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31571 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jul 2004 at 3:18 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-16 04:57:10 PM  
Rev. Lovejoy: Homer, I'd like you to remember Matthew 7:26. ``A foolish man who who built his house on sand.''

Homer: And remember... Matthew ... 21:17!

Rev. Lovejoy: ``And he left them and went out of the city into Bethany and he lodged there''?

Homer: Yeah... [regains his nerve] Think about it!
2004-07-16 04:57:15 PM  
my cat's breath smells like catfood.
2004-07-16 04:57:17 PM  
You know, i bet shooting the president WOULD impress Jody Foster...

even if she won't admit it
2004-07-16 04:57:30 PM  
Ackbar isn't funny.
2004-07-16 04:57:35 PM  
If it weren't for my horse, I never would have made it through that first year of college
2004-07-16 04:57:48 PM  
I wonder if I can genetically engineer a creature who has nipples for eyes?
2004-07-16 04:58:31 PM  
subtley nods at whidbey
2004-07-16 04:58:35 PM

/can't do html
2004-07-16 04:58:45 PM  
Depeche Mode rules.
2004-07-16 04:58:53 PM  
What ever happened to the farker who won the e-bay auction for the low account number?
2004-07-16 04:59:04 PM  
You know, i bet shooting the president WOULD impress Jody Foster...

even if she won't admit it

(now with voting...yeah, jody would like that too)
2004-07-16 04:59:30 PM  

John Kerry has a really HUGE head

So does Jerry Sienfield and James Van der Beek.

Your point?

Um, I believe the point is that John Kerry has a huge head :D
2004-07-16 04:59:33 PM  
I have a feelling that this thread will be yanked... Shamelessbastard no you are not... Is this what it's like to be drunk?

2004-07-16 04:59:39 PM  
2004-07-16 04:59:55 PM  
I submitted this with a funnier headline
2004-07-16 05:00:13 PM  
Bush was right. Now we should attack Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia. And a whole lot of other places that everybody's not thinking about right now.
2004-07-16 05:00:14 PM  
I wonder if I can shoot down a plane from the top of my office building.
2004-07-16 05:00:22 PM  
2004-07-16 04:32:31 PM crawlspace
Frankenstein never scared me.

Marsupials do.
Because their FAST!
2004-07-16 05:00:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-16 05:00:39 PM  
there aren't enough websites featuring lesbians wrapped in bacon
2004-07-16 05:00:47 PM  
*yawn* oh man where am head hurts...holy shiat who the hell is she?...what's her name?...must - move - ever- so - slowly - and - find - a - piece - of - her - mail...her name will be on it...
2004-07-16 05:00:47 PM  
glad I gave my notice at work today... freedom from this hellhole in one hour...
2004-07-16 05:01:14 PM  
When is Ken Jennings gonna farking LOSE????
2004-07-16 05:01:42 PM  

farkin great
2004-07-16 05:01:56 PM  
In one hour I'll be eating steamers and lobsters, washed down with BV & ginger. Life is good.

It'd be better if I got a BJ afterwards, but you can't have everything - where would you put it?
2004-07-16 05:01:59 PM  
Franka Potente is the hottest woman in the world.
2004-07-16 05:02:02 PM  
How much would a would chuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck....beaver?
2004-07-16 05:02:04 PM  

exactly what I was thinking!
2004-07-16 05:02:11 PM  
2004-07-16 05:03:01 PM  
My pr0n name is Langdon Seeley... Yeah it could be better I guess...

Smorty smort blort deblort
2004-07-16 05:03:22 PM  

Any relation?
2004-07-16 05:03:22 PM  
It'd be better if I got a BJ afterwards, but you can't have everything - where would you put it?

In her mouth. Would you like an instruction manual?
2004-07-16 05:03:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-16 05:03:35 PM

All in favor, vote here (no remote linking)
2004-07-16 05:03:58 PM  
My porn name is Sootsy GreenValley.

2004-07-16 05:04:07 PM  
be careful with the mail name check...friend of mine did that...really great when he got the wrong one, woke her up by calling her by her roommates' name...
2004-07-16 05:04:20 PM  
My porn name is El Bastardo
2004-07-16 05:04:39 PM  
Perdone, pero creo que el gato y la ardilla en sus pantalones estn en el fuego.
2004-07-16 05:04:49 PM  
pr0n name: Roy Cayuga. Hmmmm, not bad.
2004-07-16 05:05:13 PM  
KA . . .ME
HA . . .ME

[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-16 05:05:14 PM  
2004-07-16 04:56:45 PM Le Chevre


Haha. Sorry.

An ex girlfriend of mine in college became a major slut after we broke up. Six months later she comes back to me crying, claiming to of had a miscarriage from of these 'rebound' guys. I told her she was barking up the wrong tree if she was looking for sympathy.

Yeah I am going through sort of the same thing, except she hasn't some back yet. I am still so much in love with her though I'd take her back on the drop of a dime. =P

2004-07-16 05:05:15 PM  

That would make me "Santino Berrypick". Sounds a little fruity...

/get it? get it???
2004-07-16 05:05:42 PM  
2004-07-16 05:05:52 PM  
How do they get the caramilk into the caramilk bar?
2004-07-16 05:06:07 PM  

How much would a would chuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck....beaver?

How much dope would a dope dealer if a dope dealer did deal dope?
2004-07-16 05:06:18 PM  
how many posts does it take to get the (00)?
2004-07-16 05:06:21 PM  
Conspiracy Theorists Unite!!!

No wait, that's just what THEY want us to do!
2004-07-16 05:06:23 PM  
I bet no one reads down this far...
2004-07-16 05:06:45 PM  
I can't keep up with the pace this thread is developing.
I also don't know how to embolden words.
2004-07-16 05:07:08 PM  
And for a final post...

"Does this moran really believe the bullshiat they're spewing out of their mouth? And he's running for president?"
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