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(Ireland Online)   Gary Oldman handpicked by George Lucas to play the "deadliest" Star Wars villain yet. The plan is for him to brutally slay Jar Jar Binks   ( breakingnews.iol.ie) divider line
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2004-06-24 02:45:24 PM  
What kind of lame name is General Grevious?

General Disarray surrenders.
2004-06-24 02:46:05 PM  
yeah -- sure. so deadly that he only last for one movie.

someone should step up and prevent george lucas from making any more movies. ever again.
2004-06-24 02:46:25 PM  
And here I was pulling for Fran Drescher. Oh well.
2004-06-24 02:46:52 PM  
amend my last, please : "lasts".
i hear he has a henchman named private parts.
2004-06-24 02:54:35 PM  
What about Colonel Lingus?
2004-06-24 02:55:21 PM  
Damn, I actually like Gary Oldman. Can't believe he's gonna do this.
2004-06-24 02:55:41 PM  
[image from frontiernet.net too old to be available]

How about General Silky, feared commander of the Impreial attractive and successful Caucasian-American Pimp forces?
2004-06-24 03:11:22 PM  
IMDb doesn't list this with Oldman's acting roles. That's odd.
2004-06-24 03:17:05 PM  
[image from ruthlessreviews.com too old to be available]

Tell you what I do like though. A killer. A dyed in the wool killer! Cold-blooded, clean, methodical and thorough.
Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF1, would have immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun.
2004-06-24 03:23:38 PM  
IMDB has this story in their gossip page. They know what's up.

It will be Gary's filmography soon.
2004-06-24 03:28:58 PM  
Great. Another talented actor trying to force his way through some of the worst dialog since Terror Comes to Tiny Town.
2004-06-24 05:37:44 PM  
On the one hand, Gary Oldman rocks, but on the other hand, SW3 is going to be mediocre at best.
2004-06-24 07:36:55 PM  
I hope Jar Jar gets mauled by gigantic wild boars, like in Hannibal.
2004-06-24 07:38:25 PM  
Oldman will voice the character General Grevious, who is part-alien/part-robot.

Oh god no.
2004-06-24 07:38:31 PM  
Oh, God. Not another Star Wars movie...
2004-06-24 07:39:10 PM  
could anything be stupider than the villain he played in 5th Element?
2004-06-24 07:39:13 PM  
You know what? I have not yet even seen the last movie and guess what? It dosent bother me in the least. mayby sometime in the future I'll catch it on a late show.

/kick the star wars habit
2004-06-24 07:39:29 PM  
General Grevious, who is part-alien/part-robot.

fark you Lucas.
2004-06-24 07:39:40 PM  
Gary Oldman is going soft. between this and Harry Potter, he is totally trying to court the 12-14 year old boy demographic.

that being said, I'm a 27-year-old woman who saw Harry Potter and plans to see SW3.
2004-06-24 07:40:25 PM  
Sinatra: You probably shouldn't rely on IMDB for facts regarding movies that haven't been made - the information there is largely user submitted and prone to fanboy errors.
2004-06-24 07:40:33 PM  
I lost interest in Star Wars about 20 years ago.
2004-06-24 07:41:19 PM  
Deadliest ever? Kinda like Darth Maul was... and then promptly got cut in half.
2004-06-24 07:43:24 PM  
Sid Vicious... easy choice for outfits of evil...
2004-06-24 07:43:53 PM  
Lucas still hasn't gotten off his fat ass and started this 3rd movie yet? Is he that much of an idiot?
2004-06-24 07:43:53 PM  
this can only turn out dissapointing
2004-06-24 07:44:07 PM  
Why are people upset about a part-human, part-robot villain?

Wasn't Darth Vader the same type of villain?

That said, I have no doubt this movie will suck.
2004-06-24 07:44:10 PM  
Oldman will voice the character General Grevious, who is part-alien/part-robot.

I wouldn't be surprised if Lucas made him part-zombie, part-ninja, and part-pirate too. Anything that would make a 'cool' action figure.
2004-06-24 07:44:23 PM  
Dr. Zachary Smith was another good space role for him...
2004-06-24 07:44:32 PM  
Wow, another Star Wars character that suddenly shows up in Ep 3, and is never heard from again. Supposedly, "the deadliest villian yet".

I just can't get excited about this.

Plus, Oldman is a right-ring asshat anyway.
He sucked in the new Potter film too.
2004-06-24 07:44:59 PM  
when i first looked at the headline i saw gary coleman.

that would've been more awesome.
2004-06-24 07:45:04 PM  
Err... I meant part-alien, part-robot.

Still, Darth Vader was also an alien, because he came from a galaxy far far away, so my comparison still stands.
2004-06-24 07:45:41 PM  
Zombie Pirate Ninja??? Best. Movie. Ever.
2004-06-24 07:46:06 PM  
I thought Vader was the deadliest ever.. What with the killing of everyone and all...

Who wants to be Lucas forgets to turn Anakin to the darkside? It seems like he's waiting an awful long time.

That said, I believe the character General Grievous is in the "Clone Wars" mini series at the end, in which case if he is actually replicated in the movie, he will rock everyone's balls. (Even the Farkettes)
2004-06-24 07:46:21 PM  
Is it just me, or did that story not say anything about brutally slaying Jar Jar? Must kill Jar Jar. Goddamn Jar Jar.

/hates Jar Jar
2004-06-24 07:46:37 PM  

could anything be stupider than the villain he played in 5th Element?

Are you kidding? Zorg was farking awesome. Hilariousest bad guy evar.

As far as this Star Wars character... doesn't brutally slaying Jar Jar Binks preclude him being a villain?
2004-06-24 07:47:19 PM  
jar... jar... must... die...
2004-06-24 07:47:40 PM  
Well, Oldman is cool. He was great in the Fifth Element.

WTF is with the name General Grevious? Will there also be a General Evil and a General Badguy? This movie will suck. I'll go see it and be bitterly disappointed. Damn you Lucas!

Obviously #2 is "Churn out crappy movies". But I lack the willpower not to see it.

If I screw up my pathetic willpower really hard maybe I'll wait for the DVD rental and watch it at home (on my 96" horizontal screen, yay!)
2004-06-24 07:48:19 PM  
Don't forget that he's part-robot and part-alien, so it would be:

Zombie Robot Pirate Ninja Alien!!!!!1
2004-06-24 07:48:40 PM  
Contradictory headline...
2004-06-24 07:48:44 PM  
Will Jar Jar die screaming in a voice that sounds like a tickle me elmo doll?
2004-06-24 07:48:45 PM  
Better Headline:
Gary Oldman to become mail away action figure
2004-06-24 07:49:14 PM  
And here I thought that 'Star Trek' was dying. Seems that Lucas is trying to follow in the grinding a successful franchise into the dirt for seemingly no good reason.
2004-06-24 07:49:54 PM  
If you tried to force me to watch this movie with a Clockwork Orange apparatus, I'd choke to death by swallowing my own tongue.
2004-06-24 07:50:34 PM  
I swear that I read Gary Coleman and almost got a seizure. Then I pictured him in an Ewok suit
[image from drmenlo.com too old to be available]
2004-06-24 07:50:41 PM  
Too much awesome for one man to handle.
Now if it was a Zombie Robot Pirate Ninja Alien Redhead women who fights Nazis........
2004-06-24 07:51:08 PM  
Script-writing drone: So yeah Mr Lucas... We need a name for the new bad guy... Any ideas?

Lucas: Hmmm... How about General Grevious

Script-writing drone: Well that sucks ass SUPERBAD! Don't you even care any more?

Lucas: You're fired. Get off my cash cow.
2004-06-24 07:51:56 PM  
According to reports, Oldman's character will try and hunt down Jedi knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the film, which is due to hit cinemas next summer.

I wonder if he'll succeed, oh wait, we ALREADY KNOW THAT.

2004-06-24 07:52:14 PM  
Script-writing drone: Well that sucks ass SUPERBAD! Don't you even care any more?

/sound of Fresca spewing all over my keyboard and shorts, damn you!
2004-06-24 07:52:23 PM  
Wait a minute; the villan in this next movie doesn't have to die, instead he can be relocated to a distant planet where he is all by himself.
2004-06-24 07:52:24 PM  
Yeah I was right. Grievous appears in the last episode of Cartoon Network's clonewars miniseries. Episode 20. He kicks the shiat out of many Jedi.

Anyone have a link?
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