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2004-07-06 10:28:13 AM  
I just want somebody to vote for. Is that SO HARD?!? I get the devil I know versus the devil I'm getting to know. Its like picking a foot to shoot.

Oh, and can somebody come up with a new election logo? The Name over Name with year plus tiny flag is tired.
2004-07-06 10:28:20 AM  

I guess I meant "Vote Libertarian" if that is what represents your views. You did state you belong to no party, so my post may have seemed strange without correction.
2004-07-06 10:28:29 AM  

What do I do?!?

Get a life.
2004-07-06 10:28:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-07-06 10:29:04 AM  
Personally I would have loved to see Wes Clark as the VP choice. Hopefully Kerry will pick him as his Sec. of State.
2004-07-06 10:29:10 AM  
GreenLight: How can one have serious thoughts about pure speculation? The idea of an "October Surprise" presumes that the Bush side is predisposed to lying about something. I think they are no more or less inclined to lie than any other American political faction. It is just that their lies are associated with actions of greater import. Clinton lied under oath about sex with an intern after being hounded for years in a witch hunt. Bush has been less-than-truthful (IMO) about motives for invading Iraq.

Invading Iraq is just a tiny bit more momentous than dallying with an intern.

One hears lots of speculation about the "capture of bin Laden" or terror attacks. Though I am no fan of Bush, I seriously doubt that Bush would deliberately allow a terror attack just to get elected. Such a conspiracy would be hard to keep covert as it would necessarily involve many people.

Any speculation about bin Laden is, well, speculation. Some think he's dead, some think Bush will spring him in October. Some think he's loose somewhere in South Asia.

I think he's loose somewhere in South Asia. Bush would love to see him captured or killed in October, but there is no reason to believe we can capture or kill him now any more than any time in the last three years. If he is dead in some collapsed Tora Bora cave, he is useless as a political tool because his corpse is unobtainable, and therefore unprovable.

Like I said earlier: there is one faction you can count on to attempt something spectacular to influence the election: The mujahedin of Iraq.
2004-07-06 10:30:19 AM  
Don't worry, folks... I'm sure Drudge will find some way to insinuate that it's still all Bill or Hillary's doing...

On a side note, I'm glad to see that Edwards is actually being discussed more in this thread than the Clintons. Not much more, mind you, but more.
2004-07-06 10:30:23 AM

Cheney rips Kerry over vote on flag burning
Vice President Dick Cheney attacked Sen. John Kerry on Saturday for past votes against a ban on flag burning as the Bush-Cheney campaign opened a broad assault on the Democrat's record on social issues.
2004-07-06 10:30:26 AM  
Actually statistics show that as one becomes more educated they gradually progress towards the Republican Party more than they do the Democratic party. The lowest income, least educated Americans heavily favor the Democratic Party.

Not entirely true. From an AEI report dated August 9, 2003: "Students of voting behavior have noticed a 'class inversion' in recent years. Generally speaking, the better educated a voter is, the more likely that voter is to be a Republican--until the education level reaches 'graduate degree.' Among the best-educated Americans, liberal social values overtake conservative class interests."
2004-07-06 10:30:45 AM  
fisherman62's BIO
Bio: the only way to save our nation is to require the chemical castration of all republican party members.
we can't afford to let these people breed.
The only things republicans are good for is making soylent green. Though the shorter ones make handy spitoons when you've got a big wad of chew in your cheek.

Fisherman62--- What does democracy mean to you?? Everyone who agrees with you lives, everyone else is evil... Talk about a hateful person primed and ready for a totalitarian state. Why should anyone take what you say seriously?
/registered libertarian
2004-07-06 10:30:47 AM  
The sooner we get Shrub Jr. out of office the better. I'm totally satisfied with the Kerry/Edwards ticket.

If Bush "wins" again....we really are all doomed.
2004-07-06 10:30:55 AM  
2004-07-06 10:25:55 AM spelunking_defenestrator

"But, but...

Rush said he was picking Hillary!?! WHAT DO I DO?!?"

Did we forget the "/sarcasm" tag? Or is this a troll?
2004-07-06 10:31:29 AM  
Cheddar Pants
You said "And on a side note, what presidential election has ever been decided based an the VP candidate. I bet you can't name the running mate of the last five losers of Federal elections. Okay, Bush lost the election in 2000. His running mate was Dick Cheney."

I am so sick of people saying Bush lost the 2000 election. Get over it, he won. The supreme court didn't let people decide if a small indentation was "intent" to vote when a complete hole was punched through next to it. People cheat and lie, machines don't. Bush won, barely, but he won. Get over it.
2004-07-06 10:31:52 AM  

$100,000 is a fantasy number. The average malpractice premium is varied by specialty, but even OB/Gyn's only average $48K in California, the most expensive state. A doctor of internal medicine pays well under $10K/year. Source
2004-07-06 10:32:03 AM  

what? settle down spaz. i was making fun of you for saying your company didnt know it was killing people. it destroyed the health of generations so they sued. that is what happens when your product poisons the population dumbass.
2004-07-06 10:32:16 AM  
Who is John Edwards?

KERRY, 1/18/04: 'I don't even know if John Edwards was out of diapers'...​2&en=bb9 c31d71d7a22ed&ex=1089345600&partner=GOOGLE&pagewanted=print&position=

Chris Heinz: 'I think we may need someone with stronger credentials on foreign policy'...
2004-07-06 10:33:13 AM  
WeTheSheeple: No. Don't vote for a third party if you live in a state that's in the race. Whatever you do, don't let John Kerry win your state if it is close.

If you live in one of the state will surely go to Kerry or Bush then vote for your third party.
2004-07-06 10:33:18 AM  
The whole point with the shiat that I was saying is that we got sales tax, state tax, federal tax. That shiat adds up. The government doesn't give any credit to the foundation (CAPITALISTS) of this country who are trying to save up dough doing wage labour so they can eventually participate in the economy in an effective way. What do they want us to do? Goto some socialist college, learn to be a farking slave for the rest of our lives? It's ridiculous and worst of all is that the people against it who could be doing the most good are idealogically so farked in the head that they are spouting marxist views instead of just reforming the imbalance. Capitalism works. The majority of these new politicians are not self made men they're spoonfed biatches who know absolutely nothing about how the system is supposed to work and everything about corrupting it in there favour.
2004-07-06 10:34:02 AM  
To make it simple, He who robs from Peter to give to Paul will always have the support of Paul.

...and he who ignores Peter's responsibility to Paul will always have the support of Peter
2004-07-06 10:34:13 AM  
Kerry could pick a rock to run as his running mate, I'd still vote for him. Cheney, picked a monkey, and a lot of people still voted for him. If you packaged turds in an attractive collector's limited edition NASCAR crock pot, a few million people would buy it anyway.

In the absence of someone I really believe in, I stick to the idea that a vote for Kerry is the same as a vote of no confidence for Bush. I would prefer a stronger candidate, from EITHER party.

I know, some will claim that is irresponsible, but it's my vote and you can fark yourself. As if voting for Bush isn't irresponsible.
2004-07-06 10:34:13 AM  
2004-07-06 10:23:53 AM setaanbomb

St.Alfonzo said "I'm guessing you're one of those highly educated conservatives who form the baseline support of the Republican Party, huh?"

No. I'm a libertarian with no formal education whatsoever.

Well, I'm shocked at this news.
2004-07-06 10:34:22 AM  
2004-07-06 10:30:23 AM Cyansis

Cheney rips Kerry over vote on flag burning
Vice President Dick Cheney attacked Sen. John Kerry on Saturday for past votes against a ban on flag burning as the Bush-Cheney campaign opened a broad assault on the Democrat's record on social issues.

Banning flag burning is soooooo 1991. Get this... The most respectful method of retiring a flag that has become worn and thin, the method the United States military incineration. Of course Kerry voted against that bullshiat. Kerry's pro-military.
2004-07-06 10:34:29 AM  
Cyansis: Is that what they're reduced to? "...a broad assault on the Democrat's record on social issues...?"

Pathetic. Unfortunately, these yellow attacks on people over "social issues" actually DO resonate with the shambling Neanderthalers among us (no offense intended to Neanderthal Man, who was evidently quite intelligent).
2004-07-06 10:34:42 AM  
Kerry Attacked Edwards Maturity And Experience; When I Came Back From VietnamI Dont Know If John Edwards Was Out Of Diapers Then. In the Senate four years and that is the full extent of public life no international experience, no military experience, you can imagine what the advertising is going to be next year, Mr. Kerry said. With a grin, he added: When I came back from Vietnam in 1969 I dont know if John Edwards was out of diapers then. Well, Im sure he was out of diapers. (Adam Nagourney and Jim Rutenberg, With Hopes Up And Elbows Out, Democrats Give Iowa Their All, The New York Times, 1/19/04)

Kerry Attacked Edwards Experience. I think the American people want an experienced hand at the helm of state, said Kerry, who has spent 19 years in the Senate compared with Edwards five. This is not the time for on-the-job training in the White House on national security issues. (Mark Z. Barabak, Diverse States May Reshape The Democratic Race Today, Los Angeles Times, 2/3/04)

Kerry Blasted Edwards Lack Of Military And Foreign Policy Experience. Kerry took aim at Edwardss lack of military and foreign policy experience while responding to Edwardss comment that both candidates shared similar plans to rebuild Iraq. Well, I think he would like it to be that way, said Kerry, a decorated veteran, but I think I have 35 years of experience in international security, foreign policy, and military affairs, and I think that makes an enormous difference here. I think that the world is looking for leadership that is tested and sure. (Raja Mishra, Edwards And Kerry Emphasize Contrasts, The Boston Globe, 2/23/04)

Kerry Mocked Edwards Ambitious Nature After Only One Term In Elective Office. The veteran senator also questioned the former trial lawyers pursuit of the presidency after less than one term in elective office. And people call me ambitious? a Globe reporter once overheard Kerry asking an aide. (Glen Johnson, Once a Rival, Edwards Staying Close to Kerry, The Boston Globe, 6/10/04)

Kerrys Stepson Voiced Concern Over Edwards Foreign Policy Credentials. Kerry is likely to name a running mate within two weeks, [Chris] Heinz said, offering no inside information. I was very pro-[North Carolina Sen. John] Edwards in the spring, he said. But now I think we may need someone with stronger credentials on foreign policy. (Jack Kelly, Chris Heinz On The Stump In City For Stepdad, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/17/04)
2004-07-06 10:35:13 AM  

I agree with you on all points except one. I don't think we should allow any of our leaders to pick and choose which issues they must tell the truth about and which ones they can lie about.

I agree that Bush would have paraded Bin Laden the millisecond he caught him. He is always in need of a "success" story.
2004-07-06 10:35:47 AM  
StraitAces --
"...and he who ignores Peter's responsibility to Paul will always have the support of Peter"

Peter has no responsibility to Paul as I have no responsibility to you.
2004-07-06 10:35:55 AM  
magneto_combo said If Bush "wins" again....we really are all doomed.

Doomed to what? An end to terrorism? Lower taxes? More economic freedom? The destruction of the progresslaves?

Give me doom.
2004-07-06 10:35:56 AM  

Personally I would have loved to see Wes Clark as the VP choice

You would want someone who suspended posse commitatus and used Federal Troops and equpiment against American Citizens. He was the commander at Fort Hood and supplied Janet Reno's thugs with the APC's and the people to operate them. True it was against David Koresh and his group, but still.

But Bush is a Nazi......riiiight
2004-07-06 10:36:02 AM  
Ad hom firecracker is more like it. I'm not moving. I prefer to fight stupidity from the inside. Where do you live?

BTW, are you a delivery driver for "Steak Out?" I was trying to figure out your screen name.
2004-07-06 10:36:15 AM  
1998: Yitzhak Who? One evening while he was campaigning for the Senate in North Carolina, Edwards was faced with a choice of several events he might attend. An advance man suggested, Maybe we ought to go to the reception for Leah Rabin Edwards responded, Whos she? Yitzhak Rabins widow, replied the aide. Who was he? asked Edwards. (Charles Peters, Tilting At Windmills, Washington Monthly, 6/1/03)
2004-07-06 10:37:00 AM  

Voting against a ban on flag burning is a good thing. Don't limit free speech, that's unamerican. Besides, how do you define a flag? Do those mini-flags that people stick on burgers and cupcakes count?

2004-07-06 10:37:07 AM  
Asked About Situation In Afghanistan, Edwards Said His Response Would Be To Show Leadership. NBCs TIM RUSSERT: Let me turn to Afghanistan, and put on the board again your comments in Florida that I asked Secretary Powell about: The rest of the country is going right back to chaos, right back to where it was under the Taliban. Words are important. Do you believe Afghanistan is going back to right where it was under the Taliban? SEN. EDWARDS: I believe if we dont do something about it, theres an enormous potential for that happening, because this is whats occurring. General Powell mentioned a national army. Were two years from having a national army. Theres an interim government there. Weve gone over there, weve fought the war, we got rid of the Taliban. And right now, we have a 4,500 international peacekeeping force, small in size, located just to the area around Kabul. And everyone knows--I mean, I sit on the Intelligence Committee, Tim. Everyone knows there are huge parts of Afghanistan that are not secure, not in control. RUSSERT: So what would you do, send thousands of more American troops? EDWARDS: No. RUSSERT: What would you do? EDWARDS: No. What I would do is show leadership. I would go to our allies and say, This peacekeeping force--we fought the war. We did it. You are our allies. This peacekeeping force needs to be expanded. We need to go to our allies, show leadership, ask them to expand the peacekeeping force not only in size, but in scope. Because if we dont do something about this, Tim, weve got warlords out there. There are also drug lords. And its important to remember as we fight the war on drugs--which we do every single day in this country--that Afghanistan is an enormous source for heroin for all the world, including our country are our allies. (NBCs Meet The Press, 5/5/02)
2004-07-06 10:37:29 AM  

Look at this poll... sure seems like a landslide alright.

2004-07-06 10:38:04 AM  
Edwards Declines Foreign Leader Quiz. MSNBCs CHRIS MATHEWS: And back in the last presidential election, a Boston TV reporter, Andy Hill, asked the president -- presidential candidate George W Bush if he could name the four world leaders of four hot spots around the world. They were Chechnya, Taiwan, Pakistan, India. Do you think that was a fair set of questions to put to a guy running for president? SEN. EDWARDS: No. MATTHEWS: Do you think it would be a fair question to put to you right now? EDWARDS: No. Absolutely not. MATTHEWS: So you dont want to go that route? That was the option you have. I have the answers here, if you wanted to try, but since you dont want to try, well move on. If you -- Are you sure? You dont want to answer these questions? I know you know at least one of them. You know whos head of... EDWARDS: Lets dont go there. (MSNBCs Hardball, 10/13/03)
2004-07-06 10:38:39 AM  
America is a has-been, a farkin joke, the experiment is getting farked up and the vast majority are so out of touch its senseless to try to bring it up. All that is discussed is completely trivial bullshiat, lies and propaganda, truth is rarely deciphered. We need transparency in our government. We need to control them. Not the other way around.
2004-07-06 10:39:03 AM  
yourgodsapussy: Haha. You're blaming me for selling poisons to man? This planet has been giving man poisons for free for ages. So I suppose that if I just didn't charge any money for tobacco then you'd be cool with it. On the lighter side, if I didn't charge for them I wouldn't have any money to pay Trial Lawyers Inc.

But I want the money. I have to pay for my marine animal killing Yacht.
2004-07-06 10:39:19 AM  
BigTuna: Wow, I didn't know that. I better go find some research that is three years old to challenge that.

Actually, three years old is pretty new for "research" (as opposed to polls). I haven't checked wtf you two are talking about, so if it's actually a poll then... my bad.
2004-07-06 10:39:26 AM  
Here's an idea...lets wait until after the election, then hold a post mortem on that....

2004-07-06 10:39:34 AM  
Does anyone really care about VP? Is anyone voting for Bush because Cheney is on the ticket, or rather isn't voting for him because of Cheney?
2004-07-06 10:39:36 AM  

Try looking at today's updated numbers not old and busted news for a change.
2004-07-06 10:39:38 AM  
Give me doom.

2004-07-06 10:39:39 AM  
Uh, has anybody ever actually done any of their own research on the medical malpractice lawsuit canard?

Awards are falling throughout the nation, but not one insurance company has ever made any move to alter their rates. Not one insurance company is even acting like reforms would cause them to lower rates, nor have they ever presented any evidence connecting their raising of rates to paying out awards.

Just last January the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said this about the link between high malpractice premiums and the availability of physicians in various specialties: "t found that many reported reductions in supply by health care providers could not be substantiated or `did not widely affect access to health care.'"

At least a little bit of facts

Just because something is often yelled, doesn't make it morally or intellectually right.
2004-07-06 10:40:06 AM  
Umm, yes. I know plenty of women that didn't know who Jack Ryan was until they saw his face plastered all over the TV. Now they tell me "He's a babe. I'd vote for him.".

I wonder if they'll actually drag their asses away from the tv and actually vote though. They obviously care nothing about politics, why would they interrupt Oprah to go cast a vote. I don't think being handsome plays that much of a role in politics. Those who would vote on looks probably don't vote.
2004-07-06 10:40:25 AM  
WeTheSheeple: I never said I like the routine lying in Washington, D.C., I just pointed out that it is indeed routine.

If more Americans actually informed themselves and voted regularly, I think it would be less prevalent. About half the people can't be bothered to take the time, though. Of the other half, maybe half are actually well-informed, while the other half simply vote based on knee-jerk prejudice and habit.
2004-07-06 10:40:36 AM  
Edwards Has Lifetime Rating Of Hostile To Taxpayers From Citizens Against Government Waste. (Citizens Against Government Waste Website,, Accessed 6/15/04)
2004-07-06 10:40:50 AM  
It doesn't matter. Bush will win anyway, even with the ultra-liberal media showing Kerry's face all over the place.
2004-07-06 10:40:58 AM  

Bush has no experience with any of this either, and HE'S THE PRESIDENT, not *vice-pres* but the man in charge!

After 4 years, I am not sure if he's been paying attention when he's supposed to.

A crack addicted Meerkat would be as competant as Bush.
2004-07-06 10:41:20 AM  
I'm not big on either of the canidates running for pres. I think it would have been better to see Hilary run. She would put herself into the presidency without a second thought.
2004-07-06 10:41:29 AM  
In 2000, Edwards Voted Against Temporary Suspension Of Gasoline Tax. (S. 2285, CQ Vote #80: Motion Rejected 43-56: R 43-12; D 0-44, 4/11/00, Edwards Voted Nay)

Edwards Opposed And Blocked The Bipartisan Energy Bill. (Eric Slater, Edwards Opposed And Blocked The Bipartisan Energy Bill, Los Angeles Times, 2/25/04)

Edwards Opposed Free Trade Agreements Such As NAFTA. EDWARDS: I myself have been against NAFTA because of the damage its doing to our economy, against the other trade agreements that I dont believe incorporate fair trade elements that need to be there. (CNNs Larry King Live, 2/3/04)
2004-07-06 10:42:00 AM  
setaanbomb wrote:

LXAPNorth: Are you a trial lawyer? If not, do you work for some?

Trial lawyers care about "the poor" as much as they care about "the wealthy". If "the poor" had assets the trial lawyers could seize they'd be lined up at the trough.

"The investment" argument is another crock of shiat. Why? Because you have legal settlements of class actions suits like the one Townsend & Townsend filed against Microsoft in the state of California. You, the microsoft customer, received one $10 voucher as a discount on your next purchase of Microsoft software. Townsend & Townsend got 350 million dollars. Wowza! That sounds like good margins to me. They should go public on Wall Street and make gonzo bucks! Oh, wait, they already have gonzo bucks. fark Wall street!

My father is a trial lawyer and I'm a 3rd year law student.

As for caring about the poor or the wealthy, I don't think thats an issue. You take care of your client to the best of your ability, within the limits of the law and professional codes of conduct as best you can.

However, in my experience, I tend to see average, every day people just trying to get by as client, and thats what bugs the hell out of me. People tend to lump everyone who gets into lawsuits into two categories, the super wealthy trying to protect what they have from everyone or the poor people just trying to make a quick buck off other people. But in reality, the bulk of legal work tends to be on behalf of regular, average people with legitimate lawsuits that a jury may or may not agree with.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think there are definite problems with the legal system, but it isn't nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. Also, everyone in America is trying to make money, and I'm a little sick and tired of people slamming lawyers for doing just that, especially in instances where they're risking their own money on behalf of their clients.

As for the example you wrote, considering Microsoft's customer base is just about every computer user in the world, a $10 voucher seems pretty freaking good to me, when you multiple that by the customer base and look at the actual dollar number that consists of.

I don't see why, as you do aparently, that companies acting wrongly should just get to keep the money they made through such means. I'd rather see lawyers getting paid while attempting to keep these corporations in line, rather than giving them free reign without retribution.
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