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(Some Guy)   Vegetarians say eating chicken worse than 9/11 attacks   ( divider line
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4763 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jan 2002 at 9:53 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-28 09:56:10 PM  
So, if the terrorist ate the WTC victims, the victims would be on par with the chickens?
2002-01-28 09:57:19 PM  
If we outlaw chickens, then only outlaws will have chickes.
2002-01-28 10:00:27 PM  
Oh boy even if you have a bad day reading a story about these animal rights freeks will make you smile!
2002-01-28 10:00:41 PM  
Okay, tell ya what, if you kill yourself, I promise not to eat any more chicken. Good deal, right?

I'll just eat hamburgers instead.
2002-01-28 10:02:23 PM  
Man, sometimes I wonder when people lost the instinct to protect those of their own species and gaind the instinct to protect other species. Wierd. (yeah it's i before e)
2002-01-28 10:04:30 PM  
Oh my God, I couldn't read beyond the first three paragraphs. No one knows what a chicken feels or doesn't feel! If I have to read anymore crap like that, then the chickens have already won!
2002-01-28 10:04:43 PM  
Save a a vegetarian.
2002-01-28 10:05:47 PM  
So, according to this nutjob's logic, kiling and eating him is just the same as eating a chicken? I'm going to have me some nutjob steak tonight!
2002-01-28 10:10:33 PM  
What a stupid farking coont.
2002-01-28 10:10:33 PM  
Sure is fun to tear apart a strawman argument. Why can't we at least link -primary sources- for ridicule? They're usually funnier anyway.
2002-01-28 10:12:53 PM  
save a chicken eat bush
2002-01-28 10:13:34 PM  
If we can't mock militant vegan extremists, then the terrorists have... ah, forget it.
2002-01-28 10:15:04 PM  
Wait, that was an animal activist? I thought he just worked for ManBeef.
2002-01-28 10:15:40 PM  
These Vegan groups should throw out their age old "you are bad if you eat an animal" gimmick, and start with the new propaganda: color plants the same hues as the American flag, and people will jump all over that shiat.
2002-01-28 10:17:48 PM  
Come to think of it, whose comments were worse: Pat Robertson's or this farker's?

I didn't think it was possible to top Robertson for major screwups, I think we may have a winner.
2002-01-28 10:18:39 PM  
Yea I know its been said before here, so you'll have to forgive me, but I'm really getting sick of people using 9/11 to sell their slanted views.
2002-01-28 10:21:10 PM*chewsmack*......the atrocity.....*chewchew*.....OH THE HUMANITY!!!! Pass the gizzards please. A Memorial perhaps ? A Big Chicken Memorial dedicated to the Great Flightless Fowl Massacre. Heh......I'm prefer to think that the meaty thigh I just microwaved has graduted from Banquet(R) University!!!! mmmmmmmmmm
2002-01-28 10:23:10 PM  
Hmmm, perhaps we need a smapling of some particular people's human flesh, no?
2002-01-28 10:23:21 PM  
do not kid yourself.....if you give a chicken half a chance, it will destroy everything precious to you......
2002-01-28 10:24:48 PM  
It's been said before, sure, but as long as we have people using this chicken-shiat publicity gimmick, raising your voice against them is almost a duty in my book.
2002-01-28 10:26:48 PM  
Won't someone think of the lettuce?
2002-01-28 10:28:06 PM  
Lets put these comments into the perspective of someone who lost a loved one, friend, or an entire company in the tragedy.

You are at a funeral for a good friend who suddenly died, and this is clearly the worst day of your life. Then the guy giving the eulogy says, "By the way, because your friend did not belong to [insert religion here] they are in hell, and if you don't become a member of this religion, you could go to hell too because, as illustrated by your dead friend, you can die at anytime."
2002-01-28 10:30:22 PM  
"...for 35 million chickens in the United States alone, every single night is a terrorist attack."
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-28 10:30:24 PM  
If god ( choose your favorite ) meant that man/woman/beast was to be vegitarian then he wouldn't have invented Taliban to be used as an analogy.

Oh fark... I thought I had a good thought but it looks like shiat in type.
2002-01-28 10:30:39 PM  
This is stupider than the orange-vest story a while back. Please tell me this isn't real. Please tell me a site that suggests "thinking like a chicken" is an elaborate joke.

If not, please post the followup when the site ( is hacked and the "check out these nuggets" pic is posted.
2002-01-28 10:32:13 PM  
Don't eat chicken. Eat fetus, babies, and small children. The incredible edible fetus. Yum.
2002-01-28 10:36:31 PM  
Fetus....tastes like....OMG never mind.
2002-01-28 10:36:48 PM  
If I had the nine piece chicken strips from Carls Jr for lunch, then I have already won.
2002-01-28 10:37:38 PM  
I found out today there's beef in marshmallows and Jello. I can't wait to use that one on the next animal rights vegetarian I meet.
2002-01-28 10:38:34 PM  
More KFC for us then. They can eat tree leaves and the people starving on the streets who don't have any food can have theirs.
2002-01-28 10:41:09 PM  
What if the terrorists ate KFC? That would be awful!

Seriously though, my girlfriend is allergic to chicken, but the WTC attacks did not personally effect her or I.
2002-01-28 10:41:37 PM  
this makes Colonel Sanders=Hitler
2002-01-28 10:44:34 PM  
What a great name for a band!!! United Poultry Concern
2002-01-28 10:45:45 PM  
This page on the nutcase's site is really amusing, especially this bit of twisted logic where she compares farmers to slave traders:

Is confinement so terrible? After all, farmers protect their animals from bad weather and predators and provide them with food, water and shelter. Isn't that better than being in the wild? Slave traders and slaveholders argued that it was better to be a slave in a "civilized, Christian" society than to be at liberty in a heathen jungle. This
same rationalization is used to justify expropriating and subjugating other species.

Methinks she has absolutely no life at all.
2002-01-28 10:46:28 PM  
and now a word from Cliche Kitty and friend.......

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2002-01-28 10:50:24 PM  
I've said it before-- I hate animal rights-people. Eat all the damned vegetables you want, just don't act like a moron. Why don't you fark those cats and dogs and leave our human world. I doubt the majority of animals give a fark if you die.
2002-01-28 10:52:03 PM  
Grizzlyjohnson: where did you think Jello came from? Gelatin is totally a beef byproduct. As for marshmellows, I don't think anyone knows how those are made.

On a more serious note. Chickens are not people. Before the WTC attack, PETA was comparing the slaughter of chickens to the millions of people who died in the Holocaust.
The quote was something like this: "people are always saddened by the millions who died in the holocaust, but no one is bothered by the billions of chickens killed every year"

Hey, I'm all for humane treatment of animals. If the slaughter houses are being cruel, then we have a real issue. But killing animals for food is not in and of itself cruel.
2002-01-28 10:54:15 PM  
I'm sick and tired of these people making me look bad. I'm a vegetarian, and, yes, it's because I don't want to eat meat, but that's a luxury I'm afforded. Furthermore, I cook meat for my girlfriend, and I won't tell people that I am a vegetarian unless it really has to be said. But with this approach the silent majority is silenced. Fark those other guys!
2002-01-28 10:54:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"When I grow up, I wanna go to Bovine University"
2002-01-28 10:55:29 PM  
Blah, blah, blah. Why is it that the maniacal ravings of one nutjob is supposed to represent the entire body politic that is against cruelty to animals?
2002-01-28 11:13:59 PM  
Mickey_B, you got that right! I haven't had KFC in ages, but I still remember how wonderful that greasy, spicy wonderful stuff tasted! Chicken was made to be Kentucky Fried! Bring on the bucket and pass the coleslaw and mashed potatos! Wish there was a way to munch down a batch in front of that silly biatch.
2002-01-28 11:14:50 PM  
Because there are thousands of raving nutjobs, not one.

Humane Society = Good
PETA = nutjobs

And if you're a member of PETA but try to say you don't agree with everything they do, you're still supporting nutjobs. Fine a better organization to represent your beliefs, or make your own.

I wonder where they stand on Mike the Headless Chicken?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-28 11:24:47 PM  
If birds are truly dinosaurs, then every time you eat a chicken you are avenging all our mammal ancestors; the ones who were hunted and eaten and terrorized by dinos. Betcha not one dinsaur ever stood up and protested eating the poor mammals. So get revenge and eat more chicken.
2002-01-28 11:26:16 PM  
img.fark.comView Full Size
2002-01-28 11:28:04 PM  
Any site that sides with Ringling brothers is whack. I mean, I don't side with the guerilla vegetarian either, but they treat the animals like shiat. How about some middle ground?
2002-01-28 11:31:32 PM  
Wedge -
I had forgotten about Mike the Headless Chicken.
Does he have a fan cub that I could join?
2002-01-28 11:37:32 PM  
Do you think lack of protein could cause hallucinations?
2002-01-28 11:40:46 PM  
How to be a shiathead, in one easy step:

Link the victims in your latest crusade to the victims of September 11th, the Holocaust, or another incident of unjustifiable evil.

In your own eyes, you'll be showing the cruelty and evil of the opressors.

In the eyes of the rest of the world, you are a grade A MkV shiathead. The Holocaust was a campaign of evil and hate. The Sept. 11th attacks were a campaign of evil and hate. They are not your tools; they are not yardsticks of evil. There is no such thing as a milliholocaust; there are no mega911s. They stand on their own. If a company makes eleven million dollars today, they did not make a holocaust of money. If you travel five thousand miles, you did not travel a September 11th of miles. If you try to make metaphors of these events, you are a shiathead.

Thank you for your time,

2002-01-28 11:49:28 PM  
I wonder if it actually some very elaborate joke. How else to explain it?

I'm sure she'll now say her comments were taken out of context. ;)
2002-01-28 11:57:13 PM  
I wonder if these people are pro-choice?
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