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(IOL)   India encouraging its one billion people to use public bathrooms instead of just taking dumps wherever they feel like it   ( divider line
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7265 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jan 2002 at 2:44 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-17 02:47:26 PM  
Hey, people have rights you know! If you can't poop in the street, where can you poop?
2002-01-17 02:47:44 PM  
When is Pakistan going to get around to nuking India?
2002-01-17 02:47:58 PM  
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is one of the countries threatening the world with nuclear holocaust...
2002-01-17 02:49:18 PM  
For those of you who still adhere to cultural realativism...perhaps its time to change your mind.
2002-01-17 02:50:09 PM  
No wonder it always smells funny in Indian food stores/restraunts
2002-01-17 02:50:57 PM  
This is the same country where using your left hand for anything other than wiping your ass is taboo.
2002-01-17 02:51:08 PM  
Why is it so hard for people to wear a jimmy hat in the sack?
2002-01-17 02:56:08 PM  
I've never been to India, nor do I plan to go there, but I get the feeling the entire time you're there you'll keep asking yourself what smells funny.
2002-01-17 02:58:44 PM  
For some reason it reminded me of this:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-17 03:00:56 PM  
Jesu! These people have nuclear weapons but not enought toilets? Why not just save money and bomb Pakistan with a guided sewage missle.

BTW ladies, if you're visiting India, take note of the incinolet which burns human excrement into a spoonful of ash. Try not to get it mixed up with the bidet.
2002-01-17 03:05:24 PM  
to much reading
2002-01-17 03:07:01 PM  
In India always shake hands with the Right Hand - they use the left hand themselves! Also if you offer your left hand they will get very offended!
2002-01-17 03:09:07 PM  
Now if they could just get the millions of holy cows to learn to use the public cr@ppers we might be getting somewhere.
2002-01-17 03:12:47 PM  
Yet another reason to never visit India.
2002-01-17 03:13:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"shiat goes in here."
2002-01-17 03:13:06 PM  
IOL...What is so dang interesting about toilet musems and shiat on the streets. I wish pakistan would hurry and nuke India and accidentally nuke themselfs too. No wonder all the sand attractive and successful African-Americans stink.
2002-01-17 03:14:57 PM  
Perfect punsihment for Osama bin Laden... make him clean up all of the... pies... in India... without gloves... 16 hours a day... until the day he dies... then... fly his body to NYC and let the residents cover him up with thieir own... pies...
2002-01-17 03:15:35 PM  
Then again... no punishment is cruel enough for him....
2002-01-17 03:19:40 PM  
What a Country. All these people running around taking a Jessie Jackson wherever they feel like it.
2002-01-17 03:26:16 PM  
Damn Filthy scumbags, I hope they nuke each other out of existance.

Whores, they're all whores.
2002-01-17 03:29:37 PM  
damn indians and there casino's!

if i cant take a dump in the street the terrorists have already won...
2002-01-17 03:30:30 PM  
"Curious visitors to the museum chortle their way through as they read about a medieval mobile commode in the shape of a treasure chest which the English used while camping out when hunting."

"Imagine the surprise of some unsuspecting highway robbers if they made away with such treasure chests," says a museum publication.

Oh the Hilarity!
2002-01-17 03:33:51 PM  
A friend of mine went to India and said his most memorable experience was taking the train and counting the people who lived just feet from the rails who would walk out of their huts and up to the tracks to take a dump as the train went by. Apparently the trains helped "disperse" the poo so it didn't pile up and get too close to their homes.

As I recall, he also said that he had just noticed that the smell of the country was still on/in his hiking boots several weeks after he had returned home. Before he left, he had 15 different immunizations, but he still managed to get dysentery anyway.
2002-01-17 03:42:07 PM  
Reminds me of the Seinfeld where George wouldn't go to the bathroom during the entire trip to India.
2002-01-17 03:46:17 PM  
2002-01-17 03:47:29 PM  
What a lovely country.
2002-01-17 03:49:59 PM  
second try...(I WILL learn to post pictures!)
2002-01-17 03:58:47 PM  
"I WILL learn to post pictures!"

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-17 04:02:58 PM  
i would want to go there just to ask where the bathroom was...
2002-01-17 04:06:15 PM  
worst..... job...... ever..... [shudder]

Pathak started the Sulabh movement in 1970 to improve sanitation technology in the country and restore the dignity of India's almost 600 000 men and women at the bottom of the caste heap who earn their living by carrying "nightsoil".
2002-01-17 04:12:52 PM  
That was a great story, a greaaaat story....

2002-01-17 04:22:06 PM  
I was in line at the Baltimore City Permit office one time and the contractor in front of me was having trouble getting a permit issued for a bathroom remodeling job he was doing. The clerk was an Indian who was barely understandable and was asking the contractor for the full blueprints for the job. The guy said it was just a simple remodel and he didn't need prints. The clerk folds his arms on his chest and says, " No blueprints. No Permit."
The guy storms out of the room and the Indian Clerk says next. While I'm standing there talking to the clerk, the guy walks back into the room, goes up to the counter points to the clerk and screams," You know, all I'm trying to do is put a nice new bathroom in this house and you are giving me all this shiat. Where you come from they don't even have bathrooms. People just go out into the street and take a dump in the river. And here you are giving me all this crap."
The guy turns around and walks back out. The clerk is stunned for a second and then starts screaming after him in Hindi ( I believe).
Most enjoyable trip I ever had to the permit office.
2002-01-17 04:30:13 PM  
Don't worry, lads; I always poo before I get up.
2002-01-17 04:31:33 PM  
I'm glad they haven't implemented a policy like that in the U.S. Now excuse me whilst I relieve myself on the sidewalk...
2002-01-17 04:42:55 PM  
Next Weeks Lesson:

The Cow in your yard is not Uncle Harry.
2002-01-17 04:44:25 PM  
Sounds like New Orleans during Mardi Gras to me...
2002-01-17 04:51:12 PM  
As I've said, you guys are priceless. Keep up the good crap.
2002-01-17 04:53:31 PM  
I've been to India many times although I am not an Indian (despite the name, which is the name of the southernmost village at the tip of the subcontinent). It gets a little stinky, sure, but the smell of human excrement gets mingled into the bad smells of animal excrement, burning garbage, stagnant fetid water, unwashed masses of people, car pollutants, burning palm leaves, dead rivers, factories, buses.

There are also good smells in the mix, too - incredible spices, fragrant folia, tandoori ovens cooking fish, chicken, prawns, and a mind-boggling array of incense and perfumes.

It all blends together, except in the major cities like Mumbai and Delhi where the overall exhaust pollution is unbearable.

But don't let a fear of smell keep you from visiting one of the most varied, beautiful, different countries in the world. Go with an open mind and one hand firmly on your wallet.

Lonely Planet's India
2002-01-17 05:02:46 PM  
I don't know if I could go to India, and it has nothing to do with the smell, overcrowding, slum like conditions. As WorldCitizen, I should probably not be going here, but I cannot stand the Indian accent for the life of me. It just seems so high pitched and whiny. 1 billion people speaking like that might very well drive me insane.
Now, give me an Australian accent anyday...ah...Aussies...
2002-01-17 05:09:08 PM  
Do they wipe?
2002-01-17 05:15:38 PM  
To bend the words of Comic Book Guy(of Simpsons fame):

Worst article ever.
2002-01-17 05:17:44 PM  
it's the only country that still has the plague...
the plague!!!
2002-01-17 06:00:42 PM  
I like the Aussie accent too. :) In 1990 we had a family of Australians visit us (I was pen pals with one of the daughters, and our mothers had been pen pals before that). So what do we do? Head on over to Canada...specifically Windsor. :) My mom talks to them on the phone from time to time.
2002-01-17 06:04:14 PM  
Maybe a [image from too old to be available] tag is in order???
2002-01-17 06:05:58 PM  
That was my first GIMP,btw. The horror, the horror...
2002-01-17 06:13:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Pipe the shiat right out of your house!!"
2002-01-17 06:33:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"shiatter's Full"
2002-01-17 06:56:21 PM  
"...a futuristic space age gadget called an "incinolet" from the United States which burns human excrement into a spoonful of ash."

Because you unleash that stuff in outer space, going 20,000 mph it can take out a satellite with ease and there goes your GSM phone.
2002-01-17 07:21:40 PM  
Save the airfare to India. Come to San Francisco and walk down the most fragrant of streets. Ah, how wonderful and compassionate we are here in the city of Saint Francis, luring and retaining a well-fed populace of "homeless" (spelled "bums"). Piss & poo in the streets, shoot up right on the sidewalk, throwyour garbage, your crap, needles and anything else right down! If anybody hassles you, call the "Coalition for the Homeeeeleessssss". This is San Francisco. Welcome, you poor downtrodden bums. Love, peace, right on.

2002-01-17 07:26:07 PM  
The Muslim men during Ramadan are much more tidy. They wear real baggy pants, and tie them tight at the ankles, and for the entire month of Ramadan, they crap in their pants, and don't empty them. The people in India should take note. The streets would be a lot cleaner. Well, at least until the end of the month...
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