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(Some Guy)   Amusement park ride collapses... isn't this where the May Fark party is supposed to take place?   ( toledoblade.com) divider line
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2002-01-18 12:04:59 AM  
That would suck!
2002-01-18 12:09:29 AM  
Simple fact of the matter is amusement parks really don't take care of their rides during the winter months. And they always rush at the last minute to get everything ready before opening day.

At least, that's how King's Dominion was.
2002-01-18 12:14:26 AM  
Do I still want to go to the FARK party...
Yeah, I'll take my chances!
2002-01-18 12:14:59 AM  
I used to work at an amusement park and he's right. However this tower collapsing isnt because of that. Shiat happens... if you don't ride these things, you have nothing to worry about.

If you are like Mike and want to ride every coaster ever made, you are bound to die on a roller coaster. I bet he snuck into the park for a free ride...

You couldn't wait a couple more months Mike??
2002-01-18 12:15:59 AM  
So a 200 foot section collapsed.

I'm still going to in May - so bring on the coasters!!!!
2002-01-18 12:21:23 AM  
Hell yeah! Tha man can't keep Farkistan down!
2002-01-18 12:24:00 AM  
It suffered the same problem I suffer from, a pole that's wayyy too long.
2002-01-18 12:26:58 AM  
Yo GreenBeetle, King's Dominion in tha house!!!!!

Yep, he's right about that, people worked like madman in the days leading up to opening. I never worked in rides, but those people worked some crazy long hours..

but during the winter, the rides just sat there......
2002-01-18 12:27:15 AM  
At least it wasn't a tower on one of the coasters. That would have really been a mess. Besides, it was a pay per ride attraction anyways, so I don't know how many will miss it. I'm just glad that it didn't decide to do this at the beginning of the season. Freaky that it's a pretty new ride. Still gonna stand by Cedar Point as one of the best in the world, though :)
2002-01-18 12:28:22 AM  
oops, I mean she, not he..(read the profile, sorry.)
2002-01-18 12:31:25 AM  
Actually, JayShadow, it's probably safest to ride the established, well-groomed, middle-aged rides... Those have tend to have the kinks worked out, and tend not to have gained new troubles...
2002-01-18 12:32:10 AM  
Still going. It'll be fun
2002-01-18 12:33:27 AM  
Big fun at the Fark party

[image from x-entertainment.com too old to be available]

"What's that cracking noise..?"
2002-01-18 12:34:19 AM  
There gonna do an ultrasound, I wonder if its gonna be a girl.
2002-01-18 12:46:20 AM  
There's a Fark party in this neck of the woods in May? I'm there!
2002-01-18 12:52:45 AM  
Yeah, that occured at some silly ride that's outsoide of cedar point, in the challenge park. I never go outside, except for the go karts :)

I had no idea there was a fark party in my neck of the woods either. I'd so love to go :) plus it's a great reason to go to cedar point, as well :)

Count me In!
2002-01-18 01:00:30 AM  
That's true, Trowshep. Come to think of it, it's kinda scary when they come up with a new ride like this, mass produce it, and then one of them fails. Now people will probably question this ride at the other parks too. I'm not sure how widespread the news is, though, because it's local coverage here. Did anyone outside of Northern Ohio hear about this somewhere other than Fark?

All this makes me want to reinstall Roller Coaster Tycoon again for some reason...
2002-01-18 01:12:13 AM  
Cedar Point owns. Anyone from Lorain in the hood?
2002-01-18 01:32:47 AM  
Obviously, there was a failure in the pipe structure Ya think?
2002-01-18 01:35:26 AM  
I'm from Canton, about 70 or so miles south of Cedar Point, I don't really know milage, just time distance(about 90mins)..

That place seems to have troubles a lot. Cedar Point has a lot of coasters and whatnot, and a lot of them fail. It's just common architechure, I just hope that they check it over better in the summer. I'm sure, though, that this will prompt a lot of maintinance in the opening month.

I remember going to King's Island, another Ohio park, the day after 2 people died and 2 others got severely injured. Someone was standing in some water where they were not to be, cooling their feet off, when they happened to get near a faulty electric generator placed conveniently in a pool of water. He got himself shocked, and his friend jumped in to save him. Consequently, the friend was shocked as well. The third member of their party jumped in as well... I'm sure you can guess his predicament, too. The first man died, the other two were severly burnt. The other death, you say? It was a middle-aged woman riding in one of those rocket car things that simply spin around and go up and down, very slow and safe..She fell from the car to her doom. How? ...She was trying to get higher up to get a better view of the carnage from the electric water party.
2002-01-18 01:48:54 AM  
Miss Kelly... ;-) I'm afraid you can't go hon.... two of us? nope, no can do! (jk)

It was a tower ride... not a coaster... we're safe! ;-)
2002-01-18 01:49:11 AM  

Not Lorain, but Lorain County - Oberlin to be exact.

And I hate Cedar Point.
2002-01-18 02:01:28 AM  
Denison (again)

My CP comment wasn't directed at you, by the way, just this thread in general.
2002-01-18 03:02:09 AM  
I'm in Southern California, and I didn't hear about it anywhere but FARK.

Still, I was super p!ssed when I went to Knott's Berry Farm last year, only to find the Haunted Shack replaced with one of these steel VertiGo monstrosities.

The Haunted Shack was one of my favorite things in the park, and legend has it, it was also the center of gravity.

Bring back the Shack!(tm)
2002-01-18 03:48:04 AM  
Cedar Point is the bomb. Roller Coasters up the yin yang.
2002-01-18 04:53:01 AM  
have no fear, it will all be safe for the customers - i worked there one summer, and they make sure the rides are ok by forcing the employees to ride them over and over and over at progressively higher speeds before the park officially opens (i remember riding the blue streak like 50 times strait one morning until one of the wooden support beams finally cracked in half, nearly killing everybody. that sure was fun). that way if something does go majorly wrong, it is just some dumbass employee making minimum wage (me) getting killed, not a paying customer. can't have paying customers dying, bad for business.
2002-01-18 05:14:58 AM  
I'm still going too... those slingshot rides cost extra anyway, I think. I'll stick with the coasters, thanks! Can't wait...

For those interested in joining us in May, here's the FarkoasterFest site that Mike made. It has all the info 'n stuff.
2002-01-18 07:38:07 AM  
I bet Mike's grieving over this one.
2002-01-18 09:02:33 AM  
Raysmith Yeah, nothing to worry about if you don't ride them, except if the thing collapses while you're walking under it!
2002-01-18 09:29:04 AM  
Take it from a guy who knows amusement parks: Cedar Point is the BEST coaster park in the country. Hands down.
2002-01-18 09:38:53 AM  
Cedar Point is really nice - wish it were closer than 10 hours away. I went there for the first time this past October. Rode just about everything before sunset, when the lines about tripled. I was a little underwhelmed by Millennium Force and more underwhelmed by Magnum (try Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA) after all the hype I heard.

Busch is less than 30 mins from my house, so I'm probably biased and spoiled (I also worked there 2 summers, not in the rides, thankfully).

King's Dominion sucks a hard one. It's dirty, hot (mostly asphault paths), dirty, the rides are usually closed, dirty, the lines are long, dirty, and the food sucks. Oh, and the park's dirty too.
2002-01-18 10:34:51 AM  
GALM, Vici and Cruz are going so I am too! I figure I can die happy after meeting them, so why not? ;)
2002-01-18 11:10:53 AM  
The thingie that collapsed wasn't a coaster, so it's all good. :)

(well, not really, but S&S will figure the problem out before May I'm sure...)

May 17-19 is the trip date, Vici linked the site above. Email me so I can figure out how many group tix and how many Lighthouse Point cabins we're gonna need...
2002-01-18 11:26:00 AM  
Yeah, CP ALWAYS has problems with new rides. Two years ago, the day before we went the Millenium Force was struck by lightning and was shut down until about 5 minutes before closing time. That was a mad dash. :) And I think the elevator cable snapped some time later that summer as well.

The Raptor closed about three times a day the first year (when I was there), I remember when the Iron Dragon was brand new the thing NEVER made it up the first hill (you think it's slow now?). So I think it's normal for stuff to break when it's new. Although a major structural failure is a little different...probably all the snow and cold and ice.
2002-01-18 11:34:46 AM  
This isn't stopping me from going.
2002-01-18 03:27:43 PM  
I am SO still going. This only puts more of the "thrill" in thrill rides for me. Wheeeeeeeeeee! :D :D
2002-01-18 04:15:06 PM  
hehe I remember being at Cedar Point and the Magnum (at the time was in it's first year) decided to stop half way up it's 200 foot scale... hehe was stuck there for like an hour then they got it working again.

AND NO JAYSHADOW I WASN'T ON IT! hehehe bastid...

But still I'm with jayshadow on the fact it's still the best, biggest (if i'm not mistaken) and safest amusement park around. Besides those Top 10 Amusement Park Ride shows on discovery had, at one time last year, 3 rides from Cedar Point on the show... how the hell can you go wrong? And the $50 cover charge is well worth it...
2002-01-18 04:20:25 PM  
I saw this thing work as probably many of you have and when you watch it, the pulls sway back and forth, even if i liked rides like that, i woudent go on that.
2002-01-18 11:20:18 PM  
Yeah, Millennium Force's lift cable snapped the day before Labor Day.

That was a weird week.

They had a special event (Millennium Mania) the following two Thursdays and Fridays after Labor Day... s'posed to be pretty much exclusive ride time on MF, Magnum, Mantis, and Raptor. Oh, and Power Tower.

Well, with MF out of commission the first week, they had to open Vertigo (yes, the one that just collapsed) and Blue Streak.

The Saturday inbetween the two weeks, MF got repaired.

The following Tuesday was the 11th of September.

I went on the 13th and 14th anyway. MF was fixed and running great, but it was raining on the 13th. Just ask BizB (he was there) what raindrops feel like at 92 mph. Ow. But it was a good time anyway, just because I was able to forget about the preceding Tuesday for a few hours.
2002-01-19 12:20:50 AM  
I worked at Cedar Point for 3 years during my high school years. When all you fellow Farkers go there, do yourself a favor and DO NOT, under any circumstances, eat the food that they sell there. Unless you enjoy eating other peoples bodily fluids.

Fark cedar point.
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