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(Nature)   Nature takes a big hit from the bong, wonders how you could actually bioengineer a dragon   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, Komodo dragon, Beowulf, Dragon, Draco lizards, Draco, Harry Potter, stem-cell biologist, Cutting-Edge Science Paul Knoepfler  
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2019-08-16 04:54:39 PM  
Step 1: Get an Eridani-trained geneticist?
2019-08-16 04:58:38 PM  

Dragon trifecta in play?
2019-08-16 05:06:20 PM  
What is wrong with her mouth?
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That looks like a really bad photoshop.

--- Harlee ---
"Be kind to your Glass"®
2019-08-16 05:07:35 PM  
Duh, it's already been figured.  Corrective heart surgery on a couple crocodiles!

2019-08-16 05:23:40 PM  

     "Working in the field, Paul Knoepfler tires of the way the media sometimes sensationalize this fast-paced field. The book seeks to satirize that, and steer people away from unnecessary flimflammery.
     How to Build a Dragon or Die Trying is deliberately flamboyant and outrageous. It's also funny and smart. Far from a how-to guide for ne'er-do-wells to weaponize reptiles, it is designed to spark healthy curiosity in anyone who enjoys a ripping good science read."

Nope. Conservatives don't have the nuance and smarts to realize that this is satire. I expect that, very soon now on Fox and Friends, will be a outraged and fearful statement condemning the insane and evil liberal obsession with Creating Real Dragons That Will Destroy America! (with helpful video blips from Reign of Fire). And Trump will make that a centerpiece of his reelection campaign: that liberals trying to create dragons are terrorists and must be locked up. And Trumpanzees will sagely nod their heads and go "Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep...."
2019-08-16 06:20:08 PM  
Dragon? We get plenty of them around my place...

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My house leopard loves to hunt them.

/not my photo
2019-08-16 06:24:29 PM  
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Starting with fire lizards is not an option?
2019-08-17 04:08:29 PM  
"Remember, genes are NOT blueprints. This means you can't, for example, insert "the genes for an elephant's trunk" into a giraffe and get a giraffe with a trunk. There -are- no genes for trunks. What you CAN do with genes is chemistry, since DNA codes for chemicals. For instance, we can in theory splice the native plants' talent for nitrogen fixation into a terran plant."
Academician Prokhor Zakharov
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