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(   Marine Corps Times names Utahn "Marine of the Year." In other news, people from Utah are called Utahns   ( divider line
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2004-07-11 3:37:43 PM  
Utahn is German for whale vagina.

/Ron Burgundy
2004-07-11 3:43:43 PM  
Way to not get killed buddy, AND still have time to go on a Mormon mission!
2004-07-11 3:54:06 PM  
funny, we zonies (thats arizonans) always refered to them as idiots.
2004-07-11 4:06:02 PM  
I call 'em utes, as in "da two utes".
2004-07-11 4:06:31 PM  
How is he at Jeopardy?
2004-07-11 4:07:00 PM  
I always thought they were called polygamists.
2004-07-11 4:07:28 PM  
Does he get some peyote as a reward?
2004-07-11 4:07:50 PM  
2004-07-11 4:09:44 PM  
I always thought they were Utes...

I also know that Utes are short. I found this out by stopping at rest areas on I-15 and I-70. The stalls are so short that children can see over them.
2004-07-11 4:10:25 PM  
Sounds like a subatomic particle. It's still better than "Michigander," though. I hate that term.
2004-07-11 4:11:45 PM  
Why is the appellation 'Marine of Year' mildly disturbing to me? Could it be the 'post child' connotation? After all, medals and decorations are the accolades a soldiers recognizes. Or does 'Marine of Year' come with it's own special medal?

/GIS for +"best of breed" +ribbon
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-11 4:12:01 PM  
All you farkers didn't know about us being called "Utahns"? I guess you were all too busy tossing aroun "Morans", ect.
2004-07-11 4:12:31 PM  
According to our governor I am a Kahleefohnyan.
2004-07-11 4:19:16 PM  
I thought they were Utonians
2004-07-11 4:19:17 PM  
Not "Morans". "Mormans"

/dum dum dum dum dum
2004-07-11 4:21:41 PM  
/+ snicker
2004-07-11 4:23:28 PM  
Here in Wyoming we call em Ubangies. Not sure if it has to do with their proclivity toward large families and polygamy, or thier prudish behavior in the face of closet S&M type fantasies. Some of the wildest chicks I have ever been with were Jack-Mormons.

Q: Why is it so hard to get a blowjob in Utah on the weekends?

A: Because all the cocksuckers are in Wyoming catching our fish.
2004-07-11 4:24:21 PM  
I have only spent 6 months in the states...but when I was there people from Utah where called Uthards....don't get it.
2004-07-11 4:26:08 PM  
Mormo Saves!
2004-07-11 4:33:28 PM  
I knew that "Utahns" was the proper term. Then again, I lived there for six years. More Utah info:

An Associated Press article (27 December 1999,Salt Lake Tribune) reported that Utah ranks last among all states in the proportion of young men and women signing up for military services (according to military figures)....
2004-07-11 4:37:47 PM  
heh heh.. Utahn.. I never heard that before. That brings up a couple other states that I'm unclear on.. what do you call residents of these states? I've taken guesses, but they might be very wrong. :)


Actually.. most states I don't know.. heh. I don't travel much. Anyone know what these really are?
2004-07-11 4:41:45 PM  
BTW, Utahn is the accepted and universally used word here in Utah when talking about ourselves. All other forms of it sound very akward. Utahites, Utahnians, ect, and Utes are a local uni. football team, not what we call ourselves.
2004-07-11 4:43:24 PM  
I thought they were called Mormons, or Latter Day Saints.
2004-07-11 4:43:48 PM  
I was thinking the second sentence while I was still reading the first.

/took me years to discover "Briton", which makes about as little sense.
2004-07-11 4:44:33 PM  
My son is a native Utahn. His mom is trying to raise him to be a good little jack-Morman, poor kid.
2004-07-11 4:44:52 PM  

Round here, we call 'em Massholes. :-)
2004-07-11 4:45:58 PM  
And its Vermonters... and to the north, Kebbekerz, and to the south, Massholes.
2004-07-11 4:47:28 PM  
ZenBen: Mormon/LDS is a religeon, not what we call ourselves. Not everyone here is Mormon, only 70% or so. We're Utahns, dammit!
2004-07-11 4:48:57 PM  
ZenBen -

"I thought they were called Mormons, or Latter Day Saints."

Common enough misconception, but there are more than Mormans in Utah. When I would visit my folks in Nephi, UT, I would bring a 12-pack of beer next door to their 75 year old neighbor, and we'd sit on her front porch and wave our beers at the Molly Mormans as they would drive by and glare at us.
2004-07-11 4:50:21 PM  
Ok, on a more serious note, according to Paul Dickson's book, Labels for Locals, it is "Utahn, not Utaan or Utahan. This is one of those terms which is guarded with some fervor by residents of the state. When the U.S. Government Printing Office Style Board ruled in favor of Utahan, it was forced to reverse itself in favor of Utahn after getting angry letters from Senator Jake Garn (R.-Utah) and dozens of other Utahns. Then there is Utahian, which shows up in historic citations such as this one from Mitford M. Mathews's Dictionary of Americanisms: "We Utahians have become robust in health and strong in the cunning and power of brawny arms" (Sacramento Union, January 11, 1864)."
2004-07-11 4:53:18 PM  
Washingtonian I believe.
2004-07-11 4:55:13 PM  
Texicants. At least when they're trying to drive.
2004-07-11 4:58:00 PM  
Oregon = Oregasms
2004-07-11 5:02:14 PM  
aaadarklaw and SpinStopper, I know you're not called Mormons or LDS. It was a joke based on the fact that, as of July 2000 (the last census), over 70% of the 2,246,553 Utahns were Mormons, and only 10.8% of Utahns were minorities (which is much lower than the national average minority population of 24.9%).
2004-07-11 5:09:21 PM  
ZenBen -

I'm sure as shiat not called a Mormon (I still like using Morman better - it's a fun cross of Mormon and Moran), and I'm not a Utahn, either. It just so happens that I have family that lives there.
2004-07-11 5:11:03 PM  
For Ohio people "Ohian" sounds nicer than "Ohioan".
2004-07-11 5:18:13 PM  
The headline is wrong. The correct term for somebody from Utah is "Utard"

/surrounded by the mentally Utarded
2004-07-11 5:33:24 PM  
vorstryke, puffy999, washingtonians is the correct term. And did anybody else check out Rob4127's link? Because apparently every stereotype about mormons is true. Farked up stuff, but truth is really stranger than fiction.
2004-07-11 5:33:53 PM  
marineoftheyear (new window)

my apologies to the corps, but I wait with unbridled anticipation of his harrowing ordeal in a made for tv movie.

2004-07-11 5:41:54 PM  
Delawareans or Delawarites?
2004-07-11 5:46:27 PM  
Utes are the name of a native american tribe indigenous to the Utah area.

/smarty pants
2004-07-11 5:59:20 PM  
Wow... a thread to bash both marines and Utah! I'm suprised no one has added in "Ugly Ass" or "Here Comes the Science"... this has become such a Fark freaking tradition.

Congrats to the Marine Staff Sgt. Wade Davis! Good job!

Some Farkers can be real farkers.
2004-07-11 6:21:29 PM  
Now want this steak!
2004-07-11 6:30:31 PM  
I thought people from Utah were called... well, never mind.

In other news, the Great Salt Lake really is salty.
2004-07-11 6:36:38 PM  
He's a CH-46E crew chief? Brave man. I hate riding in those damn things. Newest one in the Marine Corps was built in 1976. Can't wait till for the Osprey! (sarcasism). At least the 46 is proven, airworthy airframe.
2004-07-11 6:40:36 PM  

sarcasism? is that like narcissism? :P
2004-07-11 7:05:36 PM  
The truth has been spoken <:)
2004-07-11 7:25:49 PM  
vorstryke writes: Connecticutaceans?

Back when I lived in Connecticut, I recall hearing that the governor at the time (Lowell Weicker) had commissioned a study on what people from Connecticut should be called. After six months and thousands of dollars, the commission returned the verdict that people from Connecticut should be called "people from Connecticut".

I have no idea whether it's true or not, but it sounded pretty accurate for the way CT government worked in those days...

Though most "people from Connecticut" just said "Connecticutians" (kuh-NET-ih-KYOO-shuns), at least where I was.
2004-07-11 7:32:00 PM  
Usually, and it's been a while, a title like that comes from competition. 'Marine of the Quarter'. Marine of the Base'. And so on.

Pretty impressive stuff, considering this guy went to combat, AND mastered the "garrison"-duty requirements to win such an honor.


/Too old, fat and slow to compete anymore.
//Yes, I really admire guys like this, still.
2004-07-11 7:40:39 PM  
Finally, some closure! I've ALWAYS wondered what the hell you call people from Utah. I was calling them Utards.

Godfrey: How come they don't pronounce it "ConneCTicut" instead of "ConneTicut" anyway?
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