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(Spontn80) Hero 12th Annual Dear Daddy thread. What would you say to your dad today if you could?   ( divider line
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2019-06-15 11:01:46 PM  
Dear Daddy,
Here I am again. Posting that thread in that place you never heard of.
Sharing our story with people we don't know. It seems to be a good thing.
Let's keep doing it so something good comes from that mess. Thanks for that.
Today I would say, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry we found you and forced you to face your past.
I should have just let you go.
So Long Daddy
I love you
Love, Danny
2019-06-15 11:06:37 PM  
Dear Dad, thanks a lot for being the model of generosity and patience for me.

I appreciate you taking care of mom while you could. I am sorry that I could not be there for you and for her 100% of the time, but I know you understand.

Also, we honor your service in WW2 even if you "only" repaired airplanes and trucks and tanks. The fact that you volunteered to go to the jungle of New Guinea to do it still amazes me.

And I sure miss going to get ice cream with you.
Always with love, your little girl.
2019-06-15 11:22:58 PM  
Are you dead yet, asshole?
2019-06-15 11:23:00 PM  
Dear Father,

I miss you and always will until the day I die.
2019-06-15 11:23:43 PM  
Buy Apple at 9....
2019-06-15 11:24:10 PM  
Hey, old man!

You know i appreciate all you did for us, the life lessons, and work ethic you instilled in all of us.  ( well, most of us......).  I know it was hard picking yourself up from where you began, and it paid off pretty well down the line.  You gave me skills that still make a difference in life, wisdom to see through bullshiat, and the strength to negotiate it. Some of your friends still talk to me about you, the difference you made for them.  It still makes me proud.

/thanks for checking on me from time to time
//I hope you are there to greet our furballs when they leave us
/// I'm pretty sure you do
2019-06-15 11:25:27 PM  
Dear Dad,

How were you able to be such a great father, and I'm such a lousy one?  I've tried to do all the things you did and set the right example and my child hasn't responded.  What am I doing wrong?
2019-06-15 11:35:20 PM  
I'm not scared of you anymore, because you're dead and I'm not, so I win.
2019-06-15 11:35:54 PM  
Dear Dad,

The months since you passed in March have been incredibly difficult. Mom, Sis and I are slowly readjusting. Mom has opened up in incredible ways, after being emotionally distant my whole life. I've been alternating my time here with my own family and down in Oklahoma with Mom when I can. I am privileged to have said to you everything I wanted to communicate in my life when you were here. I know a lot of people can't say that. I feel you close at times, and really enjoy when we get to talk while I dream. The dreams where I miss you and have to tell people you're gone--those are the hardest. The kids are moving forward, my older daughter tears up and opens up about missing you sometimes. The younger one is still very private with her feelings and I understand that. I will do the best job I can do, but I still don't feel like I'll ever be fully able to sit in your dinner chair back in Oklahoma--though Mom and Sis want me to--it comforts them. I realize more and more that you hung on for so long to give Mom the rest of us as much time to prepare for what we knew was coming. I respect you wanted to go when you transitioned beyond. And I know you were mouthing "I love you" in those last few moments, though you could only barely move your lips. And I'm glad you got to hear us one more time gathered around you. I'm glad I got to help wash and dress your body for the viewing. I clipped some of your hair for my ancestral altar, and I felt very close to you--like I could help you one last time. I will burn a candle for you and my forebears who worked so hard in their own lives to bring us to this time. I love you, Dad. Keep visiting me in my dreams. I really love that.
2019-06-15 11:40:04 PM  
Wish you were here.
2019-06-15 11:40:12 PM  
I miss you daddy. After your daughter (my sister) died this past February my family is getting smaller.

I wish you could have been here to celebrate your grandson's first wedding anniversary last September. You would have been so proud of him! Can you believe it that he'll be 39 this August?
2019-06-15 11:48:13 PM  
I can't read this thread.  sorry folks...sometimes its just too much.
2019-06-15 11:51:36 PM  
I have no idea how you lived with mom all those years.  I hope you're getting the reward you deserve for doing that.
2019-06-15 11:52:03 PM  
Hey pops. Is there an afterlife? Did you greet mom when she crossed over and was she annoyed to see you?😂
I wish you'd been around more after the divorce and had gotten to know your grandchildren. They have almost no memory of you, even though they were 14 & 18 when you passed. That's truly your loss.
Anyway, you were a great dad, always at our games, school conferences, coaching, being a scout troop leader etc. Very loving and kind; truly great, until the divorce, when you moved out, seeing your kids about 3 times a year even though you lived half an hour away. I'll never understand that, but it's okay.
Your example motivated me to be a very involved and present dad.
It's all love, dude!
2019-06-15 11:55:13 PM  
If you'd  farking listened for once, you wouldn't have wound up dead, and your wife wouldn't have basically given up and died six months later.

Hope you're farking happy.
2019-06-16 12:00:36 AM  
Hi Dad.  Thanks for leaving plenty for Mom. It would have been nice to know you if work had been less important.
2019-06-16 12:02:33 AM  
Hey Dad, how about you and me go to 9:30 mass this Sunday? I'll show up at the house around 9:00 and we'll go to Eat-n-Park after.

/ Never had much use for Catholicism myself, but going to church every Sunday was just something the ol' man used to do. I could suffer through the 45 minutes of boredom just to spend some quality time with dear ol' dad.
2019-06-16 12:03:37 AM  
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Dad, When Evan came into the world 11 weeks early and we found out shortly after he had Down Syndrome. You were there for me.  You gave us a car so we could stay near the hospital. You gave us money so we could stay near our son. There wasn't a moment that you didn't support us. You came from a time when kids like Evan were shunned and locked away. You said right from the start that would never happen with your grandson. You offered hope, love and support. I learned you dedicate and commit to your kids from you...hopefully I've followed in your footsteps. You made me a better person and a better father. I'm forever grateful.

Dad died in 2009. Evan turned 30 in February.
2019-06-16 12:07:50 AM  
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2019-06-16 12:11:08 AM  
Hey, Pop, thanks for teaching me how not to treat people.

Love, me.
2019-06-16 12:14:58 AM  
Dad, I wish I were there with you. I know you miss Mom, but she's safe and adjusting to memory care, and it was the right thing for us to do. You're sitting in an ER right now a whole state away and my heart is breaking knowing that you are fighting cancer by yourself because I had to bring Mom home with me to get her into care and so that I could return to my job. I'm so sorry. I love you so much.
2019-06-16 12:15:33 AM  
Thank you for thinking of me and my sister this year.  The extra money helped a lot.  But I know you think writing a check is 'filling your obligation', and it just proves to me (once again) that you don't get it.

You are 90% of a good man.  I know you resent it that no one thinks that's good enough.  But it isn't.
2019-06-16 12:16:43 AM  
Thanks for donating your sperm, asshole.
2019-06-16 12:30:24 AM  
I had a long and involved post in this thread a few years ago... He's been gone now coming up on 10 years.. I wish he was better at a few dad things, that I might have been better at a few dad things so far, but the staying up to live record from air the SNL musical guests in the '70s to cassette before I was old enough to have a clue how cool that was or those bands were or how much of a pain in the ass that was to do for the limited result, given the tech at the time.. Gold star on that one Dad. Love ya!
In '99 there was a best of the 1st 25 years SNL Musical Guests CD... I had nearly every song on (shaky af ota recorded) cassettes *way* before the CD. My Second wife came with the CD. (Not the deal maker, but...)
2019-06-16 12:34:38 AM  
Why the F*ck didn't you wear a condom?
2019-06-16 12:43:35 AM  
Dear Dad,
I can hardly believe you've been gone 10 years. You were in bad shape in the end, so it was kind of a relief when it was over. But I wish I could still call you on the phone, and maybe go visit another museum with you.
2019-06-16 12:46:03 AM  
Dear Dad, wish you had gone to the Doctor...
2019-06-16 12:48:12 AM  

MaudlinMutantMollusk: Are you dead yet, asshole?

My asshole father mellowed a lot before he died.  I missed the chance to ask for forgiveness for being as big an asshole to him as he was to me.
2019-06-16 1:04:27 AM  
Dear Dad, Every year I read this particular website where people make anonymous comments about their Dads. There's this amazing thing. The ones who have nice things to say group very differently from those who don't. There's a great many angry people who had horrible experiences with their Dads and so many seem to show that anger in the rest of their lives. So thanks Dad. You helped me dodge a bullet. I picked up a number of habits from you, a bit of cynicism and skepticism but at least not constant anger. I spend a fair amount of time with your two great grandsons and try to teach them right. They're still young but I think they're coming along and will grow into men you would be proud of. Love you and miss you Dad.
2019-06-16 1:33:10 AM  
hi dad,

I remembered you in a dream the other day. I recollected the abject terror I had of you as a child, and then realized that my son felt the same way about me. DIE IN A FIRE YOU shiatBIRD.


2019-06-16 1:39:41 AM  
i might add, your grandkids have no idea who you are. eat shiat and die. kthx.

//i may have issues
2019-06-16 1:47:22 AM  
I miss you so much. And thank you.
2019-06-16 1:53:44 AM  
You have been gone 30 years, and not a day goes by that I don't miss you. I wish, more than anything, that my kids had memories of you. And I also wish you could have met your great-grands; they would have been the light of your life. I am glad Pat can be with you again, even with dementia she said you were her soul mate. If you see Jim today tell him I am still pissed to be left alone to deal with our batshiat mom.
I love you now and always.
2019-06-16 2:58:39 AM  
It will be fifteen years come August. No one expected you to go so early and it's still shocking sometimes. Everyone's doing well and still thinks of you every day. I feel like your granddaughter knows you almost as well as I did from what I've told her as she's grown up.

I know how hard you came up and it still amazes me that you did such a good job after where you had to start. I always knew you had my back even when I was being a shiatheel. I hope that wherever you are has got a river to fish in, and that we can get a beer when I see you again.
2019-06-16 4:29:59 AM  
I have only ever really known you from other people's loving stories.

You are legend.

/God have mercy on your soul
2019-06-16 4:41:02 AM  
Hello pops,
Remember all those years of going to boat yards, taking me on sailing ships ...just enjoying everything nautical that we could together? Well guess what, finally I've become a sailor in my retirement job after all those years of being a landlubber and a slave to the cement world. I could only be happier if you could see me now for our love of the sea will always ride the waves of time.

/ father died in 2003
2019-06-16 4:49:46 AM  

Wish you had know your grandsons, You would have got along so well    Thanks for being a calming  influence and a agent of curiosity.
2019-06-16 6:40:45 AM  
I'm sorry I'm such a screw up dad, but I'm trying.

Miss you.
2019-06-16 8:01:38 AM  
The cake is a lie.
2019-06-16 8:02:24 AM  
From the thread just below this one...

My Dad had a laptop. All he used it for was Solitaire. Played it a couple hours every day until about 6 weeks before he passed this late March at 96. I'm sure it helped keep his mind sharp down the stretch. RIP Dad. Happy Fathers Day.

//wish you were still here
///lotta bad stuff going on in my life I would've liked to talk to you about
2019-06-16 8:04:11 AM  
I'm lucky, all I have to do is pick up the phone. Probably take care of that tonight.
2019-06-16 8:07:35 AM  
you son of a biatch. I found out when I was 30 that you molested my sister when she was little. I hope you rot in hell.
2019-06-16 8:10:43 AM  
Hey Pops, just had the soil tested out back and it's a little acidic. Would you prefer the raspberry hedges or the asparagus bed?
2019-06-16 8:10:46 AM  
Even saying "Thanks for everything" seems small.
I love you; I miss you, and I hope to do a fraction for my children what you and Mom did for me.

Please help me not screw it up.
2019-06-16 8:11:00 AM  
Wherever my father is right now, I'm sure he's looking down on me.

He isn't dead, he's just really condescending.
2019-06-16 8:11:27 AM  
Dear Dad - Don't burn the pork chops this afternoon. Also, quit asking me when I'm going to get married and give you some grandchildren. You've got another daughter, go bother her about it for a while. Actually, don't. It annoys her too. Love you and see you later.
2019-06-16 8:11:58 AM  

I know that some of your issues are not your fault, since we didn't know then what we know now about concussions. I suspect you'd make the same choices even if you knew. If you'd get your ass in therapy though there's a chance I'd let you see your grandkids.
2019-06-16 8:12:45 AM  
Dear dad,

Please stop yelling at me about politics. I agree with you; there's no need to yell. Also, thanks for putting up with my bullshiat over the years.


2019-06-16 8:12:56 AM  
You know the deep love you had of parliamentary procedure, reasoned debate, and rational compromise, a love that you shared with the students you taught as a social studies teacher at the local high school and the people you represented in our little corner of the world?  Yeah, about that....don't read the comments section, Dad.

/Kids are fine BTW
//Even the one named after you after you passed
///We finally got a sports championship
2019-06-16 8:13:09 AM  
why the fark didnt you quit smoking?
You would have loved your Daughter in law and been a great Grand dad.
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