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(BBC)   From the "Why is this news?" department: Michael Jackson goes for a walk   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2004-07-29 10:33:56 AM  
Now come on... does this really look like the face of a pervert?
[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]

**chill goes up spine**
2004-07-29 10:53:48 AM  
Maybe it's news because it was a Stephen King-riffic long walk of terror or maybe a Homeric epic walk on par with Odysseus' homeward journey despite having raised the ire of the gods.

/still can't get over reference to Faulkner in an article about shooting a pig
2004-07-29 11:01:12 AM  
That's ignorant. You're being ignorant.
2004-07-29 11:22:16 AM  
It's not news, it's fark.net

It's dot commmmm.

/ homestar
2004-07-29 01:35:12 PM  
My beautiful blanket!
2004-07-29 01:40:32 PM  
Michael Jackson is an amazing cultural fixation. He's weird looking, and it's alleged he abused a child once. From this he's been vilified to the point that people honestly believe he uses orphanages as his own personal dens of iniquity. He does serve a purpose though.

Whenever someone points out Bush is evil, merely show them a picture of Micheal Jackson. The visual stimulus causes a flash of raw emotion, stunning victim and derailing their thoughts. Thus apparent evil distracts from true evil. Mission Accomplished.
2004-07-29 03:03:16 PM  
Pop star Michael Jackson surprised fans by signing autographs on a trip to buy toys at a shopping mall in Houston, Texas, on Wednesday.

He ran out of bait.
2004-07-29 04:55:12 PM  
he is SOO scary looking...
2004-07-29 04:56:13 PM  
honkeylips--that picture made my co worker get a full case of heebie jeebees.
2004-07-29 04:56:43 PM  
Micheal Jackson has fans?
2004-07-29 04:56:44 PM  
...and why does this get posted on fark?
2004-07-29 04:58:20 PM  
buying toys? That shouldn't surprise fans at all.
2004-07-29 04:58:22 PM  
agreywolf42 ... so you're saying jacko isn't evil?!
2004-07-29 04:58:52 PM  
2004-07-29 05:00:52 PM  
WTF? I don't even go to that gheto ass mall. He's got all this millions and there he is, the crappiest mall in Houston.
2004-07-29 05:01:41 PM  
Jacko without a fanclub and NAMBLA without a spokesperson: Someone needs to buy this guy a complimentary membership.
2004-07-29 05:01:58 PM  
Has anyone noticed the likeness between Michael Jackson and John Hensley from FX's NipTuck show?

You decide.
2004-07-29 05:02:56 PM  
2004-07-29 05:05:27 PM  
He ate a pretzel? Awesome.
2004-07-29 05:06:51 PM  
The next thing you know, the Sun will be reporting that he took a shiat...

2004-07-29 05:05:27 PM Spratty

He ate a pretzel? Awesome.
More than our president can do!
2004-07-29 05:07:59 PM  
man...have any of you seen the South Park where the rip on Michael Jackson? Classic.
2004-07-29 05:11:26 PM  
Lock your doors!

Hide your children!

Why can't they keep this freak behind bars until after the trial is over?
2004-07-29 05:15:16 PM  
I think he looks like Diane Keaton in that picture (only more scary).


Sorry Diane.
2004-07-29 05:15:30 PM  
Jackson in Houston...there's something so wrong about that. Oh, right, he's alive.
2004-07-29 05:16:22 PM  
That's an ignorant question deerbeer. Just ignoarance.
2004-07-29 05:18:04 PM  
Society makes me sick, all of it, I'm selling all my shiat and living in a hut in the woods for the rest of my life.
2004-07-29 05:18:47 PM  
So many "who cares?" links are on fark lately.
2004-07-29 05:19:49 PM  
The other article I read on this said he was buying teddy bears. Does he want anyone to believe he is innocent. What is he going to buy n public next? Child friendly condoms and anal lube?
2004-07-29 05:21:33 PM  
[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available] = [image from venustechstudios.com too old to be available]
2004-07-29 05:25:15 PM  
why did you people have to post that pic not once but twice for jeebus sake?

/creepiest jackson photo ever.
2004-07-29 05:28:19 PM  
You're all ignorant! You have greed in your hearts and doodoo in your souls. Sha-moan-ah!
2004-07-29 05:34:28 PM  
which mall was it? gulfgate?
2004-07-29 05:38:19 PM  
I wasn't aware that shopping malls had adult toy stores.
2004-07-29 05:40:15 PM  
Was he walking on the moon?

2004-07-29 05:41:04 PM  
They just rebuilt the Memorial City mall in Houston (I-10 & Gessner) and my money is on a publicity stunt where property management gave him $10-20k or so to show up and play freak for a bit.

He ain't selling any music so why not go into the sideshow freak biz?
2004-07-29 05:42:43 PM  
He's one treatment of bright green hair dye away from being the Joker.
2004-07-29 05:49:43 PM  
See he's just like every other 40 yr old man who goes to the shopping mall to buy kiddie toys + a pretzel.


Don't stop till you get enough!
2004-07-29 05:52:49 PM  

I thought that a picture of Skeletor would make him look better. I've obviously failed as I can no longer tell them apart.
2004-07-29 05:56:54 PM  
unless it was on the moon, or to hell i really dont care, but i read it anyways
2004-07-29 05:57:01 PM  
Now come on... does this really look like the face of a pervert?

Don't you mean, "Now come on, does this really look like a face?"

/Totally having nightmares tonight...
2004-07-29 06:00:10 PM  
You know, the thought of a grown man having sex with little boys is disturbing enough, let alone a man like that, looking like that.
2004-07-29 06:00:36 PM  
2004-07-29 06:00:42 PM  
2004-07-29 05:21:33 PM safeinsane

That is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!
2004-07-29 06:03:32 PM  
Man the filter catches stuff in the link text too?!
2004-07-29 06:03:41 PM  
Michael Jackson has a fragile white penis.
2004-07-29 06:05:50 PM  
And he didn't buy a pretzle - it was a freebe sample from a pretzle shop. He also was with a hottie - think of Lima's wife with much, much, much smaller fun bags
[image from a.abclocal.go.com too old to be available]
2004-07-29 06:07:56 PM  
[image from metroactive.com too old to be available]

[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]
2004-07-29 06:14:51 PM  
[image from avatarsofjustice.org too old to be available]
2004-07-29 06:17:51 PM  
Thank god his trial has been pushed back until after the election.
2004-07-29 06:32:04 PM  
When he gets busted, I wonder of anyone will wonder if keeping freaks like this in the news is wise? Naw. There are so many jackarses out on the prairie now, I doubt letting their kids use Paris Hilton as a role model even makes a dent.
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