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(No Dubya)   Cheney likely to face criminal indictment by French courts for bribery and fraud   ( divider line
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40593 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jul 2004 at 2:06 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-11 07:39:05 PM  
Capitol Hill Blue = Weekly World News

I'll believe it when I see it in a real newspaper.
2004-07-11 07:49:43 PM  
I would like to see it happen.
2004-07-11 08:01:41 PM  
You folks believe stuff in WorldNetDaily and NewsMax and Drudge, why not this too?
2004-07-11 10:30:49 PM  
And we have a scapegoat!

Dick Cheney lets the air out of my bicycle tires at night!
2004-07-11 11:44:45 PM  
Satire tag please.
And I was all ready with a France surrenders type of comment.
2004-07-12 12:04:20 AM  

I can only see so many articles about Bush losing his mind or eating babies with "a high-level source who spoke on the condition of anonymity" before I stop taking a publication seriously.

Capitol Hill Blue lost any vestige of journalistic credibility a long time ago.

I'm inclined to believe that the SEC might be investigating allegations made by a French court (as reported by The Nation).

Just the same, a French court would have a very difficult time getting extradition for a matter like this.
2004-07-12 12:36:05 AM  
Submitters really need to consider the satire tag.

im sure that the mods will take care of that before it goes live.

/when i say sure, i mean hopeful
2004-07-12 01:47:11 AM  
ermm...its not satire, tho.

its not good journalism, either...capitolhill blue is pretty much Drudge w/ multiple personalities and a style sheet.
2004-07-12 02:08:52 AM  
It's certainly not fitting of "Hero", though.
2004-07-12 02:10:10 AM  
Don't worry Dick, just come to court dressed in lederhosen and they'll surrender.

2004-07-12 02:10:20 AM  
France is a Hero?
2004-07-12 02:11:10 AM  
2004 - has there ever been a worse selection of candidates?
2004-07-12 02:11:26 AM  
I'm inclined to believe that the SEC might be investigating allegations made by a French court

Actually the SEC is investigating something else -- Cheney's dumping of his Halliburton stock shortly before the incredibly coincidental revelation that Halliburton would be liable for billions in asbestos-related matters.
2004-07-12 02:12:11 AM  
hmm could be the first thing France could possibly do right...

then again it is france...

/still hoping
2004-07-12 02:12:13 AM  
On second thought, if Cheney showed up anywhere in lederhosen, surrender (along with nausea) would be imminent.
2004-07-12 02:12:42 AM  
Dick Cheney stole my TV!
2004-07-12 02:12:55 AM  
France had the audacity to refuse to support an immoral war.
2004-07-12 02:13:14 AM  
Is it time for the frog march yet?
2004-07-12 02:13:52 AM  
This read like a Newsmax article. Entertaining, yet annoying.
2004-07-12 02:14:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Ultra-libbies sounding more desparate by the day.
2004-07-12 02:14:33 AM  
My guitar tried to kill yo mama!
2004-07-12 02:15:18 AM  
Who's the hero?
2004-07-12 02:15:42 AM  

yes in 2000
2004-07-12 02:16:52 AM  
go fark yourself!

/restoring civility and decorum to the White House
2004-07-12 02:18:07 AM  
The hero here, for once, is the French agency bringing the charges. Wow. Who knew that the French hatred of us would pay off in spades, right?

America Surrenders, Gladly, Dick Cheney to your custody. Put him in Frenchie Federal Pound-You-In-The-Ass-With-A-Three-Week-Old-Baggette Prison
2004-07-12 02:18:42 AM  
France will never forgive the United States for having liberated her.
2004-07-12 02:19:19 AM  
Ils cherchent un homme, un homme, un homme....

/old song
2004-07-12 02:19:33 AM  
I totally agree.
2004-07-12 02:20:34 AM  
Maybe the "Hero" tag is for the judge.

/To infinity and beyond, flaming all the way.
2004-07-12 02:20:53 AM  
All of the sudden my dislike for cheney and my dislike for the french are at war with each other. Well at least Cheney doesn't eat babies.
2004-07-12 02:21:12 AM  
Ultra-libbies sounding more desparate by the day.

You've got that perfectly backward, you ass-zombie. Desperation positively oozes from the White House these days as the administration scrambles to find new ways of justifying killing tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq, despite no one feeling safer back here in the US and new terrorists being recruited by the hour.

Meanwhile, most of Bush's former loyalists are coming out of the woodwork to expose how bad pre-war intel was and how bogus the war really is.

Hey look--you can almost hear the house of cards creak as it teeters in the wind. Reap the whirlwind, you dope.
2004-07-12 02:22:30 AM  
say wha?
2004-07-12 02:22:51 AM  
FLMountainMan --

Umm, 2000?
2004-07-12 02:23:53 AM  
If this turns out to be true I hope they fry the bastard. Since I'm not 'in the know' I can't really make the call on Cheney's guilt or innocense, but I can tell you that he's been doing shiat that's shady as hell the entire time he's been in the White House, and if you extrapolate that into his days as a CEO of Halliburton, then this slush fund used for bribes and whatnot doesn't seem too out of character for that company, considering how they've been screwing the tax-payer over in Iraq.

Oh yeah and if anybody in here pipes up about how France is such a great and moral nation, please keep in mind that they're government is running around claiming that the genocide in Sudan is all a big hoax. Millions are dying and they've decided to jump in and defend Sudan's reputation in the UN to secure their Sudanese oil deals. This pisses me off to no end. The mullahs in Khartoum have been ethnically cleansing the black population from the oil fields and the South of their country for a decade or more, and now that they're going at it again in full force the French UN ambassador just gets up and claims it's all just made up, it isn't happening, it doesn't exist, like some kind of Holocaust denier.
2004-07-12 02:24:40 AM  

Not only desparate, but testy too. Did I hurt your feelings dbase? Life a bit too difficult for you? Do you need a pacifier? hahaha.
2004-07-12 02:24:57 AM  
I have nothing to add, but wanted to say something before this turns into an infinity sign. Thank you, and good night.
2004-07-12 02:26:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Shenannigans, perhaps?
2004-07-12 02:27:05 AM  
So, still gonna vote for Dean?
2004-07-12 02:27:33 AM  
people should really learn to use the satire tag
2004-07-12 02:28:09 AM  
Somehow I doubt Cheney would go to France to fight any charges anyway. Doesn't France allow criminals to be convicted in absentia (I'm honestly wondering, not making any cracks)? Maybe they'll trade for Roman Polanski.
2004-07-12 02:28:34 AM  
This will get no more than 60 posts. Bet on it.
2004-07-12 02:28:39 AM  
farkophobe, hehehe, I need to update my profile, don't I?

I suppose I could always do a write-in vote, or possibly just throw away my vote for Ben Dover or Hugh G. Rection. It's no more of a joke than the choices I'm being presented with in this next election.
2004-07-12 02:28:41 AM  
yeah great, even if they send chaney to jail we'll just get another arsewipe to take his place, wake me up when someone puts bush on trial for lying to the public.

/flame on flama
2004-07-12 02:28:51 AM  
Ultra-libbies sounding more desparate by the day.

yeah, right.

If you want desparate, the Repubifarks are wanting to postpone the election. I mean, how desparately un-American can you get?
2004-07-12 02:29:45 AM  
America will never forgive France for helping liberate her from England.
2004-07-12 02:29:48 AM  
State College Arsonist, dude, what's the story behind your name? I'm just curious, becuase I actually do go to a state college and committed an act of arson while studying there, notably the burnination of one rapist's car.
2004-07-12 02:29:55 AM  
To infinity and beyond.
2004-07-12 02:30:23 AM  

You may want to read up on that story before you actually use it in an argument. You know...just to be accurate.
2004-07-12 02:32:18 AM  
Yea, this story may be a hoax. I'll believe it CNN runs the story. Until then, Cheney is innocent along with Kobe, Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Keneth Lay...
2004-07-12 02:32:40 AM  
Maybe the French will ignore Camus' wisdom for once, and reestablish the guillotine.
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