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(Scranton PA)   If you're going to grow 150 pot plants, don't do it right above your record shop named "Electric Mindshaft"   ( divider line
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2004-06-26 10:57:25 AM  
Acting on a tip, narcotics and special investigative agents walked away with 146 marijuana plants.....
For the next to last time: Quit helping these people screw your neighbors

2004-06-26 11:20:37 AM  
What does the name of the store have to do with anything?
2004-06-26 11:21:55 AM  
My friend ann's mom used to grow pot indoors by a window in a terra cotta planter (they lived WAY the fark out in the middle of nowhere). Anyway, one time the dog ate an entire 4 ft. plant.

That poor dog was SOOOOOO hungry.

/the article just reminded me of that.
2004-06-26 11:22:16 AM  
Is there a pot plant bust trifecta yet?
2004-06-26 11:22:34 AM  
A 22 foot ladder? Not bad.

And for the second to last time: If you grow, don't tell anyone!! Not even the closest of friends. It's much better to just grow it in your own secrecy, and then show them what you grew after the fact.
2004-06-26 11:25:40 AM  
So now one of the few businesses left in downtown Scranton (the armpit of America) is closed? Anyway, I guess the pot explains how the place stayed open all these years.
2004-06-26 11:34:31 AM  
two pot stories in 1 day, where's the third to close it out?
2004-06-26 11:38:06 AM  
Is there a pot plant bust trifecta yet?

It appears we're working on it... It's not even noon yet and we're 66% there.
2004-06-26 11:42:13 AM  
Police showcased much of the marijuana and toked the rest.

2004-06-26 11:50:46 AM  
Hey neighbors, Knock knock?
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-26 11:52:00 AM  
Ok, that gave me the inspiration I needed.
</beginning my garden>
2004-06-26 11:56:45 AM  
With the Keystone kops in Scrantoon PA, you can bet that there's gonna be a serious doughnut shortage coming up.
2004-06-26 11:56:47 AM  
Yeah, so so glad this dangerous "narcotics" "manufacturer" is going to have his life ruined and a large amount of property seized. What a relief!! I'm SOOO much safer. Having grown in the past (no longer, can't smoke, my lungs won't let me), it is TRULY the most rewarding hobby/pastime/flirt with disaster I've found, outside of kitten killing. Anybody inspired by this, seek out Marc Emery on the web, he'll set you up. I've ordered seeds from him before, and is that Shiat GOOOD! A little nerve wracking, perhaps, but it works. Best of luck! Overgrow the government!!
2004-06-26 11:57:12 AM  
I had a neighbor that grew just a few plants in his back yard in Utah. No one knew what it looked like because he lived in a mostly mormon neighborhood. He got away with it for years.
2004-06-26 12:03:01 PM  
How many bong hits does it take to get to the center of a stoner?

/my $.02
2004-06-26 12:21:12 PM  
Surprised the Scra'on PD had something to do other than swarming the local University looking for underage drinking. Guess they actually stop other crimes when school's out.
2004-06-26 12:23:48 PM  
Never, never, never...

1. Never grow your plants on your own property.
2. Never tell anyone about them.
3. Never take pictures of your crop then take the film to Walmart for processing.
2004-06-26 12:26:10 PM  
It's amazing that people think this is a free country.
2004-06-26 12:35:55 PM  
raised in Scranton and used to always go to the Electric Mindshaft.... that place always did smell like the art teachers office
2004-06-26 12:38:00 PM  
For the love of god it's a plant - these kind of things make the human race look stupid.
2004-06-26 12:42:59 PM  
It's a good thing those police got those very bad plants. Those plants were a danger to all! I, for one, feel much better now that they are in the hands of the law instead of that miscreant music store owner. You know he was going to kill all the Scranton kids with his evil plants. Thank God for informants.

I guess God messed up when He allowed those terrible plants to grow naturally from His soil. Thank goodness for the Scranton PD - thanks for fixing God's mistake.

//puff and the finger
2004-06-26 1:53:37 PM  
Acting on a tip...

Which means the cops were probably using illegal search methods (looking for grow-rooms with IR, etc.) then lied about it to get the warrant.

"Uh... yeah. No, someone told us about it. Really."
2004-06-26 2:01:09 PM  
and today's pot trifecta is complete (don't forget about the pot flavored booze).
2004-06-26 2:04:56 PM  
2004-06-26 2:10:03 PM  
jesus, this pisses me off. . .the feds run commercials claiming that marijuana use supports terrorism as the locals continue to bust peaceful domestic growers.
2004-06-26 2:43:43 PM  
Mr,Dick..a one...a two..cough..a three..gasp,cough{hold it in}AAHHH the world may never know!!!
Come on people mind your own business.every body grow your own end the blackmarket Bulls___t!!!Will the Goverment please stay out of my bedroom and my garden!!!!IT'S NONE
OF THEIR BUSINESS!I'm over 21 years of age,I'm not a theif or a killer,{small puppy's excluded}So fark off cause it's nobody's business but my own!!!!!!
2004-06-26 2:57:56 PM  
Headline is a
2004-06-26 3:06:03 PM  

niiiiice. i bet your friend Marc appreciates you spouting his name off on the interweb.
2004-06-26 3:09:51 PM  
scratch that. after searching, it looks like he WANTS the attention.
2004-06-26 3:19:11 PM  
guess he made the mistake of believing this was a free country. dumbass.
2004-06-26 3:58:15 PM  
"Narcotics agents, who asked not to be identified,"...

Yeah I bet the 'victim' (yes, I am referring to a law breaker as a victim.. sue me) didn't want to be identified either...
TWX [TotalFark]
2004-06-26 4:09:24 PM  
Heh, I've seen dumber than this guy...

There was a club in Mesa, AZ called The Nile Theatre that at one point had been a really awesome Egyptian-themed movie and stage theatre, but over time saw its floor leveled out, everything painted black, and was turned into a functional yet mildly lame goth/industrial club. Anyway, the community in Mesa is fairly conservative, and this was right smack in the middle of the Downtown that they wanted to renovate, so it consequently was under a fair amount of scrutiny. It doesn't help that the club was all ages and tended to have people of ages not quite appropriate wearing clothes that were not quite approprate (body fishnets only, stuff like that) and that it was known for people occasionally using drugs in the open inside.

Anyway, the owner of this club apparently had gotten fairly deep into one of the bigger local Meth distribution rings that was operating in the Phoenix area. So let's see here, big noisy club that the cops don't like and are constantly watching, and distributing a highly illegal substance through a community that has avowed to put a stop to it. Does this sound like a bad idea to anyone else?

The dude is serving time now if I remember correctly, and the space that the club was in has been converted to a church of all things. It's friggin' weird.
2004-06-26 4:10:49 PM  
I love PA

2004-06-26 4:17:54 PM  
Marc Emery is an attention whore who cares more about his moronic political platform than providing good seeds. He has threatened to narc personal information of people in the US who have ordered from him simply because they posted on his forums that they did not receive the seeds they ordered. His senseless politics and childish antics make him one of the last people I would suggest ordering seeds from.

Read forums for more in depth information about his actions. forums are where he resides, and you can sometimes catch a hint of the displeasure of many of his customers before he censors their posts.
2004-06-26 4:55:39 PM  
electric mindshaft

Man, there's a name I haven't heard in a while.

At the end of every semester my roomate & I would go to the mindshaft and spend all of our used book money on used CDs and Zeppelin bootlegs. (We didn't have this fancy intarweb to steal our music from back then.) This guy was totally the pot-growin' type.

Then, of couse, we turned 21 and we had a choice to spend money on beer or on music. Never got back to the mindshaft too often after that, no.

Good times, good times.
2004-06-26 8:47:19 PM  
l33t hax0r

[image from too old to be available]

Who's there, Ricky?
2004-06-26 11:29:02 PM  
"146 marijuana plants...Police Chief David Elliott said the cache represented one of the largest, and most sophisticated, drug operations in the city's history."

Scranton's not much of a town is it? Toronto cops laugh at 146 plants.
2004-06-27 11:57:21 AM  

I lived in Scranton in the 80s. And I would say your assessment "The armpit of America" pretty much hits the nail on the head.

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