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(BBC)   Civil war, volcano, now poisoned water. Living in Congo continues to suck   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2002-01-21 04:30:28 PM  
Oh c'mon now, its not like we're talking about New Jersey here.
2002-01-21 04:31:57 PM  
When the best thing you have going for you is Dikembe Mtumbo ... well, beats living in Burundi.
2002-01-21 04:39:30 PM  
I have a congo african grey parrot, and he's happy to have gotten the hell out of there.
2002-01-21 04:56:36 PM  
At least there aren't grey killer gorillas running around protecting blue diamond mines
2002-01-21 04:57:59 PM  
Monroe Kelly: I'm your great white hunter, but I happen to be black.
2002-01-21 05:34:51 PM  
Boy, the suffering of other people sure is funny!

2002-01-21 05:35:46 PM  
Isn't news supposed to be about events that are, well, "new"?

Living in the Congo has pretty much sucked for ages...
2002-01-21 05:36:39 PM  
the UN sending how many frigging tons of food to them? um.... isn't THIS country in a recession or something? I dunno, but shouldn't we be sending that food to the americans that are.... uh-oh... i'd best shut up, or I may be labeled a complainer/baby/troll/biatch/something....
*scratches his head*
i'm kinda sick of this actually...
ya know - I posted a comment on sa.. WITH an opinion... and DIDN'T get chastised or attacked for it!
there is a real message board with opinions enabled on this intraweb thingy after all!
2002-01-21 05:48:35 PM  
Are they Hutu or are they Tutsi? If they are Hutu then they deserve to die a horrible death, if they are Tutsi then they are among the Lord?s children and their passing must be mourned by all on pain of d... Wait. I got that wrong, the good guys are Tutsi, and the bad guys are Hutu. Obviously.
2002-01-21 06:10:54 PM  

Since when is the UN American?
2002-01-21 11:41:27 PM  
Yeah, but oooooh the boobies....
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