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(The Smoking Gun)   Student, 14, hits hot teacher, then rats her out to the cops. Horny teens everywhere surrender (pics of teacher)   ( thesmokinggun.com) divider line
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2004-06-28 06:56:21 PM  
2004-06-28 06:56:24 PM  
Steady job vs biology.

Biology won.
2004-06-28 06:56:32 PM  
[image from home.comcast.net too old to be available]
2004-06-28 06:57:13 PM  
"Lord, please do not let my wife's scandalous affair with her underaged student make it onto Fark."
2004-06-28 06:57:16 PM  

Only if you're willing to admit that 14 y/o girls can be willing participants, too, and that guys who have affairs with them shouldn't go to jail.

2004-06-28 06:57:36 PM  
so who was the moran that accussed her and why???

A more interesting story here:
Her sister was killed recently
2004-06-28 06:58:14 PM  
Those are the tackiest wedding photos I've ever seen with just the eye colorized. Jesus Christ. You should have to have a permit to use photoshop.

Some wedding photographer really must be regretting playing the "Let's throw out a couple of the most pathetic, cheesy sample pics and see if anyone buys them" game.
2004-06-28 06:58:15 PM  
ranold, welcome to the real world. Double standards exist, and for good reason.

A 14 year-old boy having sex with an older woman has some risk of long-term emotional damage, but it is SIGNIFICANTLY less than the damage that can occur if, say, a 23 year old man has sex with a 14 year old girl.

A similar example is when Dad's are absent from their children's lives. For boys, it's bad, but not NEARLY as bad as it is for girls. Girls spend the rest of their lives trying to find/replace daddy.
2004-06-28 06:58:27 PM  
WOW, all of my teachers were ugly with big butts, they still did pretty good in the sack though.
2004-06-28 06:58:45 PM  
Hahaha, "He asked her that since they had already had sex three times without a condom, was it necessary for him to start wearing one."

Gotta like that adequate sex education!
2004-06-28 06:59:26 PM  

Isn't she sueing Kobe for rape???
Dear lord she gets around.
2004-06-28 07:00:09 PM  
These pedophiles need to all be put to death. Think of how this will screw up the kid for the rest of his life.
2004-06-28 07:00:49 PM  
I think it's funny that everyone considers her a pedophile. I mean, technically, she is...but if you think for one second that this kid was an unwilling participant...think again.

Well,, she has sex with a minor, and not even a 16 or 17 year-old. That makes her a pedophile. Just like someone who has sex with a corpse is a necrophiliac, even if the person gave consent before death.

If it was a female student would you make the same assertion that it was entirely voluntary, and there should be no punishment? If not, is that because you feel girls are stupider and more easily tricked into sex with a teacher, or that girls are innately non-sexual at that age, despite hitting puberty long before boys?
2004-06-28 07:01:20 PM  
IcyHotFarker, the way the law works, he isn't able to exercise legal consent because of the nine-year age difference. He didn't have enough life experience to know better than to bone a lady with a husband in their house and car, much less one of his teachers. He got taken advantage of even though he was totally willing. That's why his parents stepped in.

Now, if he were seventeen, it would be a different story. That's three years of dating girls your own age, and learning all sorts of shiat. At fourteen, you're barely starting to have relationships, and it's too early to be conscious of the implications of a wild fling with a hottie teacher.

That being said, I'd still have done exactly what he did. ;)
2004-06-28 07:01:26 PM  
she's stupid

if she didn't want her somewhat hot husband she could have left him and boink hotter guys. But screw around with some 14 yuck.

2004-06-28 07:01:34 PM  
reinforces my theory on chix w/rump-tats.
2004-06-28 07:02:15 PM  
waitaminute..., great minds apparently think alike.

so who was the moran that accussed her and why???

The "accusser" is not a moran, just a confused kid. He likely KNEW what she was doing was wrong, but creepy teacher lady used her older, authority-figure hotness to take advantage of him, an impressionable teenage boy. It's just as wrong as if I was a teacher, seducing 14 year old girls (ok, I'm a few years older than this lady but still, the point stands. You'd want my balls on a stick.)
2004-06-28 07:02:29 PM  
Umm.. and uh, whats a "High/Bye" realtionship?

/who wrote TFA?
2004-06-28 07:02:42 PM  
Chinese tattoo on her lower butt

round here we call em "sluttoos" or "tramp stamps".

i'm just saying
2004-06-28 07:02:59 PM  
IcyHotFarker - I think it's funny that everyone considers her a pedophile. I mean, technically, she is...but if you think for one second that this kid was an unwilling participant...think again.

Should she get fired? Probably.
Go to jail? Not a chance.

"Willingness" is a moot point... a 14 year old cannot give consent to have sex with an adult. An adult who has sex with a 14 year old is taking advantage of the age difference and the inherent power it imbues to manipulate someone who is incapable of understanding and responsibly engaging in a sexual relationship.

She is as much a sexual predator as any sleezy old trench-coated bastard who ever said "Hey kid, wanna piece of candy?"
2004-06-28 07:03:04 PM  
where does everyone get these pictures from. Didn't this story just hit today?
2004-06-28 07:03:08 PM  
GIS for Eye Pod

[image from home.comcast.net too old to be available]
2004-06-28 07:03:14 PM  
I'd say this kid has more risk of being screwed up because he lives in Florida than the fact that a 23 year old had sex with him.

I've known more than a few guys who 'lucked out' (their words) and had some older woman screw them when they were young. In one case it was a guy who, at 12, had an 17 year old baby sitter who used to ask him to eat her out. About the most serious problem with any of them is that they have commitment issues.
2004-06-28 07:03:48 PM  
This is why the statuatory rape laws are questionable in my mind.

For the rest of her life this woman will have the title "sex offender" following her wherever she goes. She's considered a rapist, for Chrissake.

And yet the victim loved it, you know he did. How can you be punished when the victim of a crime is happy about what happened?

I think teens who are statuatorily "raped" should have the option of freeing their "rapists" once they turn 18.

/not a pedophile
//I swear
2004-06-28 07:03:58 PM  
One last thing...

2004-06-28 07:04:24 PM  
These pedophiles need to all be put to death. Think of how this will screw up the kid for the rest of his life.

Yeah, I'm sure he's scarred for life.
/boned 21yr old at age15, not scarred, thank you.
2004-06-28 07:04:25 PM  
There were teachers I wanted to fark when I was in school. And if I had gotten the chance, I damm sure woulda kept my mouth shut! Kids today....sheesh!
2004-06-28 07:04:28 PM  
I'm split.

Yes, it's disgusting that she'd have sex with a 14 year old.

But, she's only 23. It's not like she's a middle-aged woman who could be his mother. If this happened just a few years from now, nobody would even care. Well, except for her husband, I suppose.
2004-06-28 07:04:31 PM  
Okay, I'm moving to Tampa / St. Pete.
Maybe one of those hotties will accidently fall on my ween.
2004-06-28 07:04:45 PM  
women are so evil
2004-06-28 07:06:07 PM  
I'm quite certain there's been some 14 y/o girls who have survived "lucking out" as well.
2004-06-28 07:06:09 PM  
These pedophiles need to all be put to death. Think of how this will screw up the kid for the rest of his life.

I know what you mean. Forcing him to walk around school as other boys get on thier knees, bowing and chanting "YOU ARE A GOD! YOU ARE A GOD!"
Have you ever been to a public school? What would they make fun of you about? You laying the mack on the hottest teacher there...
2004-06-28 07:06:28 PM  
Well this is interesting.

She is a sick puppy.
A pedophile. I mean, her husband is an alright looking, fit dude what could that 14 year old possibly have to offer?

She's sick.
That being said, I need to transfer to highschool, this university thing isn't where the choice action's at!!
2004-06-28 07:06:29 PM  
okay people... here's my 2 cents worth. my family is actually friends with her family... her mom is my hair stylist and her cousin is my daughters godmother.

i understand that there are 3 sides to every story (her side, his side and the truth) and i'm gonna be sorta biased with my opinion here! whether she did this or not... i have no clue. if she did.. she gets what she deserves and there is no excuse for this. i just cannot fathom if she did do it... why?! she just began a career she always dreamed of. her and her hubby just bought a townhouse/condo together and were beginning their life.

she is actually one of the nicest people that my family has ever met... and this just comes at a complete shock. i refuse to judge her and will leave that up to a court. the unfortunate thing is that that court system here in Hillsborough county is extremely bass ackwards!! from the State Attorneys to cops to even the crooked judges.

as i said before, if she did this, she gets what she deserves. the only excuse i could think of is that she was on depression medications that was helping her cope with the killing of her sister and her sisters unborn child (8 months into term) by a drunk driver (a high ranking military officer - from what i understand) who had his 4th or 5th DUI offense... and it took killing two people to finally put his ass behind bars. her family (mother, father and herself along with other local family members) have had a hard time dealing with this unnecessary passing.

no, this is no excuse... but the only reason i can think of that would lead to something like this. she truly is a beautiful girl and very sweet. she has never had any run-ins with any law before in her life... and from going to clean and pristine to this... is very shocking. i wish her the best... and will continue to be there and be supportive of her and her family.

that's my 2 cents worth!
2004-06-28 07:07:42 PM  
Lostcom760 - the news links were from friday.
2004-06-28 07:07:44 PM  
seriously...beginning to think a lot of people have either forgotten what it's like to be in high school, or else had miserably boring lives during that time period.
2004-06-28 07:08:05 PM  
Can you imagine your new bride got caught cheating on you with a 14 year old? Christ! That's worse than if she left you to be lesbian.
2004-06-28 07:08:23 PM  
2004-06-28 06:40:15 PM 0ptimus

My friend went to school with her. She was one of the popular chicks.

I'll bet...

I feel bad for her husband though
2004-06-28 07:08:53 PM  

guess i should read then looks at hot pics
2004-06-28 07:08:58 PM  
I'm glad he remembers all those incriminating details. After all how else other than sex was he to know she had tattoos on her lower back and birthmarks on her shins. The strip isn't an uncommon pubic hairstyle and the whole no condom thing seemed rather impertinent. Not saying she didn't do it but that level of "carnal knowledge" description wouldn't convict Michael Jackson.
2004-06-28 07:09:03 PM  
I read every disgusting word of that vile police report.

2004-06-28 07:09:04 PM  

Send me her contact information. I'd love to comfort her.

/express ticket please
2004-06-28 07:09:24 PM  

I didn't get laid in HS.

I guess my life was neverending misery and boredom.

Let's face it. For some teenagers, landing an older person who looks good is quite an accomplishment.

The sexuality of teenage females frightens people, but the sexuality of teenage males is the subject of many jokes.

Now why is this?
2004-06-28 07:09:24 PM  
She's hot and I'd hit it, blah blah blah, but I'm 23.

I hope she goes to jail.

I do feel sorry for her husband. Poor guy. He ended up married to someone who either

1. needs mental help
2. needs a mental blow with a 2x4
2004-06-28 07:09:40 PM  
oh.. also if she did not do this... she has already been prosecuted and found guilty by the media ahead of time... from CNN to the Today Show on NBC to all of the local media channels. she may never be able to work again anywhere in the state of florida... and certainly not as a teacher!! I just cannot fathom how the media is so quick to pass judgement on someone and of course everyone who reads or watches the media immediately follows suit.
2004-06-28 07:09:56 PM  
No, clearly this kid will be traumatized for life, because he cannot possibly understand the implications of his decision at 14. Once he reaches maturity, he will realize that she seduced and took advantage of him, at his young and naive age.

She, on the other hand, obviously must have been attracted to him on some level, making her a pedophile. They all need to be put to death.
2004-06-28 07:10:02 PM  
That poor, poor husband.

1. Discovers that wife has affair.
2. Discovers affair was with 14 year old.
3. Discovers 14 year old was her student.
4. Learns she had affair with 14 year old because he couldn't get it up.
5. Learns police report is published on internet.
6. Learns wedding photos are published on internet.

Hard to see what could be more humiliating.
2004-06-28 07:10:10 PM  
stpickrell you're absolutely right, and I'm sure there are a few boys who were indeed messed up for life because of a similar situation.

But in terms of averages, girls are much more vulnerable emotionally than boys at that stage in their lives. Hell, most girls don't reach "emotional maturity" of any kind until their late 20's.
2004-06-28 07:10:11 PM  
I would really like to read the juicy details, but don't have the patience to read the police report. Could someone please give me the Cliffs notes on the sex.
2004-06-28 07:10:12 PM  

..The Magic Stick..
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