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(BBC) NewsFlash Paul Bremmer can't stand another day, says "To hell with it, Iraq -- you're sovereign as of right now"   ( divider line
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23162 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jun 2004 at 3:06 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-06-28 3:08:57 AM  
2004-06-28 3:09:45 AM  
Cool, they beat the deadline. Did Bremer earn extra credit?
2004-06-28 3:09:55 AM  
Odd, does anyone else see that lump of squishy brown matter hurling towards that spinning bladed device?
2004-06-28 3:10:14 AM  
Yeah right,"soverign" my arse.
2004-06-28 3:10:58 AM  
My headline didn't have a typo

/got nothin'

Very cool news!!!
2004-06-28 3:11:02 AM  
[conspiracy theory] Obviously, this was moved up to push Michael Moore out of the headlines. [/conspiracy theory]

Or, it could just be to mess with the terrorists' plans.
2004-06-28 3:11:05 AM  
An other day?

My headline had "now watch my golf swing" HAHAHAHA

Anyway, It's a shrewd move for sure, I sorta thought they might do this. Now no one can organise anything...and as far as hostages, the US can say "I dunno, ask Iraq, they have your prisoners, not us. Can we have our people back with heads attached?"
2004-06-28 3:11:16 AM  
judicial versus empirical - gee, i wonder...
2004-06-28 3:11:19 AM  
Stop! Collaborate and listen.

/ice ice baby
2004-06-28 3:11:32 AM  
Bremer had tickets to go see F 9/11 tonight.
2004-06-28 3:11:59 AM  
wow....another victory for bush.

2004-06-28 3:12:34 AM  
What a lame joke.

I first heard this one back in 1979 Afghanistan...
2004-06-28 3:12:53 AM  
Saddam will be brought before an Iraqi judge in a few days for indictments..
2004-06-28 3:13:05 AM  
a small step in the right direction...
2004-06-28 3:13:20 AM  
let 'em loose.
2004-06-28 3:14:49 AM  
*Wonders how long until the Iraqi govt gets told they can't do something by the US govt.*
2004-06-28 3:15:30 AM  
The guy's face in the picture says it all for me. "Thanks for the FU*KED UP COUNTRY!"
2004-06-28 3:16:08 AM  
They have so little control in Iraq that they have to sneak up the handover...

"Nothing to see here, everything is under control." :p
2004-06-28 3:16:11 AM  
No good will come of this.
2004-06-28 3:16:22 AM  
BTW, the BBC article says only that the handover's been put forward. has just confirmed that the handover has just occurred, and both Fox News and CNN have reiterated as much on TV.

Full Sovereignty Handed Over to Iraqis Two Days Before Deadline
2004-06-28 3:16:35 AM  
is this a "trick the impending massive resistance assault against the new government" trick play? like in tecmo bowl where you say you are gonna press "down and b" but instead hit the "up and a" for a B. Sanders touchdown?

/works everytime... IN TECMO BOWL
2004-06-28 3:17:22 AM  
Its Vichy France allll over again.

/one ticket, window seat
2004-06-28 3:17:30 AM  
Now that's what I call a sticky situation.
2004-06-28 3:18:22 AM  
Commence the cynical pessimistic responses!
2004-06-28 3:19:18 AM  
I submitted this earlier with a funnier deadline.
2004-06-28 3:19:21 AM  
*head explodes*
2004-06-28 3:19:26 AM  
This is amusing for some reason. I'm not sure why yet, and I have more pressing things to do (no, really!!) than sit around and try to figure out why I think it's so funny. But maybe I'll post it later if I realize why.
2004-06-28 3:20:44 AM  
i have a headache from all of the recent political flamewars. can we all stfu and just be optimistic just for this thread? pretty please? clean the farking car?

maybe there's a chance we liberated and restored democracy to what was previously a dictatorship.

/headache from drunk
2004-06-28 3:22:05 AM  
Not to be a cynical pessimist or anything, but...

Anyway, seriously, this just feels like, to quote the old Onion article, Israel II: Back With a Vengeance. That, or everything will go swimmingly. And only Trillian Astra knows for certain.

(...Sorry, just finished reading Mostly Harmless a few days ago.)
2004-06-28 3:22:57 AM  
CableGuy - Well done, my man. Well done.
2004-06-28 3:23:04 AM  
I submitted this earlier with a funnier deadline.

how many days have you been waiting to use that gem?


//...been waiting to use that gem...
2004-06-28 3:23:20 AM  
me fix, boo boo aw bedder
2004-06-28 3:23:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

How some Iraqis are feeling -- same baggy clothes, different person (or people).
2004-06-28 3:23:40 AM  
are our boys being shipped home yet?

what? no you say? well, then not a damn thing has changed.
2004-06-28 3:24:33 AM  
Trying to catch the terrorists off guard?

/got nothin
2004-06-28 3:24:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-28 3:24:43 AM  
I guess the date had a sampling error of +/- 3 days, huh?
2004-06-28 3:25:07 AM  
Yay! Now Iraq can become an opressive fundamentalist nation influenced by it's neighbors Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

/maybe, maybe not.
2004-06-28 3:25:18 AM  
I'll bet [image from too old to be available] is to blame for all this.
2004-06-28 3:26:05 AM  
I predict this before 8AM EST:

[image from too old to be available]
d23 [OhFark]
2004-06-28 3:27:12 AM  
Well.. it was "to be done by" and not "to be done on" Midnight June 30...

It totally farks up CNN's special programming that they had set up for the next week and other news outlets as well... tough to be them I guess.

CNN hasn't bothered to get Anderson Cooper, Paula Zahn, or Aaron Brown out of bed though.
2004-06-28 3:27:19 AM  
Iran ready to invade Iraq in 4..3..2...
2004-06-28 3:27:20 AM  
"I believe today we will challenge those elements in Iraq - the terrorists, the criminals, the Saddamists, the anti-democratic forces - by bringing the date of the handover of sovereignty even before 30 June, as a sign that we are ready for the job."

Uh, you do know they'll take you up on that challenge, don't you? Good luck, people.

/BTW, "Saddamists" is too close to sodomists, although it is a nice PR move.
2004-06-28 3:27:28 AM  
Be one with Yuri!
2004-06-28 3:27:39 AM  
Nope buzz, it was Jesus' fault. WWJD (What would Jesus destroy?).
2004-06-28 3:27:40 AM  
What has happened to Saddam anyway? He got captured and that was like the end of it. Is he going to write a book? Wtf..
2004-06-28 3:28:44 AM  
I knew there was a reason I just woke up in the middle of the night. It was my internal news detector telling me we had just made a puppet government in a "foreign" country.
2004-06-28 3:29:40 AM  

We have troops all over the world. Doesn't mean we're in their countries against their will. Iraqis need our security forces (AKA high value targets). Let's give them a chance for democracy. Let them learn a thing or two from their neighbor to the North. Let's be optimistic for a change.
2004-06-28 3:29:58 AM  

Saddam is going to be turned over to Iraqi authorities. (supposedly)
2004-06-28 3:30:28 AM  
/BTW, "Saddamists" is too close to sodomists, although it is a nice PR move.

[image from too old to be available]
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