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2004-07-05 10:59:15 AM  
I have a leopard problem wherein not enough women show me their leopard-print undergarments. Damn them.
2004-07-05 02:29:29 PM  
A woman who works for the accounting firm we use went to bombay a few months ago to give some kind of standards and practices training. She thought they were kidding when they told her not to go wandering off into the woods because of this.

BTW. If you're an accountant your U.S. Corporate overlords and India are conspiring to foobar your career path too. Just a friendly pointing out of the obvious.
2004-07-05 03:29:28 PM  
see these eyes so green

they can stare for a thousand years
2004-07-05 03:29:51 PM  
the only importance of bombay to me is that it is a lyric in a rhcp song BEEN AROUND THE WORLD BACK FROM BOMBAY

that should help tourism like candada and china with sars

anyone remember monkey pox

anyone like my log in name
2004-07-05 03:30:03 PM  
I thought "Bombay" got renamed to "Mumbai" or something like that.

Actually, does anyone here know the reason why the name got changed? I don't think I've actually ever seen the reason in print.
2004-07-05 03:31:07 PM  
off to google i go
2004-07-05 03:32:59 PM  
2004-07-05 03:35:47 PM  
So many chances for a funny headline...and this is it, eh?
2004-07-05 03:35:57 PM  
Environmentalists blame a shortage of prey in the forest, which forces an estimated 35 leopards living in an area 30 times the size of New York's Central Park to hunt in the city.

We need to mobilize a crack team of chiuahuas to handle this menace.

Seriously, there have been many, many disatrous attempts at introducing predator species to an ecosystem, what about introducing prey?
2004-07-05 03:40:06 PM  
I think the leopards have the shortage of prey worked out.
2004-07-05 03:40:24 PM  

Amen to that. And this topic is a repost, to boot.


I think I remember reading that they've already introduced boar and chickens into the preserve, but I'm not sure... *shrug*
2004-07-05 03:40:44 PM  
From The Mumbai Pages:[pops]

Located on the west coast of India, the group of islands which has grown into the city of Mumbai, was probably first recorded as the home of fisherfolk where a group of Buddhist monks established an outpost late during the Magadhan empire. The islands were tossed from one king to another emperor for two millenia, until the maritime trade empire of the British decided to develop the natural harbour into a city. In the four hundred years since then, the city has grown by a series of land reclamations which now link the original islands into one mass.

/hope this helps
2004-07-05 03:40:47 PM  
[image from sctv.org too old to be available]
2004-07-05 03:43:14 PM  
Damn!! C/P'd the wrong paragraph

From the same site:

The city was called Bombay for much of the last four hundred years. The origin of the name is obscure, but is often said to come from the Portuguese phrase bom bahia meaning "good bay". The name Mumbai has been used in the main local languages for as long, and is ascribed to the local goddess, Mumba (ai means mother in Marathi). The name of the city was changed to Mumbai by an act of the parliament in 1997.
2004-07-05 03:48:46 PM  
Well said , InternetSecurityGuard.

Was it guarding plans for a new bypass?
2004-07-05 03:55:20 PM  
There are too many people. This is nature's way.
2004-07-05 04:05:37 PM  
Meet Us at the Stick:

That is correct information. The named it after Mumba Devi - Devi means Goddess.
2004-07-05 04:08:19 PM  
Oh, and people considered Bombay as the name given by foreigners(British people). So, changing it to Mumbai was one of the nationalistic drives in India. They have subsequently renamed several towns and cities named formerly by the British. Calcutta is now Kolkotta etc.
2004-07-05 04:09:03 PM  
Upset the balance of nature, get eaten by a leopard. When will people learn.
2004-07-05 04:13:02 PM  
Oh ya, well... some bars around here have a cougar problem!
2004-07-05 04:15:55 PM  

The named it after Mumba Devi - Devi means Goddess.

Why did they change the name? Yes, I read the part about Mumba Devi being a local goddess, but why change a name that's been around for a few hundred years?
2004-07-05 04:16:10 PM  
"BTW. If you're an accountant your U.S. Corporate overlords and India are conspiring to foobar your career path too. Just a friendly pointing out of the obvious."

only the cheap labor is gonna go overseas (data entry).
Financial auditors, tax specialists, etc will need to be done here... at home.

/Switched from Computer Science to Accounting to avoid my cousins in India getting my job!
2004-07-05 04:18:10 PM  
The city of Mumbai originally consisted of seven islands called Colaba, Mazagaon, Old Woman's Island, Wadala, Mahim, Parel, and Matunga-Sion. This group of islands has been joined together by a series of reclamations. In 1534 the Portuguese took Mumbai by force of arms from the Mohammedans. This led to the establishment of numerous churches which were constructed in areas where the majority of people were Roman Catholics. Only one church with Portuguese-style facade still remains i.e. St. Andrew's church at Bandra. They named their new possession as "Bom Baia" which in Portuguese means "Good Bay".

Later the islands were given to the English King Charles II in dowry on his marriage to Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza in 1662. In the year 1668 the islands were acquired by the English East India Company on lease from the crown for an annual sum of 10 pounds in gold. The British corrupted the Portuguese name "Bom Baia" to "Bombay".

So it was ACTUALLY renamed Mumbai. Happened to a lot of cities that the EIC renamed including my former home of Pune not Poona....
2004-07-05 04:18:10 PM  

Never mind. I just got your later post. Seems rather a delayed reaction, don't you think? I thought the British left India sometime right after WW II, and the name change was in 1997, from the information meet us at the stick posted.
2004-07-05 04:24:36 PM  
2004-07-05 04:18:10 PM hooker

Never mind. I just got your later post. Seems rather a delayed reaction, don't you think? I thought the British left India sometime right after WW II, and the name change was in 1997


well, it was done by a pro-Hindu government in power at that time in Mumbai called the Shiv Sena. They got this idea out of the blue. This political group does wierd things to date , like renouncing Valentine's day parties and western culture. They have renamed Mumbai's Sahar airport to Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.
2004-07-05 04:25:24 PM  

Could you clarify something that isn't clear to me? Was the transition:
Mumbai -> Bom Baia -> Bombay -> Mumbai
Bom Baia -> Bombay -> Mumbai

/Bombay Sapphire isn't getting renamed!
2004-07-05 04:26:47 PM  

I've heard that it was called Mumbai before the Portugese invaded, so yeah the transition is

Mumbai -> Bom Baia -> Bombay -> Mumbai
2004-07-05 04:28:17 PM  
as I understand it...

it was

Mumbai --> Bom Baia --> Bombay --> Mumbai
2004-07-05 04:33:10 PM  

This political group does wierd things to date , like renouncing Valentine's day parties

Hmm. Seems like there are wingnuts of a sort all over! OTOH, I've renounced Valentine's day a few times ;-)
2004-07-05 04:35:02 PM  
Err. dude. she was training Audit and Assurance drones.

Tax and Tax Business Process has been heading offshore for a couple of years now.

She said they're still going to need personable local faces to front for them (they've been told not to say anything about where the actual work is being done lest they freak out their clients).

Claw your way into management as fast as you can.
2004-07-05 04:41:24 PM  

"Bombay stores report sudden spike in Purina Wild Leopard Chow."
2004-07-05 04:42:58 PM  
They heard it on the album.
2004-07-05 04:54:43 PM  

Our firm trains overseas as well, i'm familiar with it. Alot of auditing must be done on-site, therefore alot of assurance work cannot go overseas. However, in a global economy, Audit and Assurance "drones" overseas must familiarize themsevles with US GAAP.

Tax has been heading overseas - yes - but again, at a fairly remedial level. The consulting work is still here in the states.
2004-07-05 05:06:58 PM  
Heh denial is good. I heard much the same from my fellow coders back in 99/2000. "theyll only send the low end scut work overseas. My job is safe."

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.
2004-07-05 05:26:19 PM  
Actually, the submitter got it backwards.

Bombay has a human problem; the leopards are just there to help.
2004-07-05 05:45:12 PM  
I'm shocked, shocked to see an utter lack of references to a sign marked "Beware of the Leopard".
2004-07-05 05:45:53 PM  
(oh never mind, I'm not awake today...)
2004-07-05 05:57:56 PM  
what about coach bombay?

[image from freewebs.com too old to be available]
2004-07-05 06:25:00 PM  

There's always my Major League Baseball career... just waiting to happen.

Or I can open a Dry Cleaners.... they can't outsource that!

/At least my cousins are living better... they're all programmers...
2004-07-05 11:50:22 PM  
Considering they also have a population problem, I don't see it a problem. Your leopard wants longpig.
2004-07-06 12:38:12 AM  
16 million people!!! and its only the fifth largest city!!
2004-07-06 03:16:25 AM  

2004-07-05 04:18:10 PM hooker

[...]This political group does wierd things to date , like renouncing Valentine's day parties and western culture

lol! i was farkin there when one of those stupid attacks happened! i was taking vacation coaching classes for Financial Accounting, which is one floor above one of the card n gift stores (Archies in Vile Parle if you know the place : p).

prof was blabbering on about some damn Balance Sheet (B/s) bullshiat (hmm...B/S - B.S. : p )..anyhoo.. next thing we know , the girl at the store screams at the top of her lungs and we hear glass being shattered etc etc...

by the time we went down, the numbnuts finished throwing out all the cards , teddys (the bear variety : p )and other assorted commercial-displays-of-love (yes, im cynical about 'luurve'..how did you knw? : ) and then finally set fire to it, and started bellowing some praise to their leader...(a senile bitter murderous buffoon if i have ever seen one...)

man...like what hooker said - wingnuts everywhere!


..it gets kinda crowded..yes... : p .It's considered the Indian equivalent of a place that can give you 'the American Dream'...
2004-07-06 04:25:14 AM  

correct me if im wrong, but wasn't Victoria Terminus (VT) renamed into Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
2004-07-06 05:25:17 PM  
You go in the cage, cage goes in the forest, you go in the forest. Leopard's in the forest, our leopard.
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