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(ESPN)   Mike Tyson goes ape at press conference; throws punches, points at crotch and bites Lennox Lewis   ( divider line
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13080 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2002 at 2:04 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-22 02:06:26 PM  
why don't we just keep this freak in a cage until
we let him out to fight.
2002-01-22 02:07:14 PM  
in other news, the sun rose this morning and is expected to set this evening..
2002-01-22 02:08:30 PM  
He's fat and out of shape now, I hope he gets his ass kicked.
2002-01-22 02:08:47 PM  
Damn not video:(

2002-01-22 02:08:53 PM  
We need more news like this. Except in the middle of, say, presidential debates and stuff.
2002-01-22 02:09:35 PM  
we could keep him in a cage and let people poke him with a stick for a dollar and then let him loose on his opponent. *shudder* Poor bastard (his opponent).
2002-01-22 02:09:35 PM  
Put him and OJ in a round room together.
2002-01-22 02:09:39 PM  
He needs the Hannibal Lector gear to be transported around.
2002-01-22 02:09:49 PM  
wait wait....MIKE TYSON......goes APE.....anyone else see that??
2002-01-22 02:09:57 PM  
Is this the same dude who is paying to turn in a Mexican?
2002-01-22 02:09:57 PM  
Are you sure it's not "punches ape, points at Lennox Lewis and bites crotch"? Just wondering.
2002-01-22 02:10:45 PM  
2002-01-22 02:11:14 PM  
... when the dust had settled, France had surrendered; made Tyson President-for-Life
2002-01-22 02:11:44 PM  
Boxing is a joke.Wrestling which at least is not ashamed to say it is fake has a better image.
2002-01-22 02:12:17 PM  
Pull his teeth take his money then pop a cap in his ASS!
2002-01-22 02:12:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-22 02:12:41 PM  
Kkdave, he could have pulled a Lloyd Christmas and bit Lennox Lewis' crotch.
2002-01-22 02:13:44 PM  
I bet fb- could take him.
2002-01-22 02:14:03 PM  
CNN showed the video a little while ago...classic shiznit
2002-01-22 02:15:13 PM  
He should go into Ultimate Fighting.

Now that I would pay to see.
2002-01-22 02:18:32 PM  
Ya, Ya, but did he declare Jihad on Lewis?
2002-01-22 02:18:34 PM  
In a world where a guy gets more money than I'll ever see to punch someone for about an hour, I have a hard time having sympathy for anyone involved with it. But I do love my George Foreman Grill. It's Grilla-riffic!
2002-01-22 02:18:54 PM  
What a farkhead!
2002-01-22 02:20:27 PM  
Torchsong, you got that right. I cook everything, including my cereal and sofa cushions, on the Forman Grill.
2002-01-22 02:20:41 PM  
Is there ANY doubt that Tyson is FARKIN" crazy?!!!!
2002-01-22 02:21:05 PM  
I would pay a large sum of dollars to see Mike Tyson in the UFC.

Is anal rape a permissible strategy in UFC?
2002-01-22 02:21:33 PM  
Let this jackass loose in a cage of those 100 dirty Al Queda prisoners. See who comes out alive. Either way the public benefits.


Let them each have a chance to fight him one on one for their freedom! That would be cool. None of those flying carpet loving, camel-jockeys would have a chance! That is the only way Tyson could be put to good use.
2002-01-22 02:21:42 PM  
Is it me, or does he have an anger management problem?
He seems to be running out of options for gainful employment. Where do you go if you're deemed to violent for boxing? I mean besides hockey.
2002-01-22 02:23:43 PM  
mike tyson is a silly little man!
2002-01-22 02:24:14 PM  
He's just misunderstood.
2002-01-22 02:24:17 PM  
Max Load: Black people can't play hockey... Can they???

by the way, how come there aren't any quotas in the NHL?
2002-01-22 02:24:29 PM  
I can only imagine they keep this punk-ass biatch around because of all the controversy, which eventually leads to $$$ for some vampire promoter.

What a dick.
2002-01-22 02:24:42 PM  
"Tell me again about the rabbits, George"
2002-01-22 02:25:16 PM  
Staged....staged, staged, staged. Trying to build up interest in a $49.95 Pay-per-view match that'll probably last 3 rounds.

2002-01-22 02:25:36 PM  
I believe the proper term is him going apeshiat...

that guy scares me because his IQ is lower than his body fat percentage.
2002-01-22 02:25:46 PM  
Squinth Just called my Bookie to help raise some cash for the Mod. auction. The line is now nine on the Pats vs The Steel City Sallys game!
2002-01-22 02:27:11 PM  
Reminds me of the fight a few months ago aired on ESPN. before the fight started up, one guy was smiling, and firmly held onto a mike on a small tripod, just waiting to weild it around.
2002-01-22 02:27:45 PM  
I love melee's
2002-01-22 02:28:27 PM  
Other interesting versions of the tale:



2002-01-22 02:28:40 PM  
Anyone find the video?
2002-01-22 02:29:24 PM  
So it's official. Mike Tyson bites.

I mean; it's a trend and everything...

2002-01-22 02:29:33 PM  
Wow. What a surprise.
2002-01-22 02:30:35 PM  
The Nevada Athletic Commission has every reason to believe Tyson may not be mentally fit to fight.

Really? No kidding? Even if he was shiat-faced, would we really care?
2002-01-22 02:30:43 PM  
Tyson is a beast.....plain and simple. Pound for pound he is the most enteraining person in sports. I am just waiting for him to actually kill a man in the ring.......
2002-01-22 02:31:11 PM  
2002-01-22 02:33:10 PM  
a bit off topic, but I just adore seeing more of racist epithets like "camel jockey" and "towel head" and "flying carpet riders" now that we have another middle-eastern enemy. Such lyrical, evocative language... these kinds of terms really spotlight the erudition of the people who use them.
2002-01-22 02:33:28 PM  
I can't find the video!


2002-01-22 02:33:51 PM  
"Tyson allegedly bit Lewis."

BIT Lewis? What kind of a girly freak is this guy?
2002-01-22 02:34:07 PM  
anab: amen. that guy is a monster. still i'd like to see him just get toyed with for 3 rounds, then knocked the fark out.

later in life will mike
1) go back to prison?
2) kill himself some which way or the other?
3) become an "outspoken militant" preaching about the evil white man?
4) all of the above?
2002-01-22 02:34:15 PM  
How old is Tyson?
I remember watching him fight in 1983.
(When he was unbeatable)
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