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2002-01-27 01:47:12 AM  
2002-01-27 01:52:59 AM  
15 megs?!
Would someone with a faster computer than mine please tell me if it is worth the trouble.
2002-01-27 01:53:44 AM  
2002-01-27 01:56:03 AM  
Yeah, someone.
2002-01-27 01:56:09 AM  
I found this pretty funny... though I doubt many others will. Gotta love monkeyman!
2002-01-27 01:58:42 AM  
Wha hell? I can't turn my volume up now... so, I just watched it without music or voices... no sense...
2002-01-27 02:00:45 AM  
So, if I download it, I should watch it with the sound on?

2002-01-27 02:01:29 AM  
It was amusing, but not amusing enough to wait a long time for it to load on dialup.
2002-01-27 02:01:58 AM  
unrelated...but I read this from SA's article on our "contest"....

"Oh, but Zack," you no doubt say, "don't make such mean comments about FARK because their readers will see this and be hurt inside."

First of all their readers are all morons and couldn't Photoshop a big red circle onto a picture of the president if they had ten men working in shifts. Assuming they even possess the ability to read anything but the icons for porn sites, this article does not have a BOOBIES tag from FARK attached to it, so they won't even bother. We can take that assumption even further and say that they could emerge from their febrile jackoff parties in their mom's basement long enough to find a friend who can read and get them to recite this article out loud. Even then, they wouldn't care, because they would be too busy laughing at a picture of a fish that someone Photoshopped an ass onto."
2002-01-27 02:02:26 AM  
2002-01-27 02:04:29 AM  
That was even stupider than I thought it would be.

Damn that monkeyman.
2002-01-27 02:06:12 AM  
Welstradamus -
Thank you. I'll take your word for it.
2002-01-27 02:15:35 AM  
Me too.
2002-01-27 02:38:17 AM  
2002-01-27 02:46:56 AM  
Clicked down 6 pop-ups and lost the desire to even see it, i'll wait for the book.
2002-01-27 02:49:21 AM  
"A monkey?" That's the Monkey Man! And Walken and a farting bird. If it had Wil Wheaton in it, it would be Fark.
2002-01-27 03:10:25 AM  
my work internet filters blocked it. i'm glad y'all think it's crap. at least i'm not missing much
2002-01-27 03:21:40 AM  
It's good.
2002-01-27 03:40:39 AM  
It's not crap, in my opinion. It loaded fast on RP and the guy does a pretty good Walken impression. I thought it was entertaining.
2002-01-27 03:45:46 AM  
I have a T1 and it was definately worth the 2 minutes- not sure if it would have been worth dialup time though. Pretty damned bizarre.... but pretty damned funny!
2002-01-27 03:58:20 AM  
Loved the weblog. He writes like he speaks. Only now I wonder if he's gonna get a barrage of "omigawdIloveyou!" like Wil Wheaton gets now that his weblog is running again.
2002-01-27 04:52:19 AM  
it isn't worth the time. it made no sense, and wasn't really all that funny. except for the part where one of the wayans gets punched in the face. the rest was dumb.
2002-01-27 05:45:49 AM  
2002-01-27 06:33:34 AM  
Worst, animation, ever.

Actually the quality of art and animation, technically, was extremely professional, it's just that the talent was totally wasted on the dumbest farking idea for an animation with some of the worst unfunny jokes imaginable.
2002-01-27 06:52:56 AM  
I've just watched every Angry Naked Pat episode available.
It's great stuff. I'm surprised so many people are downing it.

It's more "witty" than "funny".
2002-01-27 07:06:37 AM  
is hilarious.
2002-01-27 08:35:38 AM  
Monkey man was funny. But Bounty girl is a babe.
2002-01-27 08:58:09 AM  
for how long have SA and fark been less-than-friendly rivals? i thought we helped them out and stuff when it looked like they were going to close...
2002-01-27 09:15:07 AM  
The thing downloaded pretty quick with a cable modem, but I, much like Shiromori & Andonbray didn't have any sound. I chose Windows Media Player as my "weapon of choice" ....perhaps Real Audio works properly
2002-01-27 09:17:41 AM  
That was the stupidest farking thing I've ever seen. Way stupider than my ex. Well, maybe not.
2002-01-27 10:00:47 AM  
While I'm waiting for this to load:

If you read other content on somethingawful.com, you may find that some of it is not to be taken seriously.

This could be one such occation. Or: You're an idiot.
2002-01-27 11:01:47 AM  
If you must go to Camp Chaos, then nothing beats the Sci-Fi Guys. ;-)
2002-01-27 12:12:16 PM  
Feh, I zoned off into staring at my reheated cashew chicken halfway through. I like my web comedy more like twistedmojo.com. The Lonely Astronaut rocks.
2002-01-27 01:11:29 PM  
2002-01-27 01:19:06 PM  
How do you spel it than? Whats wrong?
2002-01-27 03:10:45 PM  
[image from campchaos.com too old to be available]

It's the naked guy. It's just not a good thing. Besides, I agree with Parallax, despite the fact that he's never said anything flattering about your weight.

2002-01-27 06:42:45 PM  
Well anyway, it's better than I can do, and would ask those so critical of it to provide a URL of their animated work for comparison. Like Joe Rogan says.."most people don't start out to become critics, they become critics because they have nothing to contribute. They are mostly failed(insert occupation or hobby here) who think that they can make their mark by being the ones with the most scathing commentary."
2002-01-27 07:57:52 PM  
The animation was good. I thought the Walken impression was also quite good. I thought the story was lame and not funny. It also took forever to load. So it's a toss-up whether it's worth it or not.
2002-01-27 09:08:51 PM  
absolute waste of time. I will never get those seven minutes back :o(

beer good. this movie bad.
2002-01-27 09:13:15 PM  
I enjoyed it. A bit long, but actually pretty funny.

And to stop the pop-ups, you should visit www.panicwar.com and download their free pop-up stopper. Once it's installed, pop-ups are a thing of the past (if you actually need to see a pop-up, you can even elect to let them through by holding down the CTRL key when clicking the link that activates the pop-ups)
2002-01-27 09:36:11 PM  
Turns out the name of the site is panicware.com
I tried it and still get pop-ups, maybe I'm just using it wrong.Pop up killer works pretty good for me.
2002-01-27 10:23:06 PM  
damn typos... yes, www.panicware.com is correct.
2002-01-27 11:21:48 PM  
it was long and boring. but well it's always a treat to see animated walken with his trademark cracking voice. i'd still load it up if i were you.
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