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(Mental Floss)   What happens when an astronaut gets sick in space?   ( divider line
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2018-08-10 12:53:51 PM  
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2018-08-10 01:10:52 PM  
Space force vomiting?
2018-08-10 02:24:59 PM  
They covered that in Apollo 13.
2018-08-10 02:29:59 PM  
"NASA and other space agencies that have missions aboard the ISS are prepared."

Holy shiat! NASA is working with terrorists now? WTF man?
2018-08-10 02:30:04 PM  
So it's better to get sick in space than the South Pole, huh?​d​_Rogozov
2018-08-10 02:31:11 PM  
Is the sickness able to be treated?

Yes - then treat the patient
No - then eject the patient into space
2018-08-10 02:44:08 PM  
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2018-08-10 02:51:41 PM  
They don't because they're outside the range of the NWO's electromagnetic illness field emanators.
2018-08-10 03:09:46 PM  
You have to get out the wet vac.
2018-08-10 03:09:51 PM  
For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.
2018-08-10 03:11:34 PM  
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2018-08-10 03:18:34 PM  
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// yes, I know this was technically not "in space"
2018-08-10 03:32:08 PM  
Take two aspirin and call the doctor in the morning.

Geez, do I have to do everything?
2018-08-10 03:32:32 PM  
Sure, the food ain't that bad...
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2018-08-10 03:38:13 PM  
If you're Wally Schirra, you ragequit NASA halfway through a mission and get completely written out of any
official NASA histories.
2018-08-10 04:08:55 PM  
If you have intestinal issues farting is supposedly a problem because without normal air convection farts just... linger. It will float around you on top of your normal funk so everyone will know who dealt it. Sadly, though, farts and sneezes don't provide enough propulsion to shoot you across the ISS.
2018-08-10 04:10:40 PM  
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2018-08-10 04:26:18 PM  

LeftisRightisWrong: Sure, the food ain't that bad...
[ image 400x167]

Check, please.
2018-08-10 04:38:54 PM  
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2018-08-10 05:20:44 PM  

Muso: [ image 700x432]


It depends on *where* you Technicolor Yawn.

If you're in a suit at the time, like this photo...well, it sucks to be you, but at least the mess is fairly well contained (if unpleasant for the occupant)

Now, if you're just hanging out in the station...yeesh. I'll bet the 'Nauts have an eye on a nearby towel or something to corral the worst of the mess at the...time of ejection, because they all know what a holy hell it's going to be to hunt down and clean that up if it gets slooshed out into the air.
2018-08-10 05:25:03 PM  
2018-08-10 06:12:33 PM  
This is why any serious long-term space travel is going to require us to develop artificial gravity (like the spinning "space hotel" and the crew quarters of the Discovery in 2001) first.  Human beings are simply not adapted to zero-g.
2018-08-11 01:11:13 AM  

Tom-Servo: FTFA:
"NASA and other space agencies that have missions aboard the ISS are prepared."

Holy shiat! NASA is working with terrorists now? WTF man?

ISIS are terrorists. You might want to take a look at your eyesight. Oh, unless you were making a stupid joke because it almost looks like ISIS.

/Debbie Downer
2018-08-11 01:14:43 AM  
Space illness is no joke.

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2018-08-11 09:16:39 AM  
Why would you have to consult with anyone on what to do with a bump, bruise, cut, or scratch?
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