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(ESPN)   WWE champion Brock Lesnar gives up seven-year, $45 million contract to try out for the NFL, despite the fact that he hasn't played since high school   ( divider line
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2004-06-28 03:38:44 PM  
Old news. Happened almost two months ago.
2004-06-28 03:38:57 PM  
Old news. This was announced months ago. Can't blame him
2004-06-28 03:39:25 PM  
And he is a homophobe! Good for him. I hope he goes belly up.
2004-06-28 03:39:29 PM  
maybe hes tired of feeling other dudes wangs on the back of his neck?
2004-06-28 03:39:39 PM  
Damn it......beat me. Anyway, he has a chance to get more respect in the NFL and a lighter schedule.
2004-06-28 03:40:18 PM  
Had two tryouts and failed to make the team.

Brian Bosworth would be proud of this guy's big fat farking mouth.
2004-06-28 03:40:41 PM  
But he can't beat up crippled kids in the NFL!
2004-06-28 03:40:51 PM  

Technically, that won't change if he's playing football...
2004-06-28 03:41:28 PM  
Newsflash: Athlete does something stupid.

/who woulda guessed?
2004-06-28 03:41:43 PM  
But, But.......what happens when he gets tested for steroids?
2004-06-28 03:41:56 PM  
My favorite part was the ridiculous homophobic stupidity.
2004-06-28 03:42:09 PM  
The next big thing? No. I don't really care. I'm not a fan of wrestling or football anymore. It's all about Calvinball.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-28 03:42:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

He missed his only shot
2004-06-28 03:42:35 PM  
If he could choose only three television channels to watch, it'd be a 24-hour hunting and fishing network, The Weather Channel and The Penthouse Channel. "I'd be a happy man," he said.

The Weather Channel? Boy, he is a deep thinker, huh? "I can't wait to see what happens on the next episode!"
2004-06-28 03:42:59 PM  
P.S. He does seem like kind of an asshat in the article.
2004-06-28 03:43:21 PM  

Brock who now?
2004-06-28 03:43:40 PM  
How do we know he is a homophobe?

/really? did he say something?
2004-06-28 03:44:08 PM  
Complicating matters was an April motorcycle accident in which Lesnar broke his jaw, fractured his left hand, severely pulled his groin and suffered tissue damage in his lower abdomen. His testicles were swollen and bruised for weeks.

2004-06-28 03:44:59 PM  
Isuldirs, rtfa
2004-06-28 03:45:04 PM  
RTFA Isuldirs. RTFA.

/me dumb
2004-06-28 03:45:23 PM  
If he's a homophobe, Smed, wouldn't belly-DOWN (over a chair) be more appropriate for him?
Just wondering...
2004-06-28 03:45:26 PM  
""My friend Shawn thinks you're kinda cute," she said.
Not Shawna. Not Shana.

To print what Brock Lesnar said might make even John Rocker blush. But after his curse-laden outburst, he turned to a nearby reporter and explained, "I don't like gays. Write that down in your little notebook. I don't like gays.""

He says as he sashays around in tights that would make Richard Simmons proud. Duuuuude, you are the epitome of teh ghey !

Just don't punch me for saying so.

2004-06-28 03:45:58 PM  
someone please photoshop this doofus doing a wrestling move to a player on the opposite team during an NFL game... the thread demands it!
2004-06-28 03:46:39 PM  
Brock Lesnar gives up 7-year $45 million contract

gives up = postpones?
2004-06-28 03:47:54 PM  
On a slightly related topic, anyone have any idea if I can get ESPNMotion working through FireFox? Pisses me the hell off that I can't see conveniently placed ads and 18 second clips of SportsCenter, but not enough to even touch IE.
2004-06-28 03:48:39 PM  
Cue whining from teh queers.
2004-06-28 03:49:43 PM  
Charming guy.
2004-06-28 03:49:56 PM  
I hear that those NFL games are all fake.
2004-06-28 03:50:13 PM  

Brock Lesnar gives up 7-year $45 million contract

gives up = postpones?

He left WWE on good terms, and will probably come back in under five years, but in terms of that contract? Given up and long gone.
2004-06-28 03:50:36 PM  
I lived in the dorm at the U of MN with this clown and the rest of the wrestling/football teams. He should of played football then and if he was decent, maybe the U could have put more people into the metrodome and won a bowl game when I was enrolled! Although the U did win 2 national wrestling titles, but I didn't have season tickets to wrestling. Oh, and he and the rest of those guys got a lot of @$$. Ridiculous.

/Go Hawkeyes
//Except when they play MN
2004-06-28 03:51:09 PM  
I've tried submitting many links regarding this story, but anyway, as a closet-WWE fan, well not in the closet anymore, many are arguing that he "sold out." But you can't sell-out for less money, can you?
I'm actually quite interested in how this will turn out.
2004-06-28 03:51:39 PM  
Wow.... Never knew he was such a douchebag. These comments really shine an interesting light on him. Jackass.

Also, "Shawn," while uncommon, can be a woman's name.

I hope this guy fails miserably.

- R
2004-06-28 03:51:57 PM  
Pssst. Brock, the NFL isn't "fake", and the other guys really mean to fark you up. Go back to tap dancing.
2004-06-28 03:52:33 PM  
The guy is a major asshole. He comes off as an arrogant, unintelligent jackass whenever he's interviewed. But he is probably the baddest MF you would ever hope to encounter. He was the heavyweight champ in D1 collegiate wrestling. That makes him one tough bastard.

And now he's on steroids. And wants to pick a fight everywhere he goes. Scary.

Anyway, I'm not sure how he'll fare as far as the NFL tryout, but if he makes it I'd be interested to see his first drug test.

2004-06-28 03:52:34 PM  
Here comes the pain...

of being broke and unemployed
2004-06-28 03:52:51 PM  
closet-WWE fan, well not in the closet anymore

I don't know how he'd feel about you now that you're out of the closet and all..
2004-06-28 03:53:02 PM  

true, so true

R.I.P Pat
2004-06-28 03:53:21 PM  
I bet Brock Lesnar is the kind of guy who would fark you in the arse, and not even have the common courtesy to give you a reacharound.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-28 03:53:45 PM  
In other NFL news the Packers have aquired Randy Moss. Adding to their furniture themed backfield...Of Tim COUCH and Nejeh DAVENPORT. Coach Mike Sherman with this aquisition they finally have the LAZY BOY they have been looking for.

/really has nothing this time.
2004-06-28 03:54:57 PM  
You sold out! You sold out!

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!

This match sucks! This match sucks!

/god bless New York and Madison Square Garden
2004-06-28 03:55:08 PM  
I doubt he is scared of homosexuals? That is what that word means, correct?
2004-06-28 03:55:27 PM  
"Lesnar ran the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds, a blistering time for a man his size. He has a 10-foot standing broad jump. A 35-inch vertical leap"

Thats nuts, and to the people who are saying the WWE is fake, youre right, but he was a AWESOME "real" wrestler in School. Very, very talented.
2004-06-28 03:56:10 PM  
Captain Jose- Just as a reminder- if you get a season ticket to wrestling, which involves oiled up sweaty guys rolling all over each other in an effort to pin someone down, you might be secretly craving the Gentleman Sausage.

(Of course that goes for football too)
2004-06-28 03:56:43 PM  
A real rennaisance man, that Brock.
2004-06-28 03:56:49 PM  
"April motorcycle accident in which Lesnar broke his jaw, fractured his left hand, severely pulled his groin and suffered tissue damage in his lower abdomen. His testicles were swollen and bruised for weeks."

So much for the "next big thing."
2004-06-28 03:57:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ray Lewis says "Please please PLEASE let him play on offense!"
2004-06-28 03:57:47 PM  
WWE wrestler a dumbass - say it ain't so joe!
2004-06-28 03:58:12 PM  
Isn't kinda funny how a lot of wrestling guys are over-the-top homophobic? They engage in a sport that involves getting as close as possible to another guy short of penetration.
2004-06-28 03:58:51 PM  
The Weather Channel? Boy, he is a deep thinker, huh? "I can't wait to see what happens on the next episode!"

He likes hunting and fishing.
2004-06-28 03:59:20 PM  
seems like a real jagoff. might be for publicity, but if not...jagoff.
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