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(Schmews)   Details of feces-themed art leaked to public, art loses shock value.   ( theschmews.com) divider line
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2002-01-26 01:28:28 AM  
Oh shiat!
2002-01-26 01:30:49 AM  
"She told theSchmews that to leak details of her new work could seriously affect the shock value..."

But apparently posing for a picture in front of a big turd doesn't do that.
2002-01-26 01:36:37 AM  
I'll be showcasing my new piece:
Wet Fart Underwear in my upcoming show.

2002-01-26 01:38:31 AM  
you'll have plenty of time to think about Ass Man's "Wet Fart Underwear" when you're living in a van down by the river.
2002-01-26 01:40:48 AM  
Since when is scat shocking anymore? Do these people that go to these art exhibits not use the internet? Veronica Moser has been making beautiful scat masterpieces for years.
2002-01-26 01:41:06 AM  
2002-01-26 01:42:13 AM  
Or perhaps a small piece called Dingleberry Why So Hairy?.
2002-01-26 01:44:07 AM  
Ok, so let me get this straight, just because you do ridiculous things no one else would, that makes you an ARTIST?
2002-01-26 01:44:11 AM  
Unfunny satire.
2002-01-26 01:45:09 AM  
very unfunny satire.
2002-01-26 01:46:33 AM  
I just recently sold:
Dad-told-me-not-to-eat-that-chicken pants for $10,000.
It's been a good week.
2002-01-26 01:48:16 AM  
I call this one "Gorilla Finger"
2002-01-26 01:49:16 AM  
..beautiful scat masterpieces??...

Um,,I don't think so. Crap is crap. Why do you think your a-hole is behind you? You ain't supposed to see anything that smells that bad.

Go play with your poop somewhere else.
2002-01-26 01:57:47 AM  
I'll play with my poop wherever I want!
2002-01-26 01:58:13 AM  
2002-01-26 02:00:59 AM  
"camera's got them images
camera's got them all
nothing's shocking."
2002-01-26 02:07:36 AM  
Poop and penis slicing????? yuk
2002-01-26 02:08:39 AM  
A very sad night, when one can post in a link about penile mutilation and a satire link about playing with Pooh (not the chubby little cubby)...
2002-01-26 03:00:32 AM  
"Art" like that can go exactly where it belongs . . . in the crapper.
2002-01-26 05:07:27 AM  
More funny than that is the fact that The Schmews covers Posh Spice stories.
2002-01-26 05:48:41 AM  
In other "news" on the site: "Oakland Raiders search for lost Ark" "Hawking Science Sexline Scam"
2002-01-26 05:51:37 AM  
I think we need to raise the bar, here. The story about the "Hooker with a Heart of Gold Diagnosed with a Green Labia" would have been more interesting. Ho, ho ho...
2002-01-26 06:14:11 AM  
British humor sucks arse with the exception of Mr. Bean and Monty Python. Everything thing else is laugh tracks piled on crap like:

Mrs. x cannot find something in her house. Hilarity ensues.
Someone moved some item to make someone else trip and fall. Hilarity ensues.
Someone has trouble moving his furniture. Hilarity ensues.
Someone breaks someone else's valuables. Hilarity ensues.
Guards in big hats are "funny."
Someone is tall and it's "funny."
Someone is fat and it's "funny."
The queen is always "funny."
Farting is "hilarious."
Poo is outrageously "funny."

I forget anything?
2002-01-26 10:48:38 AM  
Polypuga, you misseda lot of good comedy from that, mainly Fawlty Towers.
And that list you made is every american comedy show i have ever seen. i cant think of of any american comedy that doesnt fit in that list
2002-01-26 10:54:31 AM  
oh, I thought I accidentally linked to Stile for a minute.
2002-01-26 10:58:10 AM  
Penis slicing and shiat. Where's the hilarious dead babies?
2002-01-26 11:30:28 AM  
Yea, but Fawlty Towers has Cleese -> Monty Python.
2002-01-26 11:36:14 AM  
Ah, but fawlty towers also has manwell, manwell -> not python.
2002-01-26 01:25:51 PM  
the emperor has no clothes.

but he has plenty of poo.
2002-01-26 01:26:55 PM  
Don't forget Terry Pratchet's Discworld series, while not a TV show it is British and pretty damn funny. Theres also the late Douglas Adams.
2002-01-26 03:06:13 PM  
Que? Isn't that Manuel???
2002-01-26 04:23:24 PM  
Polypuga: You forgot:
"Woman accidentally shows breasts to elderly man. Hilarity ensues," and "Men in women's clothing are a guaranteed laugh a minute."

DickFitzwell: I submitted www.deadbabies.com but it didn't get accepted. Probably because the site sucks.
2002-01-27 12:13:53 PM  
Dev2r: yes it is, but i couldnt spell it the spanish way. my bad
2002-01-27 11:43:04 PM  
the schmews is shiat.
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