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(The New York Times)   Today in beyond the grave economic news: Steep NYC cemetery plot prices could boost coffin-sharing economy   ( divider line
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2019-03-15 01:54:53 PM  
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2019-03-15 03:55:57 PM  
Or we could just start encouraging cremation.
2019-03-15 03:57:45 PM  
Sharing graves isn't new.  I have a great-great-aunt who's stacked in a pauper's grave in Australia with a complete stranger.

/well-off people sharing graves is new, I guess
2019-03-15 04:25:17 PM  
The idea that one must continue to take up land/space even after death is such a perfect example of mankind's hubris.
2019-03-15 04:33:25 PM  

Peter Weyland: Or we could just start encouraging cremation.

I am all for cremation and/or family tombs. Not many people are special enough to need their own patch of land for however long it takes before someone justifies digging it up for money/historical worth/the apocalypse.

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Old-school Italian recycling. Why bother mixing up extra stuff for walls when you can just Use pieces of old caskets/graves as filler?

That said, the old ones are just awesome. Our factory-made, buried vaults are stupid and waste resources/space.
2019-03-15 04:39:37 PM  
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2019-03-15 04:46:52 PM  
Jokes on you, I'm donating my body to science with a stipulation that "She Blinded Me With Science" be played whenever students are researchers are cutting my body up.

Do-do-do.   SCIENCE!
2019-03-15 04:51:15 PM  
Cremate me and dump the ashes in the ocean off of Diamond Head.  I'm a retired sailor so the Navy will take care of it for free - the dumping, not the burning.
2019-03-15 04:57:26 PM  
I used to have a Great Grandmother who's favorite saying was, "Stick a bone up my ass and let the dogs drag me away!"
She was such a nasty old biatch that we were sorely tempted to abide by her wishes when she finally died, but we figured it wasn't right to subject the neighbors with the carcass.
2019-03-15 05:27:12 PM  
F&ck the entire funeral industry.
2019-03-15 05:45:28 PM  
My set of grandparents buried in city limits share their stack with a cousin or two, and that plot was bought in the '70s or earlier.
2019-03-15 07:28:54 PM  

Brandi Morgan: Cremate me and dump the ashes in the ocean off of Diamond Head.  I'm a retired sailor so the Navy will take care of it for free - the dumping, not the burning.

I'm going to be cremated and mixed with cement to make a place where the fishes swim with off Bradenton Florida where I was born.
2019-03-15 07:29:11 PM  
Western cultures might want to reconsider that whole burial in a casket thing. In many big cities or high density countries (looking at you, western Europe), there just won't be much space in the near future.
While we'd have plenty of room on our property to bury anyone who shouldn't be found, I told Mrs Shirley to have me liquefied and dumped in the septic. Call me a treehugger feeder, if you will.
2019-03-15 08:26:41 PM  
The mafia has been doing that for years! It's nothing new
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