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(LA Daily News)   Dogs banned from most of downtown in attempt to curtail dog droppings -- fine for failing to clean after your dog now $628   ( divider line
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2004-07-01 03:24:09 AM  
Should charge the same to people who throw their cigs out the window....
2004-07-01 03:24:19 AM  
will the penalty also require counselling?

/just curious
2004-07-01 03:25:40 AM  
the fine should be high for asshats that don't pick up after their dogs.

but dogs should not be banned. not all dog owners cause these problems. why punish all of them?
2004-07-01 03:27:06 AM  
I always laugh to myself whenever I see dog owners bending over with a bag in their hand playing around with their dog's shiat.

/Cat owner, I use a scoop, which is kinda like looking for golden nuggets in a sandbox.
2004-07-01 03:28:52 AM  
The article fails to mention that the new legislation will be enforced by poisonned hotdogs. Local officials and experts have decried the move, saying that the local homeless population could be devastated by the free, but deadly hotdogs, which may be confused by the homeless as food.
2004-07-01 03:30:39 AM  
I think an eye for an eye punishment is better. If I step in a pile of dog droppings the owner of said dog shall have to step in my
2004-07-01 03:35:35 AM  
I always laugh to myself whenever I see dog owners bending over with a bag in their hand playing around with their dog's shiat.

Cat owner, I use a scoop, which is kinda like looking for golden nuggets in a sandbox

Laugh all you want, it keeps my hands warm in the winter.

/Dog Owner, I use a bag and when I'm picking up shiat I know it's shiat not golden nuggets.
2004-07-01 04:00:42 AM  
who gives a dog-shiat?
2004-07-01 04:00:51 AM  
I wish they would have penalties around my neighborhood like this one. I am sick of having to navigate through fecal matter while walking down the sidewalk. Stupid old ladies and loser couples who have no regard for others. DAMNIT. Death penalty!
2004-07-01 04:01:43 AM  
You know what would solve the dog shiat/cigarette butt/everything else problem? More garbage cans you ignorant city council morans.

Every City in North America.
2004-07-01 04:03:25 AM  
The fine seems like a great idea, but no civilized people would ban dogs! They should run free in giant packs and be worshipped like cows in India!
2004-07-01 04:05:22 AM  

they do. and they are.
2004-07-01 04:12:01 AM  
I would advise people who are living around the perimeter outside the zone to wear flat soled shoes from now on.
2004-07-01 04:14:51 AM  
I never pick up after my dog. I just throw my head back and laugh knowing that some dumb shiat isn't going to watch where he steps and have to walk around doing that foot scrape walk that makes anyone look like an ass hat.


I just laugh thinking about the foot scrape walk.
2004-07-01 04:20:12 AM  
I hate people who leave dog shiat lying around.

I've picked up after a dog before. You only forget to check the baggy for holes once. Just once.
2004-07-01 04:23:04 AM  
should be $6000
The beach near where I live is a dog turd minefield - the assclown owners think it's allllll nice and better too by kicking a bit of sand over the top, voila, buried, 1 granule deep.

Farking irresonsible dog owners. Nothing more satisfying than berating someone on a dogs-banned beach while their poor dog is still pinching a loaf
2004-07-01 04:28:18 AM  
After seeing the news outlet I thought it was going to be about Los Angeles. darn
2004-07-01 04:29:41 AM  
First they came for the pet spiders, and I didn't speak up because I didn't have a pet spider...
2004-07-01 04:39:18 AM  
2004-07-01 04:05:22 AM odin itchyeek
voxy- they do. and they are.

Not in chernobyl.
Anymore at least.
/Soviet Russian dog control is teh cool.
2004-07-01 04:42:06 AM  
$628.00 !!!!
holy crap!

2004-07-01 05:04:25 AM  
$628 for dog shiat? Are they out of their farking minds? What's next, $1000 fine for spitting on the sidewalk?

/this thread needs an "asnine" tag
2004-07-01 05:24:30 AM  
soviet dog control? do they treat them like their women? like the french treat americans? do they fark them?

/zing... but seriously, soviet dog control?
2004-07-01 05:31:53 AM  
My dog is still trying to figure out why I like her poo so much.

She's happy when I praise her for #1 on demand, and she likes that I praise her for #2, but she gives me a seriously odd look when I pick #2 up in the bag. I'm not sure that I even want to know what my dog is thinking.
2004-07-01 05:41:15 AM  
no sh*t !?
2004-07-01 06:42:32 AM  
2004-07-01 05:24:30 AM odin itchyeek
Because the evacuation of chernobyl was at a moment's notice (albeit way too freaking late) and because the fur, etc was radioactive, the citizens were not allowed to take their animals, etc and left them there, often roaming free.
Packs of rabid and screwed up dogs formed gangs and roamed the streets attacking whatever they could - The problem became so bad the soviet army was sent in to shoot them.

/stupid history tidbit of the day.

Oh, btw, if you're bored this is Revelations 8:10. I'm not a bible nut or anything, but I found this interesting to say the least.

"And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

Revelations 8:11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Guess what Chernobyl means? Yup. Wormwood.
/second stupid history tidbit of the day.
2004-07-01 07:19:04 AM  
In Oyster Bay Township on Long Island, signs on the street used to read: "Dog Defecation Prohibited".

Those poor constipated dogs.

Still, their owners might clean up their poop, but dogs should be banned from the city anyway because they pee all over the sidewalks. If I can't pee on the sidewalk, why should we let dogs pee on the sidewalk?
2004-07-01 07:53:41 AM  
Good Headline - LA Daily News. I laughed.
2004-07-01 08:09:38 AM  
It should be a 600$ fine or the owner should have to eat the turd right there.
2004-07-01 08:28:03 AM  
Nice little revenue earner, than fine, but in my world, offenders would be made to eat (sh)-it with a spoon.
2004-07-01 08:37:08 AM  
It should be $600 the first offense, $600+ and eating it the second and third time.
2004-07-01 09:20:28 AM  
Never bother picking up after my dog. Well, unless someone complains. In that case, I'll pick it up for a week, bag it, and conduct an impact test on the whiner's door.

If you don't like nature stay inside, biatch.
2004-07-01 09:34:58 AM  
Whenever I'm driving by someone letting their dog shiat on the sidewalk, I just lay on the horn. It makes the dog's asshole slam shut and the dumbass owner has to walk it for an extra 15 minutes. I laugh and laugh.
2004-07-01 10:01:07 AM  

> If there's no park or anything close enough that your dog has to shiat on the sidewalk?

So if they live near a park, it's OK for dogs to poop in the park without picking it up.

I have 2 dogs, and I ALWAYS pickup after them. I always go out with baggies for them. It pisses me off to see all the dog-poop on the grass, sidewalks, etc. They could balance the city budget in Jersey City by enforcing the fine ($100).

/responsible dog owner
2004-07-01 10:06:03 AM  
Should get the HERO tag. Damn dog owners spreading disease by not cleaning up after their dogs. Gives responsible dog owners a bad name.
2004-07-01 10:14:57 AM  
GOOD. This is perfect. Clean up after your damn dog and you have nothing to worry about. When I was in Rome there was dog shiat all over the place; maybe it'll follow the example of this town.

And fark you asshats who think the local park is there to be your dog toilet. If I had them, I would never let my kids go near the grass in my local parks.
2004-07-01 10:16:06 AM  
but dogs should not be banned. not all dog owners cause these problems. why punish all of them?

Sounds like the gun control debate to me.

Dogs don't stink, only dog poop stinks... Wait a sec, thats not really true.
2004-07-01 11:02:37 AM  
I'm tired of loser dog owners, its because of them I'm having so much trouble finding a place to live with my dog.
I will pick up after my dog in a populated area. But when I'm walking in a forest among the fox, coyote, deer, bird, and horse poop I don't bother. There its all fertilizer. My dog is trained to go in a wooded area if such is available. Its great having woods next to the yard then I don't have to clean the yard.
2004-07-01 11:13:12 AM  
I visited Reykjavik (capital of Iceland) several times as a was a stopover on a transatlantic flight. Everyone on the plane who'd travelled with their dogs had to stay at the airport, as dogs were totally banned in the capital. Never have I seen such clean sidewalks and streets.
2004-07-01 11:31:02 AM  
Leash laws also need better upholding.

Dog owners: You love your pets, but not everyone does.
2004-07-01 11:37:52 AM  
Reykjavik sidewalks are like Gordie Howe, they don't take shiat from anybody.
2004-07-01 11:44:11 AM  
2004-07-01 03:25:40 AM fark_him_right_in_the_ear

the fine should be high for asshats that don't pick up after their dogs.

but dogs should not be banned. not all dog owners cause these problems. why punish all of them?


Because you don't have to use your brain that way.

Always p/up my dog's poop. I still often get dirty looks from asshat neighbors, who think my dachshund could produce that length of towcable some rottweiler left in their yard. Fark 'em.
2004-07-01 11:44:34 AM  
A great big fark YOU to all of you dog owners that don't clean up after your animals. I've always hated stepping in dog shiat, but the last straw was when I was riding my bike across a park to get to a class I was already almost late for. Well, I ran right over a big pile of dog shiat, which stuck to my rear tire just until it reached the top and catapulted forward, splatting all over my legs, shoes, and the front of my bike. I was so farking pissed that if someone had been in the park at that point with a dog, I think I would have run it down with my bike. I had to return home and take a shower, completely missing my class. To this day I verbally abuse anyone I see letting their dogs shiat in public places, even if they have little kids around. Once again, fark YOU!
2004-07-01 11:45:40 AM  
You know what would solve the dog shiat/cigarette butt/everything else problem? More garbage cans you ignorant city council morans.

Sadly, that is so untrue. I can't tell you the amount of trash I have to clean from the sidewalk every day (downtown NYC) that is within 3 feet or less of the garbage can. You could strap a farking garbage can to most people's asses and they'd still throw their trash and cigarette butts on the ground.
2004-07-01 11:47:11 AM  
I'm a dog owner (3) and I support the fines, but there's no reason to ban the dogs.
2004-07-01 11:48:41 AM  
Except dog crap never killed anyone. And the U.S. economy wasn't forced to pay millions of dollars a year to protect people from a-holes with dog crap.
2004-07-01 12:26:40 PM  
In a blow to the Italian economy my dog has cancelled his vacation plans.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-01 12:51:18 PM  
$600+ or, alternatively, some public service like picking up rubbish, poop, etc. A great lesson.
2004-07-01 01:31:32 PM  
Guess $629 was deemed too excessive?
2004-07-01 02:43:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/gots nutin
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