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(Dispatch)   "Hispanic voters really are Republicans. They just don't know it yet."   ( divider line
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2212 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2002 at 9:54 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-21 09:56:42 AM  
It must have been the curly toed boots and crazy moustache.
2002-01-21 10:00:12 AM  
Wrong thread - fool!
2002-01-21 10:06:01 AM  
Wow, I don't know, Reno illegally extracting Elian might not have anything to do with this, might it?

That is all.

-Got Spider??
2002-01-21 10:14:38 AM  
Kinda like what the Democrats did to the minority voters in the 2000 presidential election... Actually, the democrats just paid the poor (or gave them cigarettes as seen in Chicago and Minnesota), left polling places open well past closing time in primarilly liberal zones (as seen in KC), tried to rig an election through countless recounts and still came out the losers.

Morons shouldnt be allowed to vote. Actually, morons shouldnt be allowed to run. Vote Republican, dont let the morons have a say.
2002-01-21 10:17:55 AM  
I swear I've seen that on a bumper sticker.
2002-01-21 10:18:06 AM  
Everyone's a herion addict, they just don't know it yet.
2002-01-21 10:28:37 AM  
Okay, which Columbus farker submitted this?
2002-01-21 10:32:49 AM  
Chemmie, there are plenty of morons on the republican side as well. A pox upon both your houses!

Of course, when it comes to lower classes, such as immigrants, republicans are often the party that better helps them (assuming they can get past the buchanan faction and get into the country in the first place) by lowering barriers to entry. So the article is probably right on the money in some ways.
2002-01-21 10:34:59 AM  
A party that wants to build a big wall along the Rio Grande and staff it with heavily-armed police whould do really well with that segment of the population.
2002-01-21 10:35:07 AM  
In the early days of the Republic, it was not uncommon to have "keggers" at election sites

"Tippecanoe and Tyler, t-...what the fark you looking at?"
2002-01-21 10:50:28 AM  
Morons like Chemmie should be shot on the site.... ;)
2002-01-21 10:57:12 AM  
"We don need no stinkin....voter registrations?"
2002-01-21 10:57:48 AM  
"everybody's been there, and I don't mean no vacation"
2002-01-21 11:18:10 AM  
In California, the most gung-ho of the local Republican organizations is in Santa Ana. Guess who runs it? From local Chairman on down? Hispanics.

From some polls I've seen, it appears that most of the LEGAL middle class and blue collar Hispanics in Santa Ana are opposed (some even heatedly) to the influx of illegals. Their view is: "Hey! I worked my butt off, and waited, to get here legally; why can't they?"

Some reasons that the legal Hispanics here are "natural" Republicans:
1) they don't believe in abortion
2) heavily family oriented
3) conservative values (their own - with some overlap - but still generically conservative in outlook)
4) they are work-oriented, as opposed to welfare-oriented (when was the last time you saw a "will work for food" Hispanic bum?
5) Vicente Fox, who is tight w/ Dubya
6) Jeb Bush's wife, who is Mexican
and, most important:
7) though most of them don't realize it yet, the Hispanics have the chance to, essentially, TAKE OVER important aspects of the Republican Party. In 10-20 years, I foresee a Republican Hispanic Machine that will put the old NY and Chicago Irish Machines to shame.
2002-01-21 11:20:28 AM  
Yup, good old liberal Columbus Dispatch! Nothin' quite so liberal as the Dispath!
2002-01-21 11:23:26 AM  
"...left polling places open well past closing time in primarilly liberal zones (as seen in KC)."

I'm in KC. Where did you get this tidbit of news?
2002-01-21 11:41:49 AM  
The clue was when they went to a Polo match and were expecting a cockfight.
2002-01-21 11:42:46 AM  
RTreynor- Wasn't me
2002-01-21 11:53:05 AM  
when was the last time you saw a "will work for food" Hispanic bum?

Come to think of it, I don't think I ever have. You'd think I'd have had plenty of chances, too, considering that I live in beautiful, sunny Tucson, AZ.
2002-01-21 11:54:45 AM  

I think he means St. Louis, and that opening didn't change anything. Holden and Carnahan didn't win off votes from one town having the polls open 2 hours.

2002-01-21 12:31:22 PM  
republicano eh? Ok give me some Bush, mamasita.
2002-01-21 12:38:09 PM  
Welcome to The Woderful World Of American Politics!
2002-01-21 12:40:04 PM  
Zoomtown: Where hypocrisy and stupidity are seen as good things!
2002-01-21 12:46:21 PM  
Que onda, VATO ?
2002-01-21 12:50:15 PM  
Woohoo! I get to be just like the whiny rightwingers! Ready? Go...

What obvious conservative media bias! The dispatch is just a fascist rag! Blah blah blah!

(sounds silly doesn't it? then give it a break. not every paper/news outlet in the US/world is liberal.)

2002-01-21 12:58:41 PM  
In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a large media company that isn't conservative.
2002-01-21 01:27:20 PM  

Morons shouldnt be allowed to vote. Actually, morons shouldnt be allowed to run. Vote Republican, dont let the morons have a say.

I agree, but then Bush and Gore would have been removed. I'm not too worried about the Republicans trying to sway more minorities to their side: especially with Bush in office. The day the Republican president learns to speak his own language, let alone another one, is the day I begin worrying.

I especially love your last part: "don't let the morons have a say.", since it goes against what America is founded on. If we stopped letting the morons having a say, perhaps we wouldn't be put into a recession every time a Republican is elected (in recent history, atleast), or we wouldn't have to put up with the whiney "the media is liberal and unfair!" and "the moon landing was faked" etc. crap (much like a 10 year old when he/she doesn't get his/her way).
2002-01-21 01:32:34 PM  
Hey, I'm not a moron, I'm merely not sane.
2002-01-21 01:36:38 PM  
I didn't know I was a republican... hmm..

Oh, and umm... not all Hispanics are Mexican... and incidently, if you do call a hispanic a Mexican, we get really insulted...

Thanks. :)
2002-01-21 01:47:40 PM  
intensive Spanish-language lessons for party leaders in key states

this from the party that brought us Pat Buchanan and English as the national language initiatives? At least it's an improvement. Now maybe if they could drop all that christian conservative family values bullshiat I could consider voting for them without the feeling of nausea.
2002-01-21 02:01:52 PM  
The problem with Spanish (Mexican) people is that they believe everything they hear or see on television. My girlfriend's mother is a prime example. If she was an eskimo, you could sell her a freezer. And judging from some of the things I see them selling on Spanish television, and the fact that I actually see Mexicans near here who have purchased these cheezy items advertsised on television, I have no doubts that their ignorance could sell them into Republicanism.

Anyhow, my girlfriend's mother has to be taken aside by my girlfriend and I both and convinced that Republicans are evil farks who just want to run the planet into the ground, stepping on anyone's ass who is in the way along the way. Otherwise, she would have voted for George W. Shrub and have bought into that whole "I'm a dumbfark from Texass" ordeal.

Smookyfufu - I did make the distinction of Mexicans and non-Mexicans in my post.

-he who stacks pork
2002-01-21 02:21:58 PM  
Most Hispanic people in the U.S. are Mexican but there are many who are Puerto Rican or Cuban or Guatemalan, the whole idea that Hispanic's are conservative and not know it is silly because that is based on the fact that they are mainly catholic and we all know that doesn't mean anything in terms of politics. The Irish Ethnic population in the U.S. is overwhelming catholic and overwhelmingly members of the Democratic Party so are the Irish conservative and not know it? People vote with their wallets in mind and as long as democrats seem to have there interests in mind they will continue to vote for them.
2002-01-21 02:26:44 PM  
I'm gonna laugh when the hispanics start outnumbering the whities in major cities.
2002-01-21 02:45:49 PM  
XPrawl, go to Dallas and walk into any fast food place you see and you will laugh.
2002-01-21 02:59:20 PM  
Umm.... there is a difference between Hispanic and Spanish... Mexicans aren't spanish.. people from SPAIN are Spainish. ::Slap::

The problem with American people is that they believe everything, and if it's not on television, it isn't worth knowing about.

And XPrawl, go to White Plains in NY, at any fast food place, you'll see loads of them understanding only the words "Cheeseburger" and "Number 2"... Mexicans that is. ::Slap Grub::
2002-01-21 03:20:34 PM  
2002-01-21 03:21:08 PM  
Want to attract hispanics to the Rep. party? Make sure you have plenty of:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-21 03:22:28 PM  
Everybody should listen to Manic Hispanic. Great band.
2002-01-21 03:41:23 PM  
The problem with American people is that they believe everything, and if it's not on television, it isn't worth knowing about.

The problem with self-loathing Americans is that they attempt to project their own shortcomings onto everybody else.
2002-01-21 03:47:30 PM  
Funny. No one wants mexicans/immigrants here, because it is "our land and you must come legally". Yet, what happens at wartime? Everyone runs ro Canada, and then becomes "legal", if ever.
2002-01-21 04:00:55 PM  
XPrawl: or goes AWOL for 2 years
2002-01-21 04:15:53 PM  
What I don't understand is all the minority groups trying to turn America into their own personal country. Heck, you want to live in America, learn the American language. Spanish is now a required class in a lot of schools and the minority makes the majority pay for their laziness. Not saying that the whole hispanic group wants that, but the ones that do... criminy, they piss me off.
2002-01-21 04:28:37 PM  
two things to remember: there may be street signs in spanish, but there is really only so far you can get in America without speaking english. yeah, that street sign may help you find your way to your job at McDonalds, but try to get even a tech support job w/o english.

and...more liberal american guilt, which will do more harm than good in the long run because of point 1. we happen to speak english in america. some americans need to realize this.

its hard to make an analogy with english being a lingua franca, but say, if 50000 germans moved to italy and local socialists demanded that children learn german and italian, so that the germans had an easier time adapting, people would think that was crazy.

moreover, my great-grandfather never learned english. He worked shiatty jobs. He lived in an Italian neighborhood and spoke it with friends and family. No liberal ever cried for him and his family turned out pretty good, imo. No one demanded his children learn italian in school - that would have condemned them to menial non-english speaking jobs- and they knew it. Much like mexican immigrants realize this same thing.
2002-01-21 04:43:37 PM  
damn, someone delete my rambling incoherent rant.
2002-01-21 05:04:57 PM  
Only thing worse than trying to talk to a person that doesn't speak English is trying to talk to a person with a thick accent that does speak English.
2002-01-21 07:49:57 PM  
The Elian Gonzales issue, would primarily affect Cuban-Americans, which are largely Republican already (see Bay of Pigs fiasco for the reason).

What do you consider a major city? Hispanics already have pluralities in many large cities such as Miami, Dallas, Houston (I believe), etc. And a plurality means they are the largest group, but not neccessarily a majority.
2002-01-21 09:38:09 PM  
Bookman, Santa Anna,CA may have Hispanic city hall, but it's actually owned by Vietnameses, who are also some of the most pro-Republican in the country.
2002-01-21 09:48:38 PM  
You can't even count on the republicans for honest citizens anymore..they cater to the illegals. In Cali noe the dirty immgre's get free state college tution..oh and I still have farkin student loans that enslave me. Thanks dirty 3rd world country and you farkin politicians for screwin the commen man. wasn't this the same thing that happened when Rome freed the slaves.
Still better than dirty Euro trash I guess..
2002-01-21 10:09:43 PM  
Eduar09: My def of a "major" city isnt important. It was a broad statement referring to cities with big population, thats all.
2002-01-22 09:37:09 AM  
pluralities? such a big word for farkers
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