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(CBC)   Canadian military wants to help out in Afghanistan, but lacks enough planes to fly troops over   ( cbc.ca) divider line
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2002-01-22 12:16:21 AM  
Ah yes, the boarding of the commercial transport. That lack of sealift capability is far more embarrassing than not having heavy transport aircraft given Canada's history as a maritime power. We had 450 ships in service during the Second World War. In the fifties we actually had our own aircraft carrier.
2002-01-22 12:22:19 AM  
The reason we can't transport massive amounts of troops is because we aren't an imperialistic country like our neighbours to the south. We have no colonies or corporations to support.
The US military is truely imperialistic and has no defensive aspirations, hence the newly formed office of "home defense" the US military isn't interested in defending the USA. I'm sure George Washington is spinning in his grave.
2002-01-22 12:34:47 AM  
The issue isn't transporting massive amounts of troops, it's transporting any amount of troops. We have those Airbus military transports, but armoured personnel carriers don't fit in the luggage compartment very well.

I don't see how we could justify having a large military, but we should at least be able to meet treaty requirements if we want to have any influence on world events.
2002-01-22 12:51:56 AM  
Which treaty covers Bush Inc.'s 'War' on Terrorism?

what's there worth invading for?

Well, why don't you tell us? After all, one site in Alberta (the tar sands) contains more oil than all of Saudi Arabia.

Fresh water? Trees? What else?

There's a reason Canada is, and has been for decades, the US's largest trading partner.

Get your fat American heads out of your huge American asses.
2002-01-22 01:08:51 AM  
That whole fiasco with the transport ship holding Canadian vehicles was embarassing, and getting larger marine transports might be a good idea, but I am perfectly happy with are military now. What I can't believe is the dumbasses down south who are so quick to critisize Canada's contributions. Ya know, if you don't like getting into fights with so many other nations, maybe you should stop being such big dicks.
2002-01-22 01:30:29 AM  
I think the US asked the Canadians to help out cause lets face it even the mighty american war machine is starting to get stretched pretty thin. So the US will fly them in or we can contract the Russkies to do it as they still have some pretty impressive heavy lift capabilities. It's really a non issue except for the political opposition.
2002-01-22 03:07:16 AM  
Our army may suck big time. But our hockey team rocks! And thats all that really matters.
2002-01-22 03:39:57 AM  
All you icewanks are just jealous because your money is worth shiat compared to the dollar.

Shut up or I'll buy Banff from the queen.
2002-01-22 03:45:27 AM  
Would the States really help Canada if Canada was attacked? I used to think so but now I realize it would take them about 10 years to realize Canada was attacked. ;)

It would be nice to have a better (read:a lot better) military but I'm not going to vote for G.I Joe for that sole reason. Hopefully somebody balanced will come along.
2002-01-22 07:04:13 AM  
Even though terrorism is a global issue, the terrorist's biggest beef is with the U.S. and Britain, not Canada. We should provide logistical support like we did in in the Gulf War. Our troops being in Afghanistan is just a show of support at this point. Afghanistan has been taken under control so there is little chance Canadians will see any real action, just pockets of the last remaining resistance.

We may end up going to the next target with the U.S. Somalia or Iraq perhaps?
2002-01-22 10:25:32 AM  
Canada has an army?

They need planes big enough for the horses I bet.
2002-01-22 11:41:52 AM  
Anyone who thinks that the US military is "being stretched thin" right now needs a swift kick in the ass.

The Canadian military is well trained with adequate manpower. The problem is the military budget. Our dipshiat liberal Govn't hasn't givin the military enough money to buy the new state-of-the-art equipment that is necessary for modern warfare (ie: desert Camo). The problem isn't so much the weapons that we have, its the equipment required to maintain and support the equipment in the field and the troops that operate it. Things like Military Transports for heavy equipment (Coyote APCs, TANKS, Etc) and Helicoptors (Those Seakings are too farking old and half don't work). Although our navy could be a little larger.
Canada isn't worried about being attacked simply because we know the US will defend North America because it is in the US best intrest to do so (19% of all American imports are canadian making us the US largest trading partner. Most of the imports are necessaties such as, Energy, Petroleum, Wood, Meat, Grain) To say that canada has nothing to offer is asinine. Canada consists of more then half of North America which means that we have more natural resources then any other country in the world.

If anyone was actually interested in why the white house is white, it is because we TORCHED it after we kicked the piss out of you in 1812 when you tried to invade.
2002-01-22 11:43:55 AM  
It was subsequently Painted white after it was rebuilt. I am willing to be most americans don't learn this in school
2002-01-22 12:07:33 PM  
MORE proof that Canada is a farking third world country.
2002-01-22 05:08:05 PM  
MORE proof that you are a fu<king BOZO.
2002-01-22 05:58:49 PM  
Alberta has more oil than all of Saudi Arabia? I gotta call shennannigans on you here.

If that's true, why is the US sending its money halfway around the world? Or do you mean that this alleged oil reserve in Alberta is there, but inaccessible, in which case it might as well not exist?

To the guy who said our military is stretched pretty thin: you gotta source on that? Even with Clinton's policy of raping the defense budget, we still have by far and away the most sophisticated and expansive armed forces in the world. Those carrier battle groups you might have heard about? They can destroy nations. They include a nuclear carrier, three destroyers, two missile cruisers, a battleship, two nuclear hunter/killer submarines, and support vessels. Eighty five percent of the world's population is within reach of a single one of them, and the US has twelve.

On a side note, has anyone read Nimitz Class? Good book.
2002-01-22 06:37:22 PM  
TheTick, I agree with you totally, a small, quick special ops team would be perfect for small scale operations that need highly trained soldiers. And as for Americans being asses, not all are, but the US seems to have a bad reputation almost every where they have been. Last summer I was in Germany, and of course, as I crossed the street, some guy yelled "American shiathead" at me, so I pointed out the Canadian flag on my shirt, and he kindly said he was sorry, and promptly bought be lunch.... :)
2002-01-22 08:41:06 PM  
Personally, I've always thought Canadians were hypersensative about criticism of their country. That's what makes them so much fun to bait by saying things like, "Yeah no terrorist will attack your country. Who wants to blow himself up just to take out a toque factory." and "We're eventually going to let the illegal Mexican's just go straight up to your country."
2002-01-22 11:58:28 PM  
Athabasca Tar Sands.
Go do your homework.
To answer your other question: 'vested interest' and 'strategic presence'.
2002-01-23 12:09:57 AM  
If anyone was actually interested in why the white house is white, it is because we TORCHED it after we kicked the piss out of you in 1812 when you tried to invade. It was subsequently Painted white after it was rebuilt. I am willing to be most americans don't learn this in school

It's a good thing, too, because it isn't true. The White House was referred to by that name well before 1812, although it didn't come into common usage until the latter half of the 19th century. I hope they teach mroe than urban legends up in Canadian schools!

And of course we left a few smoldering matches in Toronto, but it's not something we worry about 200 years later.

The most that canada can say is that they captured Detroit (and Chicago?) for a few weeks (and i'm not even sure if that was Canadians or British). But Washington was burned by the British, not Canadians -- they were land and naval forces sent over after the defeat of Napolean, nobody marched from Canada to Washington. It never got further north than Washington because the British didn't take Fort McHenry (in the battle that inspired our national anthem, which is the only reason anyone in the US remembers the war of 1812 in the first place!)...
2002-01-23 12:13:05 AM  
If that's true, why is the US sending its money halfway around the world? Or do you mean that this alleged oil reserve in Alberta is there, but inaccessible, in which case it might as well not exist?

It's inaccessible for now, which is why canada talks about it so much. If they could get the oil out cheaply, they wouldn't bring up the subject so much. But possibly in 50-100 years or so it could be really important, then at least the US military won't have to travel so far to defend the oil :)
2002-01-23 12:43:06 AM  
...and of course Cheshire_cat_sf is correct, we only love to taunt canadians because they really get into it. :)

I tell ya, Ottowa's the only place i've ever been where even the bouncers are polite!...
2002-01-23 04:25:17 PM  
that's OttAwa
2002-01-23 06:19:32 PM  
Actually, we DID torch the White House.... And how many of you took Canadian-anything in school? We get to learn about the American business!! Weee!!! No wonder I sleep in Social.....
2002-01-24 06:33:19 AM  
Well you are a bit more informed than your typical yank.
But athabasca is becoming economically viable. They have to extract the oil from the sand, so it's a technology issue, not an accesibility issue.
Your time estimate is also off, because with oil at prices like we had last may, production was viable. Although they're a bit low now, new refineries and pipelines are being built. Be happy. Buy a SUV.
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