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(Fark)   Endangered animals, comic book tributes, and Japanese commercialism can all be found in the Fark Weird News Quiz, March 10-16 Tractor Edition   ( divider line
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2019-03-24 10:46:44 AM  
First off, my apologies for the lack of a quiz last week. We had a death in the family.

I have been afforded the opportunity to visit many relatives and act as a farm hand, if you will. I'm currently at my uncle's, where I got to operate both zero turn radius mowers (I was surprised by how much video game tank simulators helped in understanding how those operated) as well as a tractor with a front-end loader. The tractor was actually kind of fun once you get the basics of operation. Most older tractors actually have two brake pedals, but they're side-by-side so you can hit them both at once. I was eventually able to scoop up heavy objects with the front-end loader and put them back down again in another place, which is one of those primal things men do that makes them feel all manly.

As far as the last quiz...

Evildog came out on top with 929, followed by bud jones with 927 in second and Cyril Sneer in third with 897. little big man took fourth with 851, and elpresidenteALO finishes out the top five with 845.

The hardest question on the Hard Quiz was over a delay in a Florida college baseball game. Only 16% of quiztakers knew that an aerial duel between an osprey and a bald eagle had resulted in the osprey dropping its cargo behind second base - a large fish. No word on whether Rule 183B subsection (c)(iv) meant that an error should be charged to the pitcher, or if the fish was deemed an infield fly.

The easiest question on the Easy Quiz was over what people have been stealing from almond orchards in central California. 83% of quiztakers knew that over 200 beehives had disappeared from almond orchards in the area recently. It takes some gall to steal the one thing with a built-in self-defense mechanism. I'm guessing someone must really like their honey. Then again, looking at the price of honey in stores, I'm thinking they must be squirreling away copper in those hives.

The hardest question on the Easy Quiz was about Jamison Land, aka Beefcake the Mighty from GWAR. Only 26% of quiztakers knew that he quit the band in order to return to his regular job of tour bus driver. In a way, I can see the appeal of this - he still gets to tour the country, but doesn't have to put on a costume and perform every night. Kind of like those baby boomers who buy an RV and drive around the country, only he actually gets paid to do it.

The easiest question on the Easy Quiz was over which film took home Best Picture. 74% of people knew that the Academy always likes it when someone drives someone else around, and this year Green Book took home the prize. SNL should definitely make that Toonces movie instead of another "It's Pat" sequel.

Congratualtions to the winners, and we'll be doing it all again this week.

Don't forget to check out the Easy Quiz.

Have fun, and if you have any issues with the quiz, or just want to say hi, please reply to this comment.
2019-03-24 10:48:22 AM  
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2019-03-24 11:05:02 AM  
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2019-03-24 11:14:22 AM  
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2019-03-24 11:15:05 AM  
Yet again, I'm a dunce.

I'll post this instead of my score.

img.fark.netView Full Size

I stole the base image from a photo shop contest and just added words.

/Semi apologise to original poster///creator
2019-03-24 11:31:44 AM  
I prefer the farting animals coloring book.
2019-03-24 11:51:51 AM  
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2019-03-24 12:15:39 PM  

Dance Party745
Bruce Campbell vs Army of Farkness740
Dead Skin Mask630
Mister Peejay629
2019-03-24 12:26:07 PM  
must be an easy hard quiz this week, I was actually on top for a while

Meatloaf Baby876
2019-03-24 12:54:02 PM Full Size
2019-03-24 01:21:07 PM  
media3.giphy.comView Full Size
2019-03-24 01:32:34 PM  
It continually amazes me how I can read Fark several hours a day, and still end up guessing on many of these questions. 7 out of 10 on both quizzes.
2019-03-24 02:22:20 PM  

ox45tallboy: lack of a quiz last week

Family comes first.
2019-03-24 03:50:37 PM  
My uncle has a country place
That no one knows about
He says it used to have a lawn
Before the Mower Law...
2019-03-24 05:17:49 PM  
Hey!  I think this is the first time I have ever taken the top spot. Color me chuffed for sure.

Thanks for making this quiz every week. It's only a few minutes out of the day to take but I look forward to it.
2019-03-24 07:06:13 PM  
I'm on the board!
2019-03-24 08:16:13 PM  
Omg I made it on to the board, if only for a bit.
ox45tallboy- thanks again for all you do.
I'm sorry for your loss, but tractorin' seems to have offered an enjoyable diversion.
Take care
2019-03-25 09:22:26 AM  
I read that headline beginning as "Endangered animals cook book".

/ well at least that's a tasty start to my day.
2019-03-25 09:48:17 AM  
Final Score:
8 out of 11 correct, total points = 697
Total time elapsed:
2 minutes (143 seconds)

Messed up on both questions about states and the meth one.
2019-03-25 10:00:26 AM  

Who Flipped The Crazy Switch On The Matrix: I read that headline beginning as "Endangered animals cook book".

/ well at least that's a tasty start to my day.

Well, with my brother-in-law in the woods with a gun, they're all endangered...
2019-03-25 10:37:56 AM  
I suck:

Final Score:
7 out of 11 correct, total points = 645
Total time elapsed:
1 minute (80 seconds)

To the Easy Quiz!
2019-03-25 10:39:39 AM  

LucklessWonder: I suck:

Final Score:
7 out of 11 correct, total points = 645
Total time elapsed:
1 minute (80 seconds)

To the Easy Quiz!

That's not gone well:

Final Score:
7 out of 10 correct, total points = 660
Total time elapsed:
1 minute (64 seconds)
2019-03-25 10:40:58 AM  
Got everything right on the easy quiz.  But that does not lead to fame and glory like good scores on the hard quiz.
2019-03-25 06:59:53 PM  
I got my best ever score - 902!
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