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1710 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Aug 2018 at 3:00 PM (48 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2018-08-15 09:58:08 AM  
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2018-08-16 02:41:33 PM  
[sniff, sniff] Dammit, Ralph, you're supposed to do that in the woods!
2018-08-16 03:02:26 PM  
Uh.... warm spot.
2018-08-16 03:03:37 PM  
Skinny dipping is great.  It's so freeing to be bear from head to toe.
2018-08-16 03:05:34 PM  
stupid safesearch...this isn't what I meant by bear watersports.

/didn't see the votey option
2018-08-16 03:10:21 PM  
Human with a camera, LUNCH!
2018-08-16 03:19:28 PM  
Bear looking at other bear: Hey Ralph, have you ever thought about the saying 'You are what you eat?' Because we eat a lot of fish.
Bear looking at camera: Omg, we're totally fish.
2018-08-16 03:21:24 PM  
Ralph:  Why did God create Yogi Bear?
Ed:  I dunno, why did God create Yogi Bear?
Ralph:  Because on his first try, he made a Boo-Boo
2018-08-16 03:25:19 PM  
I'm not taking my clothes off til he leaves.
2018-08-16 03:26:44 PM  
I see a bush with an orange flower on top of it, pointing something metallic at us. Let's just stand here and see what happens next.
2018-08-16 03:30:35 PM  
Yeah Phil?
Do you see that human with the camera?
I do now.
Do you think he's going to report us?
No Phil.
How you you know, Frank? He looks like he's taking notes!
Because Phil, my mouth is watering...
2018-08-16 03:42:18 PM  
If Putin can't find us, he can't ride us.
2018-08-16 03:50:32 PM  
"I told you this was not a good place for our hibernation cave."
2018-08-16 03:51:26 PM  
Uhm, Ralph? Why are you touching me, there?
2018-08-16 04:55:58 PM  
Hey, that's a really tasty looking photographer over there.  Shall we get him?
2018-08-16 05:22:49 PM  
Water's a bit green today, Dave.

Yeah, yesterday it ate a dog.
2018-08-16 05:23:56 PM  
Keep doing that thing with you're paw I am reasonably sure human can't see below water.  Faster faster.
2018-08-16 06:33:37 PM  
Just stay in! I read about it on the internet! If we become water bears, we'll be practically indestructible!
2018-08-16 06:38:04 PM  
-- We should buy a boat.
-- That one's getting really old, Bruno.
2018-08-16 09:01:46 PM  
Dude did you just pee?
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