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(WKRN)   Man runs across five lanes of heavy traffic to pull trapped woman from burning car at gas station   ( wkrn.com) divider line
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2004-07-28 09:35:53 AM  
Battles, also known as Trogdore, will be seeking mental health experts to help her deal with this trauma.

2004-07-28 09:37:51 AM  
I'm surprised the article didn't have the usual "It was a miracle! God was watching out for me!" quote.
2004-07-28 09:54:34 AM  
Al Gore is an amazing man
2004-07-28 10:17:27 AM  
I'm sure he'll get sued for something.

/stupid lawyers
2004-07-28 10:17:27 AM  
He was just very desperate for a date.
2004-07-28 10:18:04 AM  
So the woman in the car was just going to sit there and not open the door, ending her life in a fiery inferno? OK....
2004-07-28 10:18:26 AM  
I smell Gary Hobson behind this.
2004-07-28 10:19:06 AM  
[I'm surprised the article didn't have the usual "It was a miracle! God was watching out for me!" quote.]

The Law of Large Numbers guarantees that one-in-a-million miracles happen 295 times a day in America
2004-07-28 10:21:21 AM  
"Hollea Battles was trapped..."

Hollea? I hate peoples' parents.
2004-07-28 10:21:58 AM  
Yellow Number Five

Only because this is "God's Country" and Americans are "The Chosen People".

In the rest of the world one-in-a-million miracles are surprisingly rare.
2004-07-28 10:22:51 AM  
Was she hot?
2004-07-28 10:23:27 AM  
They left out the part where he swipes her purse.
2004-07-28 10:23:32 AM  
Sounds like she panicked just a wee bit. All he had to do was open a door for her. Was she in the back of a police car? Or maybe she was stuck on the "men should open doors for women" thing.

Still, yay for rescuing and all that.
2004-07-28 10:23:36 AM  
"She says she expected to burn to death."

Imagine coming to that realization and living to tell people about it. How was she trapped, I wonder.
2004-07-28 10:25:09 AM  
Of course, nobody in one of those "five lanes of heavy traffic" bothered to stop and help, even though they're closer to the scene than the hero. Nice people.
2004-07-28 10:25:45 AM  
67% Hero tag accuracy rate for the day. Not bad.
2004-07-28 10:26:50 AM  
I bet the dude only rescued her because she was hot. Ha!
2004-07-28 10:27:11 AM  
Good to see that people have figured out how to properly use the Hero tag. I thought that the Ironic tag was the big trouble maker here on Fark. Who knew?
2004-07-28 10:27:16 AM  
It would have been entertaining to see him get creamed by a second car slamming into the gas pump
2004-07-28 10:27:41 AM  
That's ONE way to get laid...
2004-07-28 10:28:15 AM  
It sounds like she was resigned to her fate and didn't even try to escape. "well, car's on fire, guess I'm dead." (shrug)

Then when the guy opened the door, she felt obliged to get out. This MUST be what happened.
2004-07-28 10:31:33 AM  
My dad and I rescued a guy and his sister from thier upturned car on I75N. It was a pathfinder that did five flips in the air. It wasn't on fire, but we have to run across a highway to do it.
2004-07-28 10:31:44 AM  
I'd like to see someone contest this usage of the 'Hero' tag. You just know that someone is gonna try.

Well? I'm waiting...
2004-07-28 10:33:11 AM  
WTF? Why didn't she open the door herself? I guess there is more to the story perhaps, but this did happen in good ole Bammy, I guess I answered my own question. I'm glad she is okay and it was heroic to dodge all that traffic, it gets freakishly busy down Gadsden way.
2004-07-28 10:33:41 AM  
[image from img.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2004-07-28 10:35:49 AM  
She didn't get out because she thought it was a full service pump - not self serve.
2004-07-28 10:36:26 AM  
its the five lanes of traffic thing that gets me. I mean, you burn your hand a little and it'll heal. You dont get hit "a little" by a 60mph Mack truck and just heal up.
2004-07-28 10:37:05 AM  
I'd like to see someone contest this usage of the 'Hero' tag. You just know that someone is gonna try.

Uhm... yeah... that jackass. She had every right to burn, and he ripped that freedom from her, much like an eyeball being ripped slowly from its socket.

Did that work?
2004-07-28 10:37:20 AM  
i remember when you used to have to run across 6 lanes of heavy traffic to pull a trapped woman from a burning car at gas station
2004-07-28 10:37:40 AM  
2004-07-28 10:38:16 AM  
I'm glad no one has brought up that asinine "exploding cell phone" legend.
2004-07-28 10:38:36 AM  
GIS for "car fire":

[image from baby-weingart.de too old to be available]
2004-07-28 10:39:19 AM  
sounds like she needed a door pop and he put a lil mustard into it and got her out without it, thats a cool story i wonder if she was hot.
2004-07-28 10:40:52 AM  
maybe the door was jammed and mr. hero had more raw man-power availible, and was thus able to open said car.
2004-07-28 10:40:59 AM  
In my day, we used to have to run across 7 lanes of heavy traffic and back again just to get trapped women out of burning cars at gas stations. And it was uphill both ways. But a big hand clap for this guy. It probably goes without saying that the cars in the 5 lanes all honked and swore at him as he went by.
2004-07-28 10:41:00 AM  
Yeesh, lots of "hero" tags today. I made my own breakfast and drove to work this morning, I'm a hero too! *passes out hero tags to everyone like candy*
2004-07-28 10:41:19 AM  
An article actually worthy of the
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-07-28 10:42:54 AM  
You shore got a purty mouth.
2004-07-28 10:43:32 AM  
Heroic conduct with absolutely nothing to gain but 3rd degree burns and the loss of his own life.

Spencer is most commonly a white first name in the American South, Hollea could be folkloric, but is probably black.

Worth further attention.

Well done.
2004-07-28 10:45:59 AM  
Well, of course he rescued her. What else was he going to do in Gadsden Alabama? Go look at the falls?
2004-07-28 10:48:19 AM  
Mad props to Spence! Good show.
2004-07-28 10:48:31 AM  
I once ran across two lanes of careeming traffic to save a stranger's dog that had just been hit. You don't think, you just do. Automatic pilot, like.

If we can do it for dogs, how can we NOT do it for peeps? I'm saddened he was the only one who stopped.
2004-07-28 10:48:47 AM  
Kudos to the fire-fighters, too.

Me as fire-fighter: "Blowing up? Sorry, not in my job description."

"Mouth-to-mouth on ugly people? See above."

/I'm an arsehole
2004-07-28 10:51:14 AM  
GIS for 'chicks dig scars'

[image from img61.exs.cx too old to be available]
2004-07-28 10:52:40 AM  
Dr_Richard_Kimble, I bet she was pretty hot after being in a burning car.
2004-07-28 10:53:01 AM  
"...George Wallace Dr..." I wonder if that's anywhere near "MLK Blvd" that every city in the south has.

/tired of flames wants to start race riots
2004-07-28 10:53:20 AM  
I hate it when a fire is described as 'out of control'. Obviously if this had been a controlled fire, like say a cigarette, it wouldn't have been necessary to run across the highway.

And by the way, nowhere does it say the traffic was heavy.

And let's not forget, people, how she came to set her car on fire.

Surveillance video caught the force of the crash from the inside, after the car already slammed the gas pump. Today the pump is gone, but the evidence of a fierce fire is far from out of sight. Pitch black roofing and tire tread mark the driver's effort to stop.

"She just went through our driveway, hit our gas pump, and just went straight to our wall," Ali Morshevi, who works at the station, said.

2004-07-28 10:53:21 AM  
"its the five lanes of traffic thing that gets me.

What gets me more is not the five lanes of traffic, but that a car was on fire while sitting on a busted pump at a gas station. Regardless of the safety measured built into gas stations, that's something I'm not sure I'd have the guts to run toward.
2004-07-28 10:53:46 AM  
[golf clap]

This guy deserves the hero tag.
2004-07-28 10:53:57 AM  
Some guys will do anything to get laid...
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