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(News.com)   Google bans Gmail account swaps and sales, officially making it harder to get a Gmail account than getting a link approved on Fark   ( news.com.com) divider line
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15681 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jul 2004 at 8:26 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-02 08:53:00 AM  
And Yahoo buries them in their bulk mail folder, as well.

Yeah, it took me a few minutes to figure that out.
2004-07-02 08:53:24 AM  
If anyone needs an invite email me.
2004-07-02 08:53:26 AM  

Why are you still using IE? Thats going to cause you nothing but trouble. I mean, have you seen the new worms going around? If you use CC payments over IE, you are a nutbag.

Get firefox today. My mom uses it.
2004-07-02 08:53:35 AM  
I just offered my 5 invites to our military type folks...gotta support da troops...(but NOT the "war").
2004-07-02 08:53:37 AM  
ill take an inivite if someone has got one. n­oforwa­rds[nospam-﹫-backwards]ro­lya­t2l­i­am­*co­m

as for hotmail blocking, i dont think hotmail blocks the invites, its just the spam filter picks it up as a mass-addressed email and puts it in people's junkmail. could be wrong, just regurgitating what i have read in other places.

if you send me an invite, thanks, if not, will shiat.
2004-07-02 08:54:17 AM  
I would like an invite before all the good names are taken

2004-07-02 08:54:24 AM  
Hard to get??

Who needs one?

I got one rite here.
2004-07-02 08:55:24 AM  
RTFA, does not affect invites, only accounts.
2004-07-02 08:55:30 AM  
I really could use a gmail account, really. Please, think of my children. Someone save me from all that is hotmail. This is my soul we are talking about. MY SOUL!

I will welcome my new gmail inviting overlords...


2004-07-02 08:56:00 AM  
Well I begged for an invite in the other thread on this, but came in so late probably no one saw me (or nobody likes me). Anyhoo, I sure would appreciate an invite directed to:

2004-07-02 08:57:19 AM  
I just keep refreshing that page on Retail Retreat in the hope of getting an invite. Damn random number thing.

Is it true that Hotmail is still blocking invites? It would be incredibly un-Microsoft to employ such an unfair tactic against a competitor, so I can't possibly believe it to be true.
2004-07-02 08:58:11 AM  
I think they're more concerned about the sale of actual usernames rather than the sale and/or swapping of the invitations to the service. If people are selling or swapping invitations, that means that they're keeping the service in high demand, whereas if people are just registering key usernames, that's not helping Google at all.

But for some reason they asked me to stop.
2004-07-02 08:58:27 AM  
I'm not desperate for a gmail account but if anyone has a spare invite you would have my eternal gratitude.

Oh wait, I am desperate.
2004-07-02 08:59:49 AM  
BTW if you want one please email me so I know noone else has given you one.
2004-07-02 08:59:57 AM  
Doh, must remember to actually READ preview.

2004-07-02 09:00:18 AM  
I'll join the invite beggers, worth a try, right?

rcat5 at juno.com
2004-07-02 09:01:13 AM  
Yeah, if anybody has an extra invite, I'd sure like one! That person would be the most awesome piece of awesome to ever awesome.

invite to: sc­ot­t­_p­_­1­[nospam-﹫-backwards]liamtoh*c­om please
2004-07-02 09:01:33 AM  
Is that blocking thing real or just another "ZOMG M$" thing started by linux people and /.?

Please explain what 1 GB of mail space is needed for, I never came close to even touching 50 MB. Is there no cap on attachment sizes or something, so people just want to use this as file sharing?
2004-07-02 09:01:36 AM  
How about Orkut? Anyone on there? (www.orkut.com) I am, and you can feel free to ask me to invite you in. (Ping me at am dot lists at gmail dot com. /s/dot/g and remove spaces.)

PS: Spammers are having a field day capturing all these e-mail addresses that everyone is sharing... :-P
2004-07-02 09:01:59 AM  
If you read down to the end of the article, they mention that California has passed a Gmail bill which will prevent email providers from scanning the contents of messages to provide targeted advertising.

I think that's bullshiat.

Gmail explicitly states in its Privacy Policy that it's not archiving, or even letting a non-computer look at, any information it scans from your email, and furthermore that it blocks ads generated by non-family-friendly keywords. Unless the bill the article mentions is geared specifically to prevent those things that Google is already not doing, it's just another useless, fearmongering political gesture which could potentially damage the ad system that Gmail uses.

(I've actually followed some of the links they provided, because they were to interesting news articles, and also because clickthroughs are like giving money to Gmail, only less painful.)
2004-07-02 09:02:35 AM  
I have two invites. The first two people who respond to me get them . . .
2004-07-02 09:02:53 AM  
Boy, this thread makes me feel altruistic.

/has given away several accounts already.
2004-07-02 09:02:57 AM  
Don't you love how all over the internet, whenever Gmail is mentioned, in ANY context, all the replies are people posting their email adresses and begging for an invite?

Here's a free tip: nobody's going to send you one, because for all we know, you might have got ten already by the time we get around to sending it. And nobody needs that many! :D

I got two batches of 6 invites at one account. My two others have received 1 invite each so far. Seems like it's slowing.
2004-07-02 09:03:07 AM  
it's easier to get free chick-fil-a
2004-07-02 09:03:16 AM  
damn filters, must read previews.... change the "dot" to "." in previous post.
2004-07-02 09:03:59 AM  
Orkut is so February 2004.
2004-07-02 09:04:15 AM  
I'd like one bludstone :)
2004-07-02 09:05:30 AM  
Please add me to the list of folks who would like a Gmail invite... yeah, yeah, I know it ain't gonna happen, but my Momma always told me it never hurts to ask.
2004-07-02 09:06:39 AM  
Hey mikey15 can you email me a chick-fil-a?

2004-07-02 09:06:50 AM  
I have a Gmail account. I won it on Fark.
so (lifting my glass of merlot) cheers to LostAgain
2004-07-02 09:07:09 AM  
I could use a gmail acct if anyone has a spare invite.


bhufstetler at yahoo.com
2004-07-02 09:07:19 AM  
Is Gmail crawling now???
2004-07-02 09:07:29 AM  
arkan ahh... but still gets coolness points in my book. and worthy of mention. If you were there in Feb'04, there, it was like walking into a football stadium the day before the game -- nothing to see, no one around, nothing to do. Now, it's more like an hour before the game. Starting to fill up, plenty of people around, etc.
2004-07-02 09:07:44 AM  

Ive given away several already.
See, I like fark. And I like farkers. So I give them out.
Some of us are generous, so begging isnt entirely pointless.
Although I am out of invites now :P
2004-07-02 09:09:08 AM  
I would just like to say that You_mean_Im_gonna_stay_this_color
is a god among men and we should all bow down and worship him.
2004-07-02 09:09:10 AM  
damn, I had 8 invitations to give away, and had like 20 responses in less than 5 minutes... you farkers are a anxious bunch.
2004-07-02 09:09:52 AM  

Which is why you dont ask people to beg directly to your gmail, but reply to people who request in this thread.
2004-07-02 09:10:03 AM  

Haha, Good call ;)

Your welcome
2004-07-02 09:10:06 AM  
I no longer need one. Thanx Church Mutual,
2004-07-02 09:11:07 AM  
I can't believe it's notvodka

and I'd like to send you one, but farkers already ate all of mine :P
2004-07-02 09:11:31 AM  
thanks nt_master, got it!
2004-07-02 09:11:55 AM  
well, i just was outbid on a gmail account on ebay. so, not to join the rest of the beggers, but.. well.. i can't finish that sentence.

i don't expect an invitation, but, if someone wants to give me one its: dlukenskent AT yahoo.com

i'm not quite sure why people are saying AT instead of @ but i decided to follow suit.
2004-07-02 09:12:44 AM  
email me for invites

2004-07-02 09:13:11 AM  

i'm not quite sure why people are saying AT instead of but i decided to follow suit.

email spiders scan forums for email addys, then add them to big spam lists. They do so to obfuscate and confuse the bots. :)
2004-07-02 09:13:21 AM  
I got my invite through FreeGmailInvites. That site makes you play a game (roll 4 sixes, win an invite). You get 20 rolls and rolls replenish every 30 minutes. It took me 350 rolls over two days to win an invite. All they ask is that you donate an invite back. I've had my gmail acct for a week now and still no invites.

I just checked the site, now that it has gotten more popular, it requires you to roll 5 sixes.

2004-07-02 09:14:39 AM  
Why would anyone want a gmail account to begin with?

Lots of storage sure...but do we really need them scanning emails?
2004-07-02 09:15:24 AM  
Damn. I have ran out of people to give them to.
2004-07-02 09:16:10 AM  

Use a browser that doesn't suck?
I suggest: Firefox
2004-07-02 09:17:36 AM  
I have a few invites for worthy Farkers e-mail markbleiatGmaildotcom
2004-07-02 09:17:50 AM  
Wow, this whole gmail thing is making me hot!

When I get mine, I'm going to tattoo it on my tallywacker to heighten the pleasure of fapping!

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