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(The Smoking Gun)   Student, 14, hits hot teacher, then rats her out to the cops. Horny teens everywhere surrender (pics of teacher)   ( divider line
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218250 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jun 2004 at 6:29 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-28 10:21:46 PM  
i would hit it till my pecker fell off
2004-06-28 10:24:39 PM  
To all those talking about "maturity," farking isn't exactly complicated. The only thing whatsoever to worry about is birth control, which isn't rocket science either.

(Many) Women are extremely fragile and insecure at 14 (or 20 or 30...). They seem to get negatively affected by sexual things very easily. I don't understand it, but I accept that. Men aren't like that at all. I remember dreaming about this one 25 yo girl when I was 14. I wouldn't have regretted it at all if anything had ever happened with her.
2004-06-28 10:25:34 PM  
What a stupid farkin 14 year old. He could've kept hitting that fine piece of ass all year long. *DUMBASS* tag is in order here!
2004-06-28 10:25:45 PM  
Some of you morAns have this all wrong. As a 14 year old, I was tramatized because this didn't happen to me.

As far as I'm concerned, that kid is a lucky bastard. But that's just my opinion.
2004-06-28 10:27:00 PM  
2004-06-28 10:25:45 PM Kernel Disorder

Read the police report and you'll see exactly how lucky he was.
2004-06-28 10:27:16 PM  
bluesxgirl: ranold, i was thinking the exact same thing. this is gross no matter which way you slice it. just because she's hot, it suddenly is ok. this is not ok. this woman has some serious issues. and no matter how 'cool' it might seem now, that boy is going to have some issues himself as he gets older because he was the victim of a sexual predator.

And what proof do you have that this kid will have issues? I was about the same age as him when I was boning a 35 year old woman. Doing so has not caused me any problems whatsoever in life. Whether I lost my virginity to a girl the same age as myself, or to a woman a lot senior to myself, I personally did not care one bit.

Admittedly, I didn't read the whole police report/affidavit, but what I did read was the first few sentences which stated the sex was consensual.

If the sex wasn't consensual, then sure, it could cause problems.

/Gotta run, I need to get back to farking my 13 year old girlfriend....

No, not being serious in that last sentence. o.O
2004-06-28 10:30:13 PM  
I seem to recall that the boy Michael Jackson had sex with was 14. Are you saying that he won't suffer any bad effects, since guys aren't affected by crap like that? If he "loved" Jackson, like he seemed to in that Martin Bashir documentary (resting his head on his shoulder, fawning, etc.), are you saying that it's all good?
2004-06-28 10:30:57 PM  
The chick's got to be some kind of incest victim or something like that. Her husband's impotence problem were probably her fault all along.

WTF are you getting married at 23 for anyway?????? It's not the goddamn 1950s. She should have waited and sowed a few wild oats before accepting the marriage proposal. And you're not going to tell me there weren't sexual problems between the two during their courtship. The truth is it was probably all her fault - why else would she pick such a young and inexperienced person to f*ck around with??

I blame the husband for this one. She was so pretty it made him put aside the fact that she was a complete f*cking psycho.
2004-06-28 10:36:38 PM  
Ok, since the priest is over the age of consent then it would be wrong. 12 is much younger then 14...and a priest and alter boy is gay, and that is just wrong.
2004-06-28 10:37:34 PM  
Do you feel the crazy oozing from her eyes in those mug-shots?
This kid has got himself a life-long stalker.
2004-06-28 10:37:53 PM  
"My skank newlywed wife slept with one of her students and all I got was this lousy I-pod."
2004-06-28 10:40:23 PM  
I RTFA and now I'm even more jealous of that damn kid!!!
2004-06-28 10:40:28 PM  

Anybody (or anything) farking with Michael Jackson is badly affected.
2004-06-28 10:45:09 PM  
If the boy wanted to have sex with Jackson, then I don't think he'll have problems from actually doing so. That's a completely different issue though from the problems he must already have have for wanting to have sex with that thing *shudder*.
2004-06-28 10:46:26 PM  
I agree with you somewhat dude3129. It's obvious that she has been around the block (tattos and all) so it's pretty much a given that they both gave each other a test drive before they got married. And if she had complaints then, well, she could have up and not gotten married!

As for the no effects. People always tout how girls physically and emotionally develop quicker than girls (thank you feminist for that nugget of knowledge). If that 14 year old is mature enough to deal with it and have no ill effect then the argument against young girls carries no weight since statistically they are more mature. And you can't have it both ways either, since you assume that he won't you also have to assume the girl won't either so don't persecute the guy for knocking his rocks off in the girl/teen/tween whatever you want to call them.

As for the less risks. Well, the teacher could get pregnent. She said she took birth control, but the report never said that he wore a condom. Meaning that she still can very well get pregnant (just trust me on that one, seen it happen before, thankfully not to me or my gf's) and what problem would arise from that. Legally, he is the father and would be responsible. Meaning that if the teacher got pregnant the instant the boy becomes an adult, which according to you people is 14 because he can give consent and all, then he is financially bound to the child. Meaning that if the teacher calls it, that boy would have to start working to support. I know her husband won't support the child or the other child so she would be on her own and rest assured wouldn't have the same job that she desired unless she decides to be a pron star of course (thank god this is Florida, the other porn meca of the U.S.)

The husband should have handled his business and take some viagra and crap like that. However, based on this woman she would have done it anyway.

What's left for the husband now is to be the wrath of god. Divorce the biatch (judge would give him everything on principal, even the most feminist of judges won't condone that shiat), beat the shiat out of the kid (police would just hold you in jail for a weekend the most while poking fun of you for getting roached by a 14 year old), buy some viagra from the net, exercise your kegel muscle and in a few weeks go out and be a man again.
2004-06-28 10:47:00 PM  
Trying to enforce a "Single Standard" when the Obvious "Double Standard" applies here is just wrong.

After all you have to look at who is the Farker and who is the Farkee don't you?

A 23yr old hottie teacher giving it up to a couple 14yr old boys who still would be pleased as all get out with themselves except they couldn't keep their traps shut and now have everyone telling them that "They" are the "Victims" instead of the "Victors" is just plain Nuts in my book.
2004-06-28 10:49:53 PM  
To you folks saying it's ok cos he's mature enough, etc, etc, I'll just say this - he dobbed her in to his Mom. Yep, a real grown up kid there...

That said, more proof you shouldn't marry a chick under 25 or so. Wait till they're over their slutty phase before going there, and think twice even then. Being cheated no sucks enough anyway, but being cheated on with some 14 y/o kid while his cousin watches? Man, that's pretty harsh. Hope she finds some new and taboo experiences in the lock-up with a hairy dyke named Mona.
2004-06-28 10:52:40 PM  

w00t, hot teacher wife!

My girlfriend is going to teacher's college, and she is also hot. In conclusion, w00t.
2004-06-28 10:56:41 PM  
I wouldn't really say Bea Authur. More like slightly heavy, middle aged white trash drunk in south western Indiana would describe that girl's mom.
2004-06-28 10:58:36 PM  
Dude, if this 'woman' is what you call "hot", you are OBVIOUSLY a total d**k-smoker(not that there's anything wrong with that). I wouldn't ask you for advice about chicks, though. This freak child-molesting teacher looks like a teen boy herself. Yikes!
2004-06-28 10:58:59 PM  
i am so going to give it to her in ASCII
2004-06-28 11:02:45 PM  
When I was 13, I was molested by the super-hot mom next door. I was horribly traumatized, and still suffer screaming fits and cold sweats thinking about her tight, firm ass, her jiggling, glistening rack, and her throbbing, pulsating vulva. Years of therapy have not helped me to cope with the memories of her moist, sensuous tongue wrapping itself, prehensile-like, around my helpless, victimized rock-hard wood. This...THIS is why I am against what this woman did.
2004-06-28 11:09:36 PM  
I'd hit it, and not worry about it.

/way over legal age
//read the whole TSG report
///so ashamed to admit reading it
2004-06-28 11:12:24 PM  
I would let, no require, my 14-year-old son to tag that if he had the chance. He11, I'd show him how if she'd let me.
2004-06-28 11:15:53 PM  
When I was 14, I had a Latin teacher who was about the same age, and just as hot. Every guy in middle school had a thing for her, and she knew it (and reveled in it, I'm sure). Many a fap-filled night involved thoughts of her, I guarantee.
2004-06-28 11:17:05 PM  
I'm willing to bet that 90% of the men in here who say they farked the super hot mom next door or older babysitter are full of shiat. More than likely they lost it ay 18-19 years of age to the town bicycle and it lasted about 5 seconds tops. Fan fiction at its best. :-)
2004-06-28 11:19:50 PM  
all i can hear is "hot for teacher"...
2004-06-28 11:20:25 PM  
To be honest, there has only been about maybe two years difference between me and the women I deal with.

In regard of sexual maturity, I was... exposed to sex by my distant cousin (like fifth, you know the type that you are closer to the neighbor than them) and I was 8. No scratch that, I saw my first porn when I was 6 (still remember most of it to this day, especially the scene where they were farking in a tree suspended by a net and then the other where the guy was dressed as a baby and the 'baby sitter' was using him as a pacifier). All I can say was that it was clumbsy of course, and more rubbing and grunting and generally messy. But over the years I gained skill and became well, good at what I do to put it mildly.

Personally, I am a sex addict, guess it is from various shiat but I feel that I wouldn't be craving it so much if I hadn't been exposed to it before I should have. Although, who is to say really what is appropriate.

I feel if you are old enough to be by yourself, and have a family (marriage and the like) then you are old enough to not fark with people who still live with their parents. Case closed in that case and nuff said.

So she is guilty as sin for even looking at him with lust. She's a perv. And just because she is a woman doesn't make it right.

Fark her, oh wait, too many people already did...
2004-06-28 11:24:31 PM  
I remember having a huge crush on my math teacher. She was the best, awesome body, not too old... But then, she was an adult... I just thought even thinking further than unwavering admiration was just creepy.

TinyPrancer, your views intrigue me, I would like to subscribe to your news letter....
2004-06-28 11:25:03 PM  
I have to go rub one out now. Dam.
2004-06-28 11:29:18 PM  
As a 17 year old high school student, let me say....I'd hit it.
2004-06-28 11:34:47 PM  
LoganKungfu, when I decide to create a newsletter I'll let you know :-D I just like to cut through the bullshiat of these types of threads.
2004-06-28 11:35:46 PM  
She is fine, fine, fine...slut..nice girl, slut, nice girl, slut, nice girl, slut!

Come here whore, we're late for church!

damn, i'm hard.
2004-06-28 11:37:16 PM  
Bwahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!
Ha ha ha.

Ha, stupid Beeotch !!

2004-06-28 11:42:09 PM  
If that chubby armed, teeny-bopper farking biatch is 110 lbs. at 5'9" then I'm a pregnant Britney Spears.

Oh, and in addition to "sluttoo" and "tramp stamp", the lower back tattoo can also be called a "whore brand"
2004-06-28 11:50:45 PM  
Meet Debra Lafave.

Or, as she's referred to at Greco Middle School, The Greatest Teacher Ever.
2004-06-28 11:55:02 PM  
man, dont get me started on that POS 14 kid, moron. They are all like that now a days. Stupid kid that listens to punk rock and wears skater clothing 365, no respect, no brains.

//woulda hit it hard and long
2004-06-28 11:55:45 PM  
2004-06-28 11:02:45 PM Corn_Fed

That's gold Jerry, gold!!
2004-06-28 11:55:57 PM  
ArcadianRefugee - Again, extrapolation, and putting words in a mouth.

Of course I'm extrapolating. You don't get to say "I make a perfect point that's truthful and valid, but you're only allowed to look at it from this one particular angle."

Read what I said again, and this time put effort into reading comprehension:


I did NOT say what happened was "OK". I said a 14-year-old male has a lot less to worry about than a 14-year-old female when one is knockin' boots with an older partner.

Whether or not a 14-year-old girl with a vasectomied 50yo male -- an extrapolation and a hypothetical -- has as much, or less, to worry about is not the point. Or, rather, it is -- the 14-year-old doesn't have to worry about condoms, vasectomies, etc.,. The fact that the gilr would proves my point.

Again, this does NOT say either is right or wrong. It simply is.

The point was made that possible pregnancy was a reasonable basis for a double standard.

My point is that pregnancy is fundamentally a moot issue in regards to gender and the law.

Your idea that pregnancy isn't a significant concern with 14 year old guys is only true if you consider financial obligations to be the only serious ramification of pregnancy.

Moreover, a 14 year old girl stands as much chance of being knocked up by the dork who sits next to her on the schoolbus as she does from a 23 or 32 or 55 year old man.

Pregnancy isn't the reason we have laws to protect children from adults who'd like to have their way with them.

If you honestly can't see the purpose of those laws, fine... You're just not going to, and I'm sick of arguing it with you. Just do me a favor and steer clear of the skating rinks.
2004-06-29 12:05:28 AM  
I would like to have sex with her...if you know what I mean.
2004-06-29 12:06:54 AM  
As for all the guys talking about the super-hot MILF they banged while waiting for Power Rangers to come on, I agree that most of them are probably full of shiat.

However, assuming that any of them are actually telling the truth, their little testimonials about how swell they turned out amount to just about nothing.

farked up people generally aren't known for being the best judges of their own mental health.

I had a friend who grew up with a physically and emotionally abusive alcoholic father, he kept her away from her mother, and paraded a number of abusive shiat-bag girlfriends through her life... and one beat her badly enough to put her in the hospital for 2 full months.

She's cheated on every guy she ever dated, and cheated on her ex-husband with at least 7 guys in nine years. She eventually farks over most all of her friends, and has farked her sisters and other family members over many times.

However, if you were to ask her, she'd tell you that she's pretty hunky-dory too.
2004-06-29 12:10:12 AM  
Bottom Line:

I don't care how much of a stiffie you get looking at her huge-a-licious rack, or how many times she tells you that you're the best thing since Justin Timberlake, you don't get bone 14 year olds, and neither does this sleazy broad.
2004-06-29 12:10:41 AM  
That is the hottest police report ever.

Not that I've read many police reports, mind you.

But I'm guessing it's the hottest ever.

Makes all those days on traffic detail worthwhile.
2004-06-29 12:11:12 AM  
I would insert my penis into her vigina...if you know what I mean.
2004-06-29 12:12:07 AM  
Props to the kid! He'll have a good story to tell for the rest of his life.
2004-06-29 12:12:14 AM  
"Just do me a favor and steer clear of the skating rinks."

gold jerry! gold!
2004-06-29 12:13:51 AM  
Just think, with his reputation at school, chicks will be backing themselves up to his door, and he'll be able to be picky.

Hate to say it, but I was fantasizing(?) about doing my fellow classmates as early as the 6th grade, did that make me a pedophile in elementary school?

/almost arrested for doing my 16 year old gf when I was 17
2004-06-29 12:14:05 AM  
(with apologies to Damn_Conservative_Media finding gold as well.)
2004-06-29 12:15:55 AM  
That's a mug shot?? Looks airbrushed 'n shiat.
2004-06-29 12:18:28 AM  
Just a note. People asking if it were two guys (one teacher one student) Well that happened around here the ages were a bit different though. The coach (it was a soccer coach) was 27 or 28 (I think 28) and he basicly cornered the boy and tries to get him to do things with him. After basicly fondling the boy abit then trying to go down on him the boy calls foul and the damn system ignores it. all because they claim the boy consented. Even though the boy steped forward even though he offered proof. Because the kid was kind of small and a bit girly they act like he was asking for it. While I am biased. I do know both parties and believe me before I'd buy the kid was gay I'd buy that the coach was a perv. I personally have witnessed him trying to hit on young girls. I hate people like that and I hate the double standards. Some guys might handle it but some people are more senstive and this kid is gonna have issues. Damn system.
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