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2019-04-12 05:30:06 PM  
If partially subtitled counts, then Inglorious Basterds. Watching Nazis blow up never gets old.
2019-04-12 05:31:01 PM  
8 1/2
2019-04-12 05:32:31 PM  
Tora! Tora! Tora!

It has subtitles for when the Japanese actors are speaking.

But also, I'm going to throw out Mel Brooks' Silent Movie. Not technically subtitles, since it's actually a silent movie (with one notable exception), but it still counts to me, dang it.
2019-04-12 05:34:57 PM  
All of them because I can never hear the dialogue over the freaking sound effects and music.

/Old and deaf
2019-04-12 05:35:10 PM  
Infernal Affairs
The Good, the Bad and the Weird
Kung Fu Hustle
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
2019-04-12 05:35:12 PM  
Seven Samurai.

My favorite movie. Period.
2019-04-12 05:37:50 PM  
City Of God
2019-04-12 05:38:20 PM  
With a Friend Like Harry
2019-04-12 05:38:33 PM  

tudorgurl: All of them because I can never hear the dialogue over the freaking sound effects and music.

/Old and deaf

Since most of my movie-watching at this point is Asian films and/or on airplanes, I have subtitles on by default now.
2019-04-12 05:49:22 PM  
Pan's Labyrinth.

No question.
2019-04-12 05:51:00 PM  
Crouching Tiger
2019-04-12 05:53:03 PM  
La Femme Nikita
2019-04-12 05:55:55 PM  

tudorgurl: All of them because I can never hear the dialogue over the freaking sound effects and music.

/Old and deaf

Testify, Sister!
2019-04-12 06:07:35 PM  

tudorgurl: All of them because I can never hear the dialogue over the freaking sound effects and music.

/Old and deaf

Shut it, Nanci.
2019-04-12 06:07:42 PM  
2019-04-12 06:11:49 PM  
Tokyo Story
Night on Earth
The 400 Blows
La Dolce Vita
2019-04-12 06:32:02 PM  
Snatch.  The DVD had a Pikey/Huh? subtitle track that only showed up for Brad Pitt.
2019-04-12 06:42:50 PM  
Came to post La Femme Nikita and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I see that has been covered.
2019-04-12 06:45:39 PM  
Scottish films.
Scottish Elevator With Voice Recognition (with subtitles)
Youtube BOUTfUmI8vs
2019-04-12 06:48:36 PM  
Zatoichi (all of them)
Das Boot
Iron Sky
Iron Sky Playboy scene
Youtube I8fNzIDhRzs
2019-04-12 06:50:48 PM  
Battle Royale
2019-04-12 06:52:28 PM  
Back Door Sluts 9

\My Precious
2019-04-12 06:52:44 PM  

BretMavrik: Infernal Affairs
The Good, the Bad and the Weird
Kung Fu Hustle
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

I need the subtitles for the last one.
2019-04-12 06:59:07 PM  
Chushingura! Now to atone for my shameful mistake must commit seppuku!
2019-04-12 06:59:48 PM  
The 400 Blows,
The Seven Samurai
images.sequart.orgView Full Size
2019-04-12 07:03:56 PM  
Train to Busan
Battle Royale
2019-04-12 07:19:27 PM  
2019-04-12 07:47:31 PM  
Rare Exports
2019-04-12 07:56:35 PM  
Silent Movie
The Seventh Seal
(available in English and Swedish w/w/o subtitles)
Beau Geste (partial substitles or cards)

I hate subtitles because it makes it hard to read a book in the theatre or while watching a movie at home. Some movies work beautfiully as radio, but silent movies and subtitled movies require you to read, which I like, but I like reading so much I like to read while I am reading. Multiple media fill in the holes and boring bits of each other very nicely sometimes.

Only one word is spoken in Silent Movie. That word is very short: "No!" It is spoken by the world famous mime, Maurice Chevalier. The mime gets in the only and last word! Worth making the whole movie for that one joke, but there are lots of other fun bits, including the soapy shower scene with Burt Reynolds.
2019-04-12 07:56:59 PM  
You don't get to see his fun bits, though. Still a good movie, if a bit slow.
2019-04-12 07:59:45 PM  
Playtime is good too. Most of this French avant-gardish comedy is in American English. Subtitles simply are unnecessary, but you might want them if you are trying to learn French, but if that is the case, Playtime is one of the best/worst movies in the world for French students. Better with an audience of pretentious art or art movie students. It's really quite funny, both on a high and a low comedy register.
2019-04-12 08:00:34 PM  
A lot of movies are better with the sound off, don't you think? And I am not just saying that to be snobbish or pretentious. It is a fact. A sad, uncommercial fact.
2019-04-12 08:39:16 PM  
De Düva.
2019-04-12 09:14:41 PM  
Godfather 2
City of God
Seven Samurai
Infernal Affairs (The Departed was based on it)
Crouching Tiger
2019-04-12 09:21:57 PM  
2019-04-12 09:22:49 PM  
Pan's Labyrinth
2019-04-12 09:32:10 PM  
Brotherhood of the Wolf
2019-04-12 09:35:15 PM  
Also, Delicatessen
2019-04-12 09:35:45 PM  
Akira Kurusawa's Dreams

HedlessChickn: Pan's Labyrinth.

That too.  Definitely.
2019-04-12 09:37:15 PM  
Oh and, Tampopo
2019-04-12 09:42:08 PM  

deamonbutterfly: Amelie

2019-04-12 09:47:49 PM  

gaslight: Scottish films.

Trainspotting - Night club scene (1080p)
Youtube 8rumI8w5uvM
2019-04-12 09:54:02 PM  

gaslight: Scottish films.

2019-04-12 09:56:01 PM  
My Life as a Dog.
2019-04-12 10:00:40 PM  

fusillade762: gaslight: Scottish films.


Trainspotting (Scottish Rant)
Youtube wqgkZDbe4Xk
2019-04-12 10:42:01 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2019-04-12 10:43:37 PM  
A girl, a gun, and a noodle shop.
2019-04-12 10:43:38 PM  
Jive Speak Aeroplane!
Youtube RrZlWw8Di10
2019-04-12 10:44:15 PM  
Omkara. Vishal Bhardwaj is kind of Bollywood's answer to Orson Welles, and he co-wrote the screenplay and the soundtrack in addition to directing the film. It's a modern updating of Othello set in the world of gangster-politicians in Uttar Pradesh. It's kind of The Sopranos or The Godfather meets Shakespeare.

It may sound strange, but it totally works, and it's especially good in the way it gives the female characters -- the Iago analogue's wife in particular -- a lot more to do than the original source material does. Bhardwaj even finds a way to integrate the obligatory dance numbers into the action in a way that feels mostly natural.

I've seen many, many versions of Othello -- I specialized in Shakespearean film adaptations in grad school --  and for my money this is one of the very best, if not the best. Even if you can't stand Shakespeare, it's probably got a lot in it for most viewers.

Ironically, the best clip I've found doesn't include subtitles, but this should (hopefully) allow you to get the gist anyway.

Omkara Official Trailer | Watch Full Movie On Eros Now
Youtube Hp697cTAIMU
2019-04-12 10:44:48 PM  

Loan Starr: [ image 320x240]

Well fark me. Okay.

Airplane 2 Courtroom Jive
Youtube 5CXeHk9W-iw
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