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27465 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2004 at 3:43 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-03 08:37:19 AM  
I'd hit it?
2004-08-03 08:43:52 AM  
Sorry, smooky, but I think you are over the maximum age to ride.
2004-08-03 08:45:05 AM  
I'd hit it if I were 35 years younger...
2004-08-03 08:50:39 AM  
I dunno, Argh_Dammit is she on your wife-approved list of celebrities ("celebrities") you're allowed to bang when you're 14 years old?
2004-08-03 08:55:16 AM  
she'll be knocked up a third time by that kid before the end of the week.
2004-08-03 09:01:58 AM  
I wonder what kind of relationship, if any, she has with her four kids by her husband?
2004-08-03 09:02:37 AM  
On the plus side, he's over 18 now.
2004-08-03 09:04:47 AM  
Hopeless romantic.
2004-08-03 09:15:52 AM  
I'd hit it...right after math class.
2004-08-03 09:31:19 AM  
OK, biatch. I'll shave, but I aint wearing the cub scout uniform.
2004-08-03 09:48:17 AM  
LOL control.

I'd hit it, and I still say the 12yr old was lucky.
2004-08-03 09:48:34 AM  
Cub scout uniform...tee hee hee
2004-08-03 09:54:19 AM  
Hell yeah, I'd hit it!
2004-08-03 10:27:11 AM  
that kid better get a pre-nup so she
doesn't end up with his playstation in
four months !
2004-08-03 11:01:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Would still hit it.
2004-08-03 12:16:39 PM  
I really don't understand what you guys see in her. Way too damn skinny and there is that whole batshiat crazy look in her eye. If the genders were reversed in this whole thing, she would have been locked up for 20 years.
2004-08-03 12:40:45 PM  
Let's give the kid some doubt benefit... she was an educator, it could have been more about intellectual stimulation than easy sex. Sometimes we just want someone to converse about Melville or quadratic equations or the Louisiana Purchase. Am I right, people?
2004-08-03 03:46:42 PM  
In her honor, I will deflower a virgin.
2004-08-03 03:47:13 PM  
Spiffy? PSA, perhaps?
2004-08-03 03:47:27 PM  
Countdown to Mary Kay's 1st porn film in 5...4...3...2...1
2004-08-03 03:48:45 PM  
2004-08-03 03:48:49 PM  
Didn't RTFA in the link, but saw this in the local rag today. The "kid" is now 21 and wants the judge to cancel the restraining order that prohibits her from coming near him, so that they can work something out with the children. I didn't have too much sympathy for her "How will I fit back into society" whine, but at least the guy is trying to put together some sort of family relationship.

/and of course, he'll bang her again
2004-08-03 03:48:54 PM  
yuk. When I was seventeen I had an eighteen year old boyfriend who just broken up with a fifteen year old girl. We all thought that was a little creepy.
2004-08-03 03:50:10 PM  
2004-08-03 03:50:26 PM  
To the farkettes: The reason guys love her is because she made a boys dreams come true. We all had some fanasty like this, and the vast majority of us were forced to do nothing but beat off in secrecy and feel ashamed for it. One guy beat the odds tho. He nailed his teacher! He lived the Great Pubescant Dream! For me, I always wanted a hot babysitter to "molest" me... still waiting for that.

/can't rape the willing
2004-08-03 03:50:29 PM  
That kid looks like a sex offender more than her if you ask me.
2004-08-03 03:50:33 PM  
If he's legal now, how does the court order making her stay away from him work? I don't get it....isn't he free to make that choice as an adult?
2004-08-03 03:50:35 PM  

If you knew/thought that, then why did you go out with him?
2004-08-03 03:50:53 PM  
Hot for teacher? Hot for student? Hot for pre-pubescent boys? Sounds like a sick male pedophile? Wrong... it's a disturbingly not-unattractive young woman. I have a hard time percieving this as 'rape', but I guess if you look at it in the right light, it is. Maybe something is wrong with me...

/would have hit it when I was 13... actually, I would've hit just about anything then...
2004-08-03 03:51:18 PM  
If she's that starved for sex........
2004-08-03 03:51:52 PM  
EmilyK: But not creepy enough to not date him, obviously.
2004-08-03 03:52:11 PM  
I was expecting to see "high school boys rejoice" in the headline... is Fark losing its edge?
2004-08-03 03:52:13 PM  
I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, I'm hot for teacher.

Hey how come the link about the teacher from Sturbridge, Mass that slept with her student didn't make the front page ? This is an interesting story because one, she's a 30 year old teacher named Amber Jennings(STRIPPER !!)...

and two, if you Google her name, a page comes up with question, "What would you do if God would let the Red Sox win the World Series ?", with an interesting reply from a person from Sturbridge named .... Amber Jennings: "I would be willing to French kiss David Ortiz with a big wad of chew still in his mouth"
[image from too old to be available]

2004-08-03 03:52:47 PM  
I rememeber "Jean from Los Angeles" talkign with Imus a few years ago about this..."Imus, she went after that boy AGAIN after she already got caught...that must be some GOOOOD stuff, Imus...I want me some of that stuff!!!!"
2004-08-03 03:53:04 PM  
Man, I wish I could have been hitting that at 13. She is defintely hittable.

The kid needs to write a pimp book now, make wads of cash.
2004-08-03 03:53:22 PM  
can't rape the willing
yes you can, it's called "statutory"

That kid looks like a sex offender more than her if you ask me.
What does a sex offender look like?

If you knew/thought that, then why did you go out with him?
I'm a better judge of character now.
2004-08-03 03:54:00 PM  
Hell yeah, I'd hit it!

It'd hit you.

If she's that starved for sex...

Not to get all uncynical, but who's to say that,
every now and then, your soul mate isn't much
younger/older? Maybe, just maybe, it was true love.
2004-08-03 03:54:05 PM  
I'd give that teacher an apple.
2004-08-03 03:54:12 PM  
"If you knew/thought that, then why did you go out with him?"

Probably because women are suckers for older, more mature guys...
2004-08-03 03:55:03 PM  
Reminds me of my cousin... His first wife was just barely 16 (with a 15 month old baby, not his) and he was 19. Her parents had to sign her away to allow the marriage. Lasted 6 months (took that long to get the divorce figured out). He got married to a different girl (18 years this time) a month later. 3 years and counting...
Some people just have wierd relationships...
2004-08-03 03:55:12 PM  
I have to agree with the people who say that if it were a 35 year old man with a 13 year old (or Hel, even a 15-17 year old) female student, he not only would've gotten more than 7 years, he wouldn't have survived 7 years in prison.
2004-08-03 03:55:20 PM  
I wonder what the law is on paternity suits. Could she sue him for child support, even though she became pregnant by legally raping him?

2004-08-03 03:55:51 PM  
Probably because women are suckers for older, more mature guys...

??? he was less than a year older than I
2004-08-03 03:56:21 PM  
Pre-pubescant? Unless the kid had some sort of disorder, he was knee-deep in it. Which would explain why he was banging her like a screen door in a hurricance and it was his parents that had to get all uppity about it and ruin his good thing.

For future reference for all Farkers:
Puberty starts around 10-11 years old. It is safe to assume any kid 12+ years old is a pubescant, not a pre-.
Pedophilia is digging on pre-pubescants. Theres some other word for liking pubescants but I forget what it is.
Pederast is when someone actually touches the kids and doesn't just fantasize.
Child is a specific term and refers to a pre-pubescant. Not sure what the proper term for a pubescant is. Kid? Youngster? Whipper-snapper? Young adult? Horny bastard?
2004-08-03 03:56:32 PM  
I'M hot for teacher!!!
2004-08-03 03:57:16 PM  
Cue up Van Halen double bass drum intro.

/I brought my pennnnnciiiiiiiiilll!!!!
//Gimme something to write on!!!
2004-08-03 03:57:16 PM  
Could she sue him for child support, even though she became pregnant by legally raping him?

I thought his mother was raising the kids.
2004-08-03 03:57:23 PM  

I think it's because she's a class 2 sex offender and can't be around children, even though they're her own.

I THINK that's what I heard on KING 5 (Seattle) news this morning.

Then again, I could be clogging the threat uselessly.
2004-08-03 03:57:43 PM  
The funniest part of this is, if he were black, less than a hundred years ago, he'd be the rapist, and he'd have been lynched without trial.
2004-08-03 03:58:54 PM  
The funniest part of this have a strange sense of humor!
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