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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Modern day Leonardo da Vinci invents speed-drinking machine. Gets you hammered 10 times faster than regular drinking. Plus no hangover...   ( divider line
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31744 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jul 2004 at 2:44 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-13 09:56:04 PM  
"Inhalation or snorting of alcohol is basically synonymous with drug use and that kind of practice should not be encouraged."

But drinking it isn't? My head asplode.
2004-07-13 10:03:39 PM  
I need one of these guys!
2004-07-14 07:22:34 AM  
God bless the inventiveness of the drug-user. I know I've seem some downright brilliant stuff come out of stoner buddies of mine.
2004-07-14 07:25:26 AM  
Hrm. Well, in a way, it's safer, because of the purity and amount of oxygen supplied alongside to cleanly metabolize the alcohol, but at the same time, there's no recourse for over-exposure like regular drinking has (you can't really puke up alcohol from your lungs, though I've had times when it felt like I was).

In either case I'd like to do this, and a lot of it.

(Note to submitters: the Sydney Morning Herald is going registration soon...)
2004-07-14 10:12:36 AM  
I'll take 2. One for home, one for work.
2004-07-14 01:29:30 PM  
Jeeze, why doesn't he just tie off, and mainline tequila?
Apparently, he couldn't figure out how smoke Jack Daniels in a crack pipe.
2004-07-14 02:35:32 PM  
This kicks ass! How long does it last tho, is it like a slower whippit?
2004-07-14 02:49:02 PM  
I tried breathing the vapour from a pot of mulled cider. Didn't do much, though :(
2004-07-14 02:49:44 PM  
I wonder if it's as ineffective and disapointing as smoking weed through a vaporizor.
2004-07-14 02:50:05 PM  
please, please someone get me this thing. AWESOME!
2004-07-14 02:50:08 PM  
Inhalation or snorting of alcohol is basically synonymous with drug use and that kind of practice should not be encouraged."

So if I make a beverage that contains MDMA, that ISN'T drug use?
2004-07-14 02:50:52 PM  
The urinal industry is ruined!
2004-07-14 02:50:55 PM  
Fark needs to buy and brand some of these units. The marketing rights itself.

"Get Farked up faster!"

/just looking to get a Fark member's discount on one...
2004-07-14 02:51:02 PM  
Bo 'n Luke, you must have had a shiatty vaporizor
2004-07-14 02:51:09 PM  
TommyymmoT :Apparently, he couldn't figure out how smoke Jack Daniels in a crack pipe.

rookies, you pour jd on the crack!
2004-07-14 02:51:50 PM  
Ahem....the marketing "writes" itself that is.

/flunked Engrish...
2004-07-14 02:52:20 PM  
"Get your whippets, ice cold whippets"
2004-07-14 02:52:38 PM  
I'll stick with rails.
2004-07-14 02:52:40 PM  
This SO needs a Hero tag...
Or maybe we just need to invent a Booze tag...
2004-07-14 02:52:46 PM  
I'm taking up a collection to purchase one of these things for Harley Earl.
2004-07-14 02:52:57 PM  
I like to inhale that little bit of fog that comes at the top of a bottle of Sierra Nevada every time you open it, but otherwise, I can't see the fun of getting hammered from breathing. (Alcohol is my anti-drug).

Then again, you'll never have to worry about breaking the seal.

I was just gonna sniff a bag but one guy says if you're gonna sniff you might as well pop it and another guys says if you gonna pop it you might as well mainline.- Jim Carroll
2004-07-14 02:52:58 PM  
In the future, I can't help but believe that many of our vices will be converted to the most efficient form possible. Just think how popular an effective nicotine or caffeine vapor would become overnight...

2004-07-14 02:53:51 PM  
Anyone here know what a 'Chilly Willy' is?

(Hint it involves inhalation and alcohol, but it's still in liquid form.)
2004-07-14 02:55:23 PM  
I was taking the train from Brantford to Toronto once and met this drunk guy on the train who was drinking vodka by snorting it up his nose. He said that drinking alcohol through the nose gets you drunk faster.

I think if drinking vodka itself won't drunk you up fast enough for your needs then you've got a serious drinking problem.
2004-07-14 02:56:17 PM  
Bo 'n Luke, you must have had a shiatty vaporizor

That's true. But even the cheap ones are expensive. I've heard good things about the expensives ones, but for that much $$$, I could get a bunch of good shiat
2004-07-14 02:56:28 PM  
must buy one....

2004-07-14 02:58:38 PM  
I couldn't find the link on the page to order one.
Could anyone else see it...

2004-07-14 02:59:07 PM  
"I wonder if it's as ineffective and disapointing as smoking weed through a vaporizor."

hm. i've never been disappointed with my vaporizer. it's quite effective. maybe you've just never used a good one.
2004-07-14 02:59:16 PM  
I've heard wine enemas get you hammered. Same principle, gets into your bloodstream quicker, etc.
/too bunghole phobic to try
2004-07-14 02:59:25 PM  
The NSW goverment? The Not Safe For Work goverment.
2004-07-14 02:59:34 PM  
That thing looks just like my grandmother's oxygen machine. I bet i could retrofit it for about $30. Of course to buy a new oxygen machine is probably $300+
2004-07-14 02:59:40 PM  
Bo 'n Luke they are priced way to high... but throw a half gram into an expensive one and take it in one hit... oh my farking god
2004-07-14 03:01:09 PM  
Oh good Lord people, it's not like this is rocket science!

Just combine the fogger from one of these...
[image from too old to be available]

...with a bottle of this stuff:
[image from too old to be available]

You don't *really* need the oxygen part of the gadget. That just adds to the gimmick, not the buzz.

(BTW, you try this out and cook your brain - don't come droolin on me)
2004-07-14 03:01:46 PM  

Is that anything like a chilled gorilla fart?
2004-07-14 03:02:54 PM  
that deserves a "HERO" tag...
2004-07-14 03:03:27 PM  
"I wonder if it's as ineffective and disapointing as smoking weed through a vaporizor."

Bo 'n Luke - try a Vapir. My cousin has one and I tried it, being very skeptical of course, but damned if I wasn't high as shiat.

/saving up to by a Vapir
2004-07-14 03:03:27 PM  
But this is legal *sigh*

/see other thread
2004-07-14 03:04:09 PM  
This is exactly what i DON'T need. I drink enough as is

/Damn you FARK!
2004-07-14 03:04:25 PM  
You don't need a machine to do this.
I was introduced to the "Cointreau Gargler" a few years ago that achieves the same sort of effect, I'm sure it would work just as well with the liquor of your choice.

Step 1: Take a shot of Cointreau and swill it around your mouth
Step 2: Tip head back and gargle
Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 three times (with the same shot of Cointreau)
Step 4: Swallow and then breath in deeply

Swilling the liquor around the mouth builds up lots of vapors which you then breath in.

Of course, you still get the hangover and calories with this method.
2004-07-14 03:06:52 PM  
the oxygen isn't the gimmick, the oxygen is the biggest selling point. sufficient oxygen with the alcohol relieves most of the hangover.

That being said, perhaps just having an oxygen tank and taking a huff off it throughout your drinking would handle most of the negativ side effects.
2004-07-14 03:07:02 PM  
Using this thing you can still get alcohol poisoning, though, right? That's the risk I see. I think a few people have died already from doing white lightning enemas, which is kind of a similar concept.
2004-07-14 03:07:30 PM  
going up the nose, uhhhhh. wtf?
2004-07-14 03:07:35 PM  
I saw something on the news about this. I hear that this device could increase the likelihood of overdose. So what happens if a product you make kills 5 in the first month of public use? Thats right.
2004-07-14 03:08:40 PM  
They banned an alcoholic milk drink called Moo Juice? Moo Juice... it's name alone sounds bad.
2004-07-14 03:09:10 PM  
I wonder if you could just spend the $15-20 that a medical jet atomizer costs and then attach it to a run of the mill air compressor. If that worked you would have essentially the same thing for almost no investment.

Haveing never played with one I don't know what the cfm requirements of the vapor and ppm alcohol to air would be to get a good buzz. But you can guess who is going to find out!
2004-07-14 03:09:34 PM  
or, couldn't we have a little device to "oxygenate" our alcoholic beverages immediately before imbibing.

this would still impede people from alcohol poisoning, but give you the benefit of complete processing to H2O and CO2.
2004-07-14 03:10:10 PM  
Silva - I could never keep cointreau in my mouth long enough to follow those directions. That stuff is nasty!
2004-07-14 03:10:48 PM  
so what's next babies made in a test tub.... huh?..oh
never mind.
/back to work...
2004-07-14 03:11:33 PM  
Hmmm....Is it just me or does mixing pure oxygen and pure alcohol together sound like a bad idea in bar full of smokers?

/wos, this AWOL thing is the shiznit, gimme a light - BOOOM!
2004-07-14 03:12:08 PM  
This is the perfect gift for the "I've got no time to drink" drunk. Steam bath, anyone?
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