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(Some Guy)   Bored scientist constructs Olympic Rings logo using live nerve cells. In other news, still no cure for cancer.   ( divider line
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3971 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jan 2002 at 3:43 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-23 03:50:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Rings glaven
2002-01-23 03:52:58 PM  
Did the University of Utah get the worst sponsorship deal in the History of the Olympics or what? And you thought the "Depends" Six Rings of Protection was a bad Olympic product. Yikes.. try to sell these things.
2002-01-23 04:00:09 PM  
In other news, still no cure for cancer.
WTF? Just because they are scientists they are supposed to be working on cancer 24/7?

"In other news: People with nothing to do post crap on - still no cure for cancer."

2002-01-23 04:08:59 PM  
I wonder how long before the IOC cracks down on this obvious, blatant display of copyright violation.

This message brought to you by the networks of NBC, IBM and McDonalds.
2002-01-23 04:16:21 PM  
Ooooh, ahhhh. IBM constructed their corporate logo using individual xenon atoms ten years ago. Where have you been?
2002-01-23 04:26:24 PM  
After that, he photoshopped and old Sea Hunt poster to make "Underwater Olympics" for the fark/sa contest.
2002-01-23 04:27:06 PM  
Bring on the nerve-porn!
2002-01-23 04:27:20 PM  
At least he didn't make them out of Spaghetti-O's...
2002-01-23 04:27:36 PM  
Why diss this? The point is the cells can be shaped into the logo and still be alive, thus this could be used to fix neck and back injures and crap.

In other news, people are still stupid farkheads!
2002-01-23 04:54:51 PM  
Science marches on!
2002-01-23 05:35:38 PM  
Glwtta ..

You are an idiot.

You're going to die of cancer, I promise.
1 in 3 Americans die of cancer, you're going to be one of those.
- Harry manback
2002-01-23 05:37:19 PM  
The only reason tons of people die of cancer is cuz people have cured nearly everything else. And the number one killer is heart disease, not cancer, so it's more likely that he'll have heart attack.
2002-01-23 05:38:25 PM  
Yeah, hello?
I posted this because I thought it was a stupid waste of time and technology that could have otherwise been spent on something worthwhile. The phrase cure for cancer was used here a generic sense. I could just have easily stated it as a cure for AIDS or a cure for the common cold, or a cure for brain damage from which some of you obviously suffer.

Flame on if you wanna... I like it toasty anyway, trolls.
2002-01-23 05:40:48 PM  
that is friggin creepy
2002-01-23 05:54:29 PM  

aids .. cancer ..

why WASTE time on stupid ass rings.
2002-01-23 06:01:50 PM  
I wonder what they're thinking of?

2002-01-23 06:06:07 PM  
I'm currently working on a 30-foot tall version of the Olympic Rings made entirely out of living human bodies, spliced together, many sharing the same vital organs and the whole thing sharing one bloodstream. Through the simple application of some electrical current, I'll be able to change the tension in the masses of vocal chords, thereby altering the pitch of their tortured screams, forcing them to "sing" It's a Small World After All.

I'll be out collecting "volunteers" in my black van with the tinted windows. Look for the pissing Calvin sticker on the back window.
2002-01-23 06:07:31 PM  
You know, I was going to say 'nice headline' but the whinging farker that wrote it just ruined it for me.

So nice going dick.
2002-01-23 06:12:58 PM  
Ahhh, but is the Olypmic Commitie going to sue them for this "unauthoized" use of their trademark??????
2002-01-23 06:13:06 PM  
Bullshiat. Pure bullshiat. He built a "scaffold" in the shape of the rings. You know, a piece of plastic. Then he plopped nerve cells on it and they grew like ivy around it. Whee.
2002-01-23 06:24:41 PM  
Which whining farker are you refering to this time?
2002-01-23 07:02:44 PM  
And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why I want to become a bioengineer when I graduate from college. That and I'd recieve vast sums of money. $125,000 a year, bottom level! Imagine THAT, Richard Scarry!
2002-01-23 08:38:50 PM  
Excellent headline.
2002-01-23 09:12:12 PM  
Probably some scientist doing nerve regeneration research, (every bit as important as cancer research, since it could possible cure blindness, paralyzation, alzymers, ms, etc.)and decided to spend a little time applying his trade to do something cool. That's not stupid at all.
2002-01-23 10:18:13 PM  
Damn it! He's got some nerve!



2002-01-24 04:27:57 AM  
Check out a, they've come up with a compound that they think is a cure for many cancers.
It's still at the early stages of tests in humans, but results so far are very encouraging.
The compound, incidentally,is also being tested as a cure for many types of heart disease, and as if this wasn't enough it's also being touted to reverse the effects of sunburn (not just protect against but actually reverse)this includes both skin cancer and aging effects.
2002-01-24 12:16:41 PM  
The cure for cancer is 2 tablespoons of salt, 1 teapoon of sodium, 2 litres of water, and 2 mililitres of H2O.

Courtesy of our winnipeg level 4 virology lab located convienienty in the down town area, hooked into our water supply and directly hooked into the sewers.
2002-01-27 01:59:52 PM  
yeah, right, kosta. everybody knows that you can't mix h2o and water. that makes poison!
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