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1168 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Apr 2019 at 12:00 PM (9 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2019-04-12 04:05:13 AM  
cdn.groovyhistory.comView Full Size
2019-04-12 05:42:45 AM  
"As you can see, it's long and wide and powerful and really gets into all those long-forgotten crevices and gives you the total cleaning you haven't had in years!'

"Go on..."
2019-04-12 06:08:09 AM  
"After attaching a small mirror to the floor tool, Ed was easily able to determine that the curtains did not match the carpet."
2019-04-12 09:10:26 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2019-04-12 02:24:10 PM  
Do I really look like Lee Harvey Oswald?
2019-04-12 03:30:41 PM  
Are you impressed by its sucking abilities?
2019-04-12 11:30:23 PM  
As you can see, my wand is extra long. Now, let me show you my Dyson spheres...
2019-04-12 11:33:39 PM  
Porn-Hub Classics presents: "Edna accepts the 'Who's got the stronger suction challenge' "
2019-04-14 05:06:32 AM  
This baby is built to last.  Over 60 years from now it will still be going strong and capable of picking up the drool from your grandkids living in the basement and following a "website" where they will imagine sex and innuendo in every image "posted" there!
2019-04-14 10:19:15 PM  
2019-04-15 12:05:32 PM  
"Sure, it cleans, and when that's done, put on the "special" attachment and switch to vibra-mode and you'll forget all about your milquetoast husband's inadequacy in the bedroom"
2019-04-15 12:10:33 PM  
Smilin' Bob presents: the Enzyte vacuum.
2019-04-15 12:14:10 PM  
"And it's deep too."
- Late great Richard Pryor
2019-04-15 12:15:40 PM  
And this attachment is called the Hoover Tickler.
2019-04-15 12:19:22 PM  
They made this to one day clean the moon. ... You've heard of the moon, sweet cheeks.
2019-04-15 12:20:30 PM  
"Not gonna suck itself.."
2019-04-15 12:22:32 PM  
'Why is the ceiling so low? This posture is doing nothing for my back'
2019-04-15 12:47:23 PM  
He he..These Mormon missionaries will do anything to get the word out...I'm glad that thing is so f*cking loud I can't hear a god damn word
2019-04-15 01:10:46 PM  
Just clear up our sexual excretions, and then you have a sale, mister.
2019-04-15 01:19:39 PM  
Go ahead, keep trying.  You won't find any dirt in this house you jackass.
But if you sell encyclopedia's, our current set happens to be a few years out of date...
2019-04-15 01:20:12 PM  
"If he thinks that's got good suction he should see what I can do to a chrome trailer hitch".
2019-04-15 01:23:22 PM  
Lets try again:
img.fark.netView Full Size

(if someone could delete my Boobies that would be great)
2019-04-15 06:53:20 PM  
I saw your Trump 2020 sign, so I know you'll buy any sort of shiat I sell.
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