shouldn't HAVE to RTFM for installing a simple godamned plugin (Flash) for Mozilla. The OS should just "DO IT" based on simple commands and execute what the user wants. I'm no M$ advocate -- but this is why they are and remain the biggest OS distributors. The Linux GUI sucks, its tech support is nil, UI design is pure shiat, documentation is sketchy. MS beats you in all of those categories so you've got some work to do.

Make it better and more people will come. That's the bottom line.

/flame on
2004-08-06 02:43:05 PM  
1. It's TransGaming.
2. Game compatability database
3. Check to see if the game has a native Linux version. Just off the top of my head... id always has a Linux port, every Unreal Tournament game has a native version, and otherwise search around for other ports: put a little bit of farking effort into it!
4. Aw, is wittle n00bie scawed of the command line? Grow some balls, crybaby! All you have to do is cedega /path/to/executable/Game.exe. If that's not enough for you, throw your farking computer out the window!
2004-08-06 02:43:22 PM  

FYI, if you got your copy of Windows XP through, shall we say "less than legitimate means" I would do this before you try installing SP2.

Right click on MY COMPUTER, go to properties (or go to the "SYSTEM" control panel)

Once there, on the general tab, it'll say Registered to..blah blah...

Under your "company" will be a string of numbers. If the second set of numbers (the 6-8th numbers) in the the string (3 numbers) is NOT 640 do NOT install SP2. You likely have a pirated VLK (Volume License Key) version and SP2 will render your machine useless. However, if it says 640, then you are ok.

Again, only apply this test if you got your copy through a "non legit" channel.
2004-08-06 02:43:33 PM  
Here's a bold question:

Is NOT installing SP2 a viable option?
2004-08-06 02:46:38 PM  
Linux/Windows Flame WAR!!
tsk tsk,
don't forget the OSXers. (laughing on the sidelines)
2004-08-06 02:50:07 PM  
I'd gladly dump MS if you could guarantee that I could open and save in the same (and transferable) application formats that I need to use from the WIN world.
2004-08-06 02:51:13 PM  

> The Linux GUI sucks, its tech support is nil, UI design is
> pure shiat, documentation is sketchy. MS beats you in all of
> those categories so you've got some work to do.

Which Linux GUI? There are a shiatload of them, in case you haven't noticed, and nobody can seem to agree on which sucks harder than the others. You've got people claiming that GNOME is best, people singing the praises of KDE, and assholes like me who say "fark you" to both of 'em and use lightweight window managers.

Tech support is nil? Listen; I'm a home user. I get my Linux off the net; I am *not* paying for support, and therefore cannot reasonably *expect* support. If I *want* professional tech support, I'll buy SuSE or Red Hat and tie up their phone lines if I can't figure something out.

UI design is pure shiat? Compared to what? Apple's Aqua isn't for everybody, as pretty as it looks. Windows XP looks like a frigging Fisher-Price toy by default, and the "classic" Win32 UI looks like the bastard child of Motif. Again, which Linux UI are you biatching about? GNOME? KDE? some lightweight window manager that only "pretentious Linux assholes" like me are likely to enjoy using?

Documentation? Macabre, have you lost your farking mind? Did you see the manual that comes with Windows XP? It's a farking PICTURE BOOK! There was more content in a book I used to love as a baby called "Kittens Are Like That". Granted, there's MSDN, but that's not for users. SuSE includes a big farking manual with its professional edition. Gentoo's documentation is clear, concise, and following the instructions in their howtos produce good results.

Linux itself is just a kernel. If one distribution sucks, get a better distribution.
2004-08-06 02:53:43 PM  

> I'd gladly dump MS if you could guarantee that I could open
> and save in the same (and transferable) application formats
> that I need to use from the WIN world.

I won't make such a guarantee, but I *will* say that I have never had trouble using's suite to read and modify documents that I share with people who use MS office, and I have been using before it reached v1.0.
2004-08-06 02:57:13 PM  
By the way

SP2 has went gold and has been released to testers/manufacturers news
2004-08-06 02:57:40 PM  
xarlos: To answer your question, not really. MS has a nasty habit of sneaking in patches for unknown or not-publicized vulnerabilities and bugs into Service Packs without telling anybody.
2004-08-06 02:57:59 PM  
macabre writes:

Hence the problem with you pretentious Linux assholes. Here's Eric Raymon


- a leading advocate for open source

Yes, we know who he is.

- trashing Linux's poor UI design and shiat GUI.

No, he's not. He's trashing CUPS as an example of bad user interface and documentation. CUPS is a program, Linux is an operating system. (OK technically Linux is the kernel. But, it's still not CUPS). CUPS is a program which can run on many operating systems. The operating system isn't CUPS.

ESR does a lot for open source. One of the things he does for open source is help people understand how to do things well, and how not to do them poorly. His "How to ask intelligent questions" articles is an example of the former, his "Holy crap, the CUPS installation is a festering heap of crap" article is an example of the latter. It is about a specific application, not the whole OS.

Did you not know that, or do you just like trying to confuse people who don't read further than the first sentence of the article?
2004-08-06 02:58:08 PM  
I'm sick of doing things the hard way
That's it. I've decided.

I'm switching.

In the very near future (after taxes are computed, reported, and paid) I'm putting one of my Thinkpads (the T21 running Linux) and my oldish G4 Apple Powerbook (15" 550MHz) up for sale. Using the funds from those sales and a bit of other cash, I'll be buying a new 15" Powerbook.

This has been a long time coming. In the nearly 2 years since I wrote that reivew, I've upgraded it a bit. It now has 768MB RAM and an AirPort card. I'd use it from time to time, but couldn't ever convince myself to just give up my old ways. But I recently tried to be completely honest with myself about my computing needs (that's not always easy!). I realized that I only do a few things on my Linux notebook (my primary machine until recently) 99% of the time:

e-mail (mutt, isync, exim, and emacs)
instant messaging (yahoo messenger and gaim)
web browsing (mozilla flavor of the week)
little perl scripts
read rec.aviation.soaring (mozilla thunderbird)
php/mysql stuff
occasional spreadsheets (openoffice)
occasional presentations (openoffice)
That's really it.

Of course, there's a list of things that are a pain in the ass on Linux that I've just been living with for no really good reason (other than the fact that I'm very, very comfortable on Linux):

watching quicktime movies
expecting power management to work
having easy wireless networking
finding an RSS aggregator that doesn't suck (less of an issue now that I use bloglines)
Now, looking at things from the point of view of an occasional Mac OS X (Jaguar) user (no, I haven't upgraded to Panther yet--sure me), it's pretty clear that I can fix everything on the second list without changing much on the first list.

Sure, I may switch to using Safari as my browser and may give Apple's another chance once I move to Panther. Or maybe I'll use Mozilla Thunderbird instead. But I've used mutt/exim/emacs/isync on this old Powerbook before without any trouble.

Why didn't I do this sooner? Beats me. I'm slow and stupid sometimes.

Probably a combination of inertia, being lazy, not wanting to change, and so on. But in the last week or so, I've been more honest with myself and really tried to give OS X a fair shake. Unlike most Mac users, I don't think the OS X interface is "beautiful" or "clean" but it certainly does the job well enough for my needs. Yeah, I'm giving up a lot of control but ditching FVWM2 on Linux, but that's okay. I really don't have time to tweak that crap anymore.

I've owned four Thinkpads and ran Linux on all but one of them (the fourth is my Windows box, used mainly for GPS and flight/navigation software nowadays). I've been at this a long, long time. But, you know what? Stuff just works on this Mac. And since all the cool kids are doing it, I have few if any fears that my favorite Open Source tools are already debugged and working there smoothly.

There really are no good reasons left for not switching. I haven't thought of anything I can do on the Linux Thinkpad that I can't do on a Powerbook running Mac OS X. Well, there are some things, but none of them matter to me. That was the important realization here.

Am I giving up on the idea of Linux on the desklaptop? Not really. I still have a Linux desktop at work that I use to talk to a bunch of FreeBSD systems. All I really need/want there is a bunch of xterms, emacs, and my IM clients. So it fits the bill nicely. But let's face it, when it comes to being user friendly and handling modern media, Linux (meaning "the desktop stuff" often packaged to run on it) has some growing up to do.

Use the right tool for the job, I guess.

I'm sure that I've known all of this on some level for a year or so now. And I know that there a bunch of you reading this and thinking... "Duh. Welcome to the party. It's about time you showed up!"

I guess I was just in denial.

So, anyone wanna buy a couple of notebooks? :-)
2004-08-06 02:59:37 PM  
Macabre, I'll bite.

What's this about reading manuals for Flash?

Funny, Firefox just INSTALLED it for me automatically. So, you know, you're wrong. Maybe you were right once, just like complaining about Windows 3.1 was once a valid complaint.

You're wrong now though. That's what counts.

Have you ever tried to USE MS tech support? I love how people biatch about Linux having no support, but have never used the support for their OS either.

I'll give you a hint. MS support blows. Nobody uses it. Nobody even qualifies for it. As far as I know you basically need a huge service contract to be able to even talk to them. Or a credit card for per-incident.

Businesses know this. When the boss says "but Linux has no tech support" all the techies just laugh becasue they know NOBODY is calling MS tech support. They're googling their problems just like everyone else.
2004-08-06 03:00:52 PM  
I've never used a firewall, and I've never had any probl
2004-08-06 03:01:24 PM  
Linux vs Microsoft Windows flames aside, there's one thing that people don't seem to take into account about XP's Service Pack 2(TM)... I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Joe Sixpack won't install it. And if Joe Sixpack won't install it, the problems for EVERYONE will continue(mass email worms, spam zombies, yada yada yada).

It's the same Joe Sixpack that's running stock IE6 on XP and stock IE5 on Win2k and stock IE3 on Win98.
It's the same Joe Sixpack that I get calls from at least 3 times a week saying "my Norton isn't working right."

Joe Sixpack doesn't give a damn about patching his browser or installing a service pack, all he want's to do is check his email and the ESPN site and surf for porn.
This is _fact_.
I deal with Joe Sixpack every day for a living. Day after day I see machines that are running stock installs full of whatever has been "clicky-clicky'd" on.
Want to clean off Joe Sixpack's virus/spyware laden laptop? All you have (legally) is a "system restore CD" or a hidden restore partition on the drive to do so - which takes it back to a stock install ready and waiting to be stricken again. That is... unless you also want to spend 2-3 more hours installing patch after patch and rebooting 37 times to get it up to snuff. Multiply that time exponentially if using a dial-up. I charge by the hour, and most folks aren't willing to spend the $$ for my extra time to do that, and they obviously have no intention of doing it themselves.

Microsoft COULD HAVE done the world a favor just by turning on their update tool by default - so people might actually know they need updates at all, and might actually install them then. What's the point of issuing all these patches if people don't know they need them? Jeez... even cars have idiot lights.

I honestly have to thank Microsoft for not doing it though - because that pays my bills.
2004-08-06 03:01:43 PM  
Garanimal wins the thread.
2004-08-06 03:03:26 PM  
macabre: ESR is a noted extremist. And if you don't want to read the documentation, you're a farking lazy sac and an ignorant fool; you don't deserve the privleges of technology. If you aren't willing to put in the work, you shouldn't reap the rewards.

popfreak: I know you're just making a PSA, but: Thank you for helping to perpetuate The Monopoly. You do know that you're helping to deprive Free Software of potential users.

If you don't want to have to pay for software anymore, work for change through legitimate means.
2004-08-06 03:08:46 PM  
2004-08-06 12:47:28 PM Doc Daneeka

In my experience then, Microsoft products tend to be ugly, buggy, unstable, designed with no thought for security, & lacking many features that are standard in competitors' software.

Remove your full version of Kazaa. Uninstall Gator, Precision time, Weatherbug, eWallet, Norton System works, and the virtua girl toolbar stripper.

Defrag, perform critical updates, clear your temp files, remove your olsen twins screensaver and reboot. I think that will take care of all your problems.
2004-08-06 03:09:29 PM  
Meh. I could care less. I only use my PC for games anymore (Doom3 is excellent, btw). I use my G5 for everything else (including games that can run on it).

One piece of advice. Buy a hardware firewall. They are cheap and effective, and most today come with a wifi access point built-in. Its well worth the $60 or so, and you don't have to freak out every time a new worm hits the 'net.
2004-08-06 03:10:38 PM  
I'd rather have a non-buggy program that have them rush to get it out on time, personally. Or, maybe it's just me....

/likes Windows, has no intention of switching to stupid Mac ever
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