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(CBC)   Canadian military wants to help out in Afghanistan, but lacks enough planes to fly troops over   ( divider line
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2417 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2002 at 7:12 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-21 07:21:08 PM  
Shouldn't this have the "obvious" tag?
2002-01-21 07:24:30 PM  
"In an operation of this magnitude there are always some problems."

This isn't just some problem that mystically appeared out of nowhere. If you don't have enough planes to fly your people over you SHOULD farkING KNOW ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU MAKE A PROMISE YOU HAVE A DIFFICULT TIME KEEPING. The Canadian Military is undermanned and underequiped to deal with any of the situations present in modern warfare. The only reason we (I am canadian) are sending troops in the first place is to feel more important then we really are because our Government is slowly castrating the Military by raping thier budget and trying to please everyone.
2002-01-21 07:29:59 PM  
should be "obvious, eh?"
2002-01-21 07:30:56 PM  
Call Delta Ticket Reservations.
2002-01-21 07:32:42 PM  
Just pack 'em up in Dry Ice and ship 'em Fed Ex. They're Canadians...they're use to the cold.
2002-01-21 07:42:32 PM  
Let the Americans fight their own fu
Nobody attacked Canada.

fark 'em.
2002-01-21 07:42:33 PM  
All hail the might of the Canadian Royal Air Force and the Universal Troops a.k.a. Mountys.
2002-01-21 07:46:24 PM  
Tucci needs to eat shiat
2002-01-21 07:55:08 PM  
You need to eat Tucci.
2002-01-21 08:08:28 PM  
Heh, Canada.
Tucci, no we don't, thanks.
2002-01-21 08:10:51 PM  
Thats right, let America fight its own wars, good thing that wasnt Americas attitude towards others in the 1940s, eh.
2002-01-21 08:12:08 PM  
Why would anyone attack Canada anyway? Theres nothing of significant value there and they're certainly not a world power. They're pretty generic actually.
2002-01-21 08:13:52 PM  
Those silly Canadians. It's the thought that counts.
2002-01-21 08:17:46 PM  

America watched Canada and Britain fight the Axis for over 2 years before Pearl Harbor happened and America declared war.

You need to read your history, fool.

Check out
2002-01-21 08:25:03 PM  
gotta love that old attitude of Isolationisim. Remeber that Americans? you know the policy of not getting involved in anything else, being slef absorbed, oh wait, i think you guys remember the self absorbed part.
2002-01-21 08:26:36 PM  
however, i must admit the government has screwed a once fine military over. bastards.
2002-01-21 08:26:58 PM  
You know as much about Canada and our economic power as you do about WWII.
Go back to school.
If you're still in school, start paying attention.
2002-01-21 08:28:51 PM  
Canadians donated $2,000,000 to the Red Cross after the attacks. Now they feel they need to commit troops?!?

The US already has a gawd-awful amount of troops there, I vote they keep there troops local and focus on helping America find a way to get Curious George, the Village Idiot, out of Washington DC.

At some point this summer, this American feels he owes a trip to Canada to spends some turist dollars and say thanks for the support.
2002-01-21 08:32:41 PM  
No reason to hate us Canucks, we're only trying to help.

And Yamas, there is quite a bit of valuable natural resources in Canada, actually quite a bit that you Yanks want
2002-01-21 08:36:37 PM  
ya ya ya. The liberals have been in government for 9 years and you expect our military to be good? Don't get me wrong our troops have a lot of sack and we have proved that many times throughout our history (we have NEVER lost a war we fought in), but out of the countries in NATO I think we are second last in military spending/GDP right now....
2002-01-21 08:39:42 PM  
Not sure if it mentioned it in the article, but our troops also don't have enough money to wear the proper camoflage, we only have Green, when Desert tan is needed. Hey Jean Poutine, spend some cash on our deserving troops!
2002-01-21 08:51:55 PM  
Will 750 troops make that much of a difference?
Hmmm..while I'm on the topic...Does Canada's involvement with anything ever make a difference?

Oh wait, Canada sold weapons to Middle Eastern countries.....
2002-01-21 08:56:49 PM  
X39 you're too ignorant to reply too. I'll leave it at that.
2002-01-21 09:00:27 PM  
Canada surrenders?
2002-01-21 09:01:20 PM  
Canadians: We appreciate your attitude and help. But we would like to ask you to do something that only you can do. STOP THE TERRORISTS FROM COMING THROUGH YOUR LAND. :)
2002-01-21 09:06:45 PM  
haha X39, get an education
2002-01-21 09:07:10 PM  
First of all, those buggers trained in Florida and then caught planes in Boston. I hardly think Canada is more of a haven for terrorists than the US is. Second, as a Canadian, if a govt. makes a commitment to assist in international affairs then they should bloody well be prepared to back-up the offer. Man, how embarassing.
2002-01-21 09:09:26 PM  
yep i totaly agree Clooch
2002-01-21 09:10:35 PM  
Anyone have the statistic of how much of Cananda's exports are bought by the USA? I know its pretty high, especially compared to the amount of exports they buy from us. They can't send 750 troops over without our help?

Sorry, I went too far on my Boobies. Just kinda mad that Canada can't deliver.
2002-01-21 09:10:56 PM  
Why are all you people against Canada? Sure, we dont have a very good miltary, but we DO have the BEST farking beer out there!!
2002-01-21 09:23:57 PM  
In the end, Canada has military commitments that it cannot meet -- the Candian gov't has been lying to its allies and to the world for years.

I am not talking about the present conflict, but Canada's commitment to NATO -- a hollow shell if there ever was one. But, then again, the enpty promise is probably true of all a of NATO, but for the US of A.

Swordfish, exclusive of Carling Black Label :)
2002-01-21 09:24:52 PM  
...buncha rifle-droppers
2002-01-21 09:25:03 PM  
Einhander beat me to it! Oh well.

Besides, can't we all get along??? America helps Canada, Canada helps America. Isn't the old saying "two heads are better than one" applied here? And besides, if Canada was ever attacked and wasn't supported, they'd be, how the Canadians say, farked. It's in Canada's best interest to stay friendly with America.

*Backs off slowly*
2002-01-21 09:25:33 PM  
This whole sucky military thing is stupid. For a country of 33 million to try to have the same weapons capabilities as the US is ridiculous. I am not saying that Canada's military doesn't have problems, but why would the military spend a shiatload of money on huge transport planes to fly 750 people half way around the world. We're not a major military power, and I have no problem accepting that!

And about Canada letting terrorists into the US. Next time one of your buildings blows up, tell your planes they can farking land somewhere else.

2002-01-21 09:25:44 PM  
strong beer, that is.

PS - fark the Liberals
2002-01-21 09:25:54 PM  
Help them we long as someone cleans up after the horses!
[image from too old to be available]
I'm practicin' up for the contest, you know!
2002-01-21 09:39:37 PM  
Paul19, "For a country of 33 million to try to have the same weapons capabilities as the US is ridiculous."

Absolutely agree with you. However, that being said, it is well within Canada's capability to focus on one aspect of warefare and then stick with it: does Canada need an Air Force and a Navy? Pehaps it would be best if they established a small, and mobile quick reaction force for special ops type missions and just left the heavy lifting to the USofA -- admit to limitations and participate where they can and ask for assistance where they cannot.
2002-01-21 09:54:58 PM  
farking guys. "Sucky military?" the problem isnt our troops. they they aim a gun and fire jsut fine. its the lack of money to buy expensive equpment. canadian military arent struggling to to find people with the mental abilities to fly a farkinhg airplaine, its they are having problems comming up with the money to buy an airplaine. cut the shiat about our military being useless. america has 10 times as people people as Canada. and therefor should technicaly make 10 times as much as us. and ofcourse when we do buy airplanes its in USD making the price 30% higher again.

farking sheep. think
2002-01-21 09:58:36 PM  
Ahhhh are you guys forgetting that Canada has already sent a bunch of ships over? And I could be wrong, but I think Canadian troops are already on the ground in Afghanistan.
Despite that, making a promise you can't keep puts us all to shame, Chretien.
2002-01-21 10:02:45 PM  
Why don't you all just shut the hell up about who's better. Kinda getting of on a tangent aren't we? Who cares what country is better (for the answer is obvious anyway, US). Why don't you focus more on who is truly to blame rather than petty differences? Damn. I mean, even you Canadians have to admit, it is kinda funny how Canada commits troops but then has no way to get them there. And people that feel nothing for the people who died. Regardless of what country events such as those that occured on 9/11 would have taken place in, you can't just say "oh it not us, so who cares." But anyways.

(Some of the above doesn't make sense but I don't want to edit it)

A Question: Why is there Canadian bacon but not Mexican bacon?
2002-01-21 10:22:07 PM  
u just canceled any validity of your statement with your first set of brackets. kudos, u just typed nothing
2002-01-21 10:42:04 PM  
Better/worse, tougher/weaker, who cares. Both Canada and the US have been international embarassments at one point or another, like the US getting it's ass kicked by Vietnam and its own hippie population. Better yet, just ask a historian why the White House is white.
2002-01-21 10:43:53 PM  
no shiat
2002-01-21 10:55:08 PM  
2002-01-21 11:18:30 PM  
send em over by dog team eh?
2002-01-21 11:45:56 PM  
At least the Liberals have partly made up for it by putting up the money to restore the Haida.

(That destroyer rotting away in Toronto at Ontario Place - a ship with an amazing WWII record).
2002-01-21 11:46:06 PM  
I would go over and help but my igloo is frozen shut a.nd m....y comp..uter i....s freeze.
2002-01-21 11:50:56 PM  
This is hardly a new problem, and one Canada has faced for years and years. I don't know why they keep committing troops (which they have plenty of) to operations which require transport out of canada (of which they have virtually no capability aside from the kindness of the US Navy).

Or have we all forgotten already that a a year and a half ago Canadian forces had to forcibly capture a commercial transport ship in international waters just to get back their own tanks and men because they had no other way to get them back from Europe?...
2002-01-22 12:09:38 AM  
I don't know why Canada has a military at all. Lord knows, if anyone ever invaded, the US military would intervene and beat back whoever it was. Hell, like the Canadian military could stop anyone anyway.

No one is dumb enough to invade Canada because 1) They are pretty much the 51st US state, and 2) what's there worth invading for?
2002-01-22 12:14:50 AM  
I bet they'd be all over it if the US was after Snidely Whiplash instead of Osama bin Laden.
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