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(Deslidefied)   Exercise is always evolving. These are the top exercise fads the year you were born. Subby plans to pump some iron tonight   ( divider line
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2018-07-12 08:32:56 AM  
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you know, for kids!
2018-07-12 09:10:05 AM  
No mention of Prancercise?
Original - Prancercise: A Fitness Workout
Youtube o-50GjySwew
2018-07-12 09:34:35 AM  
20 Minute Workout: Most of us who watched this series of videos in the 80's were not doing so for the exercise.
/homina homina
2018-07-12 09:38:20 AM  

basicstock: No mention of Prancercise?

Damn! You beat me to it!

On another note, no mention of planking? It's done wonders for my sciatica and no more bingo wings.
2018-07-12 09:45:52 AM  
No Jazzercise?
2018-07-12 09:47:11 AM  
Laugh all you want, but Pokemon Go after the catching phase, and into the defeat gyms phase. It has me going to Oakland and walking 5 miles from Fruitvale Bart or 8 miles from Coliseum Bart to Rudy's No-fail Cafe, taking down 10-15 gyms along the way. Yes, Oakland is that apathetic about Pokemon Go. Yes, I fear not for my safety walking that much distance in Oakland. Yes, it's much more fun and goal driven than just distance walking with the same old music or same old radio commercials.
2018-07-12 09:51:55 AM  
1995: 8 Minute Abs

There's Something About Mary - 7 minute abs
Youtube JB2di69FmhE
2018-07-12 09:53:06 AM  
The 1968 book Aerobics by Kenneth Cooper kicked of the running craze. Think that might have made the list
2018-07-12 09:57:02 AM  

kittyhas1000legs: No Jazzercise?

2018-07-12 10:00:35 AM  
Man, I used to watch Denise Austin all the time. I didn't exercise much, though.
2018-07-12 10:04:22 AM  

basicstock: No mention of Prancercise?
[Youtube o-50GjySwew image 480x270][Youtube-video​wew]

I guess that's one way to exercise and show off that camel toe all at once. But who knew that Kathy Griffin started out as a fitness guru?
2018-07-12 10:05:34 AM  
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2018-07-12 10:13:56 AM  
2018-07-12 10:20:59 AM  
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2018-07-12 10:34:49 AM  

Ecobuckeye: [ image 490x296]

That looks ridiculous but I have to say it also looks like it would be fun to do. If no one was watching.
2018-07-12 11:26:26 AM  

phenn: 1984

Tina Turner - 1984
Youtube jZnOKBysN78
2018-07-12 11:44:08 AM  

Gordon Bennett: Ecobuckeye: [ image 490x296]

That looks ridiculous but I have to say it also looks like it would be fun to do. If no one was watching.

I enjoyed it. And it made a great clothes rack.
2018-07-12 12:35:07 PM  
This list is full of shiat. I was doing HIITs before they were cool.

/oh god do they suck
2018-07-12 12:45:04 PM  
Nautilus machines - they seem to have undergone a mass extinction. They were the staple of every gym in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s; and then from 1995 to 2000 I had an absurdly overworked IT job; and when I got back into hitting the gym after that there was not a Nautilus to be seen.

Were they all struck by an asteroid in 1997?
2018-07-12 12:45:54 PM  
Ha! I remember the Buns of Steel commercials, they were on all the time. My sister and I loved to mock them by replacing "Steel" with a variety of other substances like aluminum, styrofoam, or play-doh.
2018-07-13 12:39:56 AM  
My issue with exercise programs I see at the gym is that they are all things that I did growing up on the farm. And I just can't take them seriously. Dragging a weighted sled  = pulling a wagon out of the way, swinging a kettle bell around = moving firewood, once I even seen them flipping a tractor tire. The list goes on.
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