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(Independent)   Average life expectency for men closing in on women   ( divider line
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1953 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jan 2002 at 8:44 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-23 08:45:07 AM  
You can't believe a word this commie/liberal rag prints.

lets have more from right-wing news, unbiased information since 2001!
2002-01-23 08:57:06 AM  
Told ya that if we beat them enough they'd figure it out.
2002-01-23 09:01:59 AM  
2 true Fb
2002-01-23 09:02:08 AM  
But I want to die sooner.
2002-01-23 09:23:24 AM  
all that means is that we have to put up with them longer.

In other news:
Gun sales are up. Specials including one bullet with the gun are cleaning out stores.
2002-01-23 09:40:37 AM  
And I was just sitting here, reading Fark, wondering where I was gonna find my assignment (news article on related topic)for my Biology of Aging class.

2002-01-23 09:55:24 AM  
Fb-, my darling, so delightful to see your posts again.
My thought is that any man that decides to take a swing at me will quickly find himself unconcious from a blow to the head by a cast iron skillet. See if that farks up the statitistics for them.
2002-01-23 10:07:53 AM  

Woman, if you know what's good for you, you better get your fat, soap watchin' ass back in that kitchen and use that skilet to fix me up some eatin's. NOW!
2002-01-23 10:24:15 AM  
2002-01-23 01:14:13 PM  
Just what we need, more old people on the roads.
2002-01-23 02:52:41 PM  
Fb- sugar, you're absolutely right. Now, why don't you go lay down and take a nap....
2002-01-23 02:56:24 PM  
"Average life expectency for men closing in on women" is...? And what's the average life expectancy for men NOT closing in on women?
2002-01-23 04:26:13 PM  
So let me get this straight. The only reason that a man's average life expectancy is closer to a woman's is because we're spending lots of money on common causes of mortality among men? Something about that doesn't read right.
2002-01-23 05:50:05 PM  
So; dudes finally discovered soap CAN be used on your hands after peeing?
2002-01-23 06:31:19 PM  
Is it sexist to be happy because of this?

[ ] yes
[ ] no
[ ] i will have your bacon and eggs in five minutes br0d please do not hit me again
2002-01-23 07:53:36 PM  
And I'll have that concussion coming right up for you Br0d darling, with a side order of stitches.
2002-01-23 09:58:47 PM  
Acceptence of homosexuality and widespread use of pron have releved men of the stress of chasing after, dealing with, and earning money for women.

That's my theory, and I'm stickin' to it.
Now y'all just go ahead and flame away.
2002-01-23 10:27:26 PM  
Nanook, where the hell are all these men that chase after, deal with and earn money for women? shiat, I MUST have been going to the wrong bars my entire life. I've never had a man give me a damned thing except the odd flowers and candy here and there. I've never needed or wanted a man to support or take care of me, but somehow, I sure as shiat ended up supporting and taking care of them.
2002-01-24 12:38:09 AM  
So . . what are you doing this weekend?
2002-01-24 01:02:26 AM  
Taking care of my significant other and his 2 kids.
2002-01-24 01:39:30 AM  
(I am such an azzhole.)

Seriously, every honest, hard-working, self-respecting man right now is either already long married, celebate, gay, or a masturbateur.
The guys you find in the bar are the ones who look so perfect, say just the right things, and take you to bed that night. These guys are lying, worthless posers who are after only one thing. See if you can guess what that is.
You know how, as a general rule, a woman cannot honestly sleep with a man until she feels love for him? Let me tell you a little secret. Men do not become eternally devoted to a woman until after they sleep with her, if then. So any man who says, "Baby, you know I love you . ." is just looking to get into your panties.

Back in the bad old days, when men were allowed to be brutal and women were allowed to be trecherous, there were social constructs in place which acted to put gentle men and trustworthy women together. Now, we are all strangers playing a bizarre, sexual 'russian roulette'.

A large part of the problem, as I see it, is that women have gotten the right to work for all the historical advantages of being a man, but have been reluctant to give up any of the historical liscenses of womanhood. Modern women want to be treasured, but not owned. They want a level playing field, and their pedestal. They want power, but not accountability. You will not believe it, but a woman who uses her beauty abusively is no better than a man who does the same with his strength. I've had women say things to me, quite innocently, that would have earned a fellow man a punch in the face. But, women are used to the attention of men who show women only what they want to see.

Anywho, I grow long winded, as usual.
If you want to break the stalemate, if you want to find a guy, try going up to some likely looking but imperfect guy in the supermarket, coffee shop or laundry mat and turn the tables: Chat him up.
2002-01-24 03:47:49 AM  
Amen, brother Nanook...
2002-01-24 10:04:52 AM  
Nanook, you're right you ARE an asshole, but all things being equal as such, so am I. When I used the line about the bar, I was being sarcastic, haven't been to a bar in years. Actually, I rather like taking care of the man I'm in a relationship with, but there is the drawback that, sad to say, after a while, they forget to return the favor.
I don't need them to take care of me financially, but I do miss the conversation and who in the hell told guys that flirting has to end simply because you're deeper into a relationship? I enjoy spoiling my lover, I only wish that most of them could remember it's a two way street. I also have an innate distrust of good looking men. I'm more drawn to wit than six pack abs and a nice ass (altho I do appreciate a nice package). If a man is quick witted and intelligent, he stands more of a chance of retaining my interest than the beautiful moron who can only stand there and look good. Did I mention that I think balding is sexy?
I'm sick I know.
2002-01-24 06:02:29 PM  
You're not sick. You are abnormal. Considering the state of normality, this is a good thing.

I'm not accusing any one woman of being like this.
Blanket statements are always inaccurate.
Averages are always a fiction.

People need to treat each other like people, first, last and always.
All the rest of it comes later.

Flirting forever, sister.
2002-01-24 09:51:47 PM  
Are you sure your'e southern????????
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