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(via Robot Wisdom)   Turkey declares publishing Chomsky is terrorism   ( divider line
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2916 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jan 2002 at 11:15 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-25 11:17:23 AM  
If you can't reference Chomsky, then the first terrorists have already posted.
2002-01-25 11:19:39 AM  
Hmm wonder if the asked Fb for his opinion?
2002-01-25 11:25:10 AM  
Chomsky is brilliant... but thats beside the point... way to go on that selective freedom thing Turkey!
2002-01-25 11:25:24 AM  
He lives in the US, no? So we are harbouring terrorists???? we better bomb ourselves....
2002-01-25 11:27:44 AM  
if chomsky can't get published in Turkey then Chomsky has already won.... hey, wait a second!
2002-01-25 11:29:41 AM  
No need to bomb ourselves, Gr00vey, like yourself, many U.S. citizens are already "bombed."

Have another hit.
2002-01-25 11:31:14 AM  
Hrm... this might be asinine... it might be amusing... I don't see why it's obvious, unless the submitter thinks everyone who disagrees with U.S. policy are terrorists.

This just leaves the question... will "Banned in Ankara!" become the book-selling buzz term of the new millennium?

I didn't think so either.
2002-01-25 11:31:39 AM  
of fresh air?
2002-01-25 11:31:52 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag would also apply here. Chomsky is a good speaker, but he's an idiot when it comes to foreign relations. He just THINKS he knows everything.
2002-01-25 11:32:45 AM  
When did he transfer to Harvard?
2002-01-25 11:34:44 AM  
chomsky uses western thought to defeat the west. he makes the weaker argument the stronger. its how they killed Socrates.

go Turkey!
2002-01-25 11:35:13 AM  
Hehe, obvious :)
2002-01-25 11:37:03 AM  
question is, will Turkey allow Chomsky to wear pants to work?
2002-01-25 11:41:11 AM  
The question is...If Turkey invades Cyprus from behind, will Greece help?
2002-01-25 11:46:13 AM  
... and please be sure to buy Chomsky's newest book, "9-11", $9 US, Seven Stories press! Buy some for your friends and family, show those opportunistic capitalists what's what! Be sure to follow Amazon's "people who bought this title also bought these..." links, and consider also buying other works by Chomsky, each chock full of enlightened socialist goodness.

Did you know: The game, "Marco Polo", while fun, smacks of capitalistic overtones. This can be remedied simply by substituting the mythic explorer's name with Chomsky's. It's easy and fun!
2002-01-25 11:49:54 AM  
Chomsky, America's favorite crackhead. No, that's Marion Barry.

That must make Chomsky America's favorite DICKHEAD.

I want to meet him, just to kick him in the nuts and make him taste his intellect when they hit the roof of his mouth.

Another defective human being.
2002-01-25 11:52:12 AM  
I don't agree with what Chomsky says, but I will defend until I get bored by posting a single comment on Fark his right to be published by Turks.
2002-01-25 11:52:27 AM  
techmaniac, another poster who thinks that fanciful threats of violence are an argument.

Threatening people on-line is really a sign of defectiveness.

Go chill out and have a J
2002-01-25 11:54:18 AM  
be aware, Techmaniac the FBI doesn't take Chomsky threats any lighter than it takes Dubya threats. prepare to be boarded.
2002-01-25 12:01:21 PM  
Captian Over:
Billy, Have you ever been to turkish prison?
2002-01-25 12:02:10 PM  
"... People would like to think that there's somebody up there who knows what he's doing. since we don't participate, we don't control and we don't even think about questions of vital importance. we hope somebody is paying attention who has some competence. let's hope the ship has a captain, in other words, since we're not taking part in what's going on... it is an important feature of the igeological system to impose on people the feeling that they really are incompetent to deal with these complex and important issues: they'd better leave it to the captain. one device is to develop a star system, an array of figures who are media creations or creations of the academic prpaganda establishment, who's deep insights we are supposed to admire and to whom we must happily and confidently assign the right to control our lives and to controll international affairs...." noam chomsky.
2002-01-25 12:02:51 PM  
One of those brilliant thinkers who is nonetheless wrong. No division of labor, gimme a break.
2002-01-25 12:03:08 PM  
Chomsky is actually going to Turkey according to that article. I'll submit the article with the hero tag if the Turks toss him in prison...
2002-01-25 12:03:13 PM  
Chomsky, like Jared and Clay Henry, needs to die.
2002-01-25 12:06:44 PM  
word Stuntc0ck.

down with Drew! Farkers are doin' it for themselves!
2002-01-25 12:07:14 PM  
Goodness, its death threat city here today.

I've had three and Chomsky has had two, right-wingers feeling especially testy for some reason?
2002-01-25 12:13:50 PM  
It's not a death threat- just saying that he needs to die. Natural causes is fine with me.
2002-01-25 12:20:18 PM  
Stuntc0ck - Was that an excerpt from Chomsky's autobiography?
2002-01-25 12:21:31 PM  
Noam Chomsky is one of the great thinkers alive today. It's not unusual for geniuses to be despised by people just because he dares to speak what he feels and dares to speak up against the system. And most people that hate him or blindly criticise him aren't worthy enough to wash his socks. The same thing has happened to Galileo, Copernicus, Darwin etc.
2002-01-25 12:24:14 PM  
Thank you, Krusty the Klown.
2002-01-25 12:24:38 PM  
2002-01-25 12:31:23 PM  
"....Galileo, Copernicus, Darwin..." these men were great thinkers. Chomsky...he is a fraud.
2002-01-25 12:32:31 PM  
I noticed that the big issue chomsky has with the turks is the way the turks handeled the kurds... i mean, those silly kurds wanted their own country, cut from within turkish borders. kurdistan or whatever they wanted to call it. of course, turkey said "screw u guys" and proceeded to keep the kurds from doing anything to their country... and it all led to some serious bloodshed. i mean, the turks, like any other concious free country with a standing army, are protective of their people and lands. what would we do, the USA, if a bunch of people wanted to annex a section of the USA just because they deem themselves ethnically different and sought separation?
2002-01-25 12:33:24 PM  
Free Chomsky with the purchase of a Chomsky of greater or equal value.
2002-01-25 12:34:50 PM  
I don't understand why Chomsky is so reviled, except maybe that people are uncomfortable with the idea that even the smartest of citizens can be thought-controlled simply by manipulating their sources of information. Every time the US media called the Contras "freedom fighters" even as they were blowing up rural health clinics, while they reviled the Sandanistas for daring to fight back, the US public was being taught to think the way the government/"establishment" wanted them to think. Chomsky's analysis may have many flaws (as do most complex sociopolitical analyses) but at the very least, do not discount him as an idiot. Think about what you are being told. That is Chomsky's lesson in a nutshell.
2002-01-25 12:37:15 PM  
people get uppity about the Turks Robot Ninja because they have a long history of genocide that they've never been publically held accountable for like, say, the Germans have. so, Armenians and Kurds can duke it out for who has the right to the bigger anti-Turk grudge. American liberals, on the other hand, haven't been wronged by the Ottoman Empire lately....
2002-01-25 12:37:58 PM  
That's what they said to Darwin and Copernicus at the time aswell, "They're frauds, attention grabbing frauds". But after it was discovered they spoke the truth, they were then, rightfully, "Geniuses". The same thing will happen to Chomsky.
2002-01-25 12:40:24 PM  
No Such Agency - People don't like Chomsky for the same reason they don't like the pigs in Animal Farm.
2002-01-25 12:44:51 PM  
There is a fundamental difference between scientific inquiry and scientific discovery (Darwin and Copernicus) and passing off opinion as fact (Chomsky).
2002-01-25 12:48:28 PM  
I'm not surprised, it's Turkey afterall :)
2002-01-25 12:50:18 PM  
"animal farm" is extremely sub-par in comparison to "animal house" anyway.

Chomsky sucks ass.
2002-01-25 12:53:30 PM  
Chomsky is a fraud like Fark is non-biased. We don't have to wait to call him a genius, if anything the advancements he's brought to Linguistics shows that. He's the Einstein of that science. Is it any wonder that he holds the highest teaching position in the country? What positions do you guys hold? Hunched over looking at "Boobies"? It's simple, if you think he's a fraud go to and post why he's a fraud through their forums. Just be sure to match the hundreds of sources he uses before you throw out your worldly opinions. Wouldn't want to sound unbiased, would you?
2002-01-25 12:57:43 PM  
I know a couple facts about the whole armenian "genocide"... just before the armenians were pushed out of turkey it was discovered that all armenian expatriates that had position in the turkish government at the time were conspiring against the turkish state... and then came the "genocide". i'm not sure exactly what happened afterwards, but i hear that turkey wanted all armenians out and killed any that refused. i imagine that many, and likely innocent, armenians refused.
2002-01-25 01:02:14 PM  
Tick - Have you ever read one of his books? Or listened to any of his speeches? The man knows what he says is controversial and narrow minded jingoists will refuse to believe it that's why he gives 100s of sources telling exactly where he got his "opinions". Chomsky doesn't make stuff up, he's got the brilliance to decipher this code of current events and show the awful truth. Read his books, and not his little 100 page Barmasian interviews. Try Manufacturing Consent.
2002-01-25 01:04:35 PM  
If Chomsky would limit himself to linguistics, then maybe he would be considered a genius. He proves he is not when he elects to pontificate: he should stick to what he knows and keep his opinions on other matters to the op-ed pages of news outlets.

And "...the highest teaching position in the country..." Gee, I did not know that such a position existed -- do tell: was it universally acclaimed?

2002-01-25 01:06:08 PM  
I see there's room in America for the full range of opinion, all the way from Cokie Roberts to Sam Donaldson.
2002-01-25 01:06:15 PM  
Chomsky is in the highest teaching position in the country?! Wow... is that an elected position, or does one just have to have "ultra-super tenure" in order to acheive that? I thought the only position that he held is bent-over.

He's the Einstein of that science, too? I disagree. I'd say that Einstein was the Einstein of that science.

If Chomsky is a genius, then the terrorists have already won... Literally.
2002-01-25 01:08:47 PM  
"...this code of current events and show the awful truth...."
Sorry, I cannot formulate a response.
2002-01-25 01:32:53 PM  
It's amazing that comments against one of the most literate people alive are so damnably illiterate. People (including me) might pay more attention to the anti-Chomskys (you know who you are) if they attempted something creative and even vaguely well-written instead of just, "I don't like him, he needs to die, he's a scums0ck3r. haha." It just doesn't work.

"When Chomsky is outlawed, only outlaws will have Chomsky."
2002-01-25 01:40:43 PM  
"I don't like him, he needs to die, he's a scums0ck3r. haha."

Works for me. No equivocation regarding this particular farkster's opinion. Brevity is good.
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