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2019-04-12 12:30:47 PM  
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2019-04-12 12:44:32 PM  
Now...Turn your head and cough.
2019-04-12 12:52:00 PM  
And, now, you rip it in two and you start feasting on the innards.
2019-04-12 02:03:42 PM  
"Open wide, here comes Mr. Suppository!"
2019-04-12 02:22:42 PM  
I said enema, not enemy.
2019-04-12 03:19:09 PM  
It's not as easy as I thought to get into this mermaid costume.
2019-04-12 03:29:11 PM  
And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.
2019-04-12 05:33:27 PM  
I told you not to swallow that bucket.
2019-04-12 10:29:57 PM  
Cynthia was able to handle the child-proof caps with no problem.
But these new "tamper proof seals" were a bit of a challenge.
2019-04-13 07:29:06 AM  
The aftermath of a blown seal.
2019-04-14 08:23:48 AM  
You are supposed to eat fish with your mouth, not your butthole.
2019-04-14 12:08:15 PM  
So will that be cash or check, Mr. Kraft?
2019-04-14 12:13:11 PM  
2019-04-14 12:13:12 PM  
A liitle Penaten, and you'll feelin' better in no time!
2019-04-14 12:19:53 PM  
If you keep tugging I'll give you a pearl necklace.
2019-04-14 12:41:57 PM  
I still don't get it.  Why does my husband keep saying he wants to get some tail?
2019-04-14 01:20:23 PM  
biatch stole my sea lion.
2019-04-14 04:15:19 PM  
So does this mean we're dating?
2019-04-14 06:49:43 PM  
Wanna scissor?
2019-04-14 06:56:11 PM  
♫ You balance the world on the tip of your nose, you're a sea-lion with a ball at the carnivaaaaaal. ♫
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