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(CNN)   Guy who's son was murdered by hockey dad actually murdered his other son 27 years ago. (similar situation)   ( divider line
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2002-01-17 09:37:16 AM  
Hey what happened to the lizard article. I went to comment and it vanished.
2002-01-17 09:39:56 AM  
I don't think stabbing a guy through the heart with a hunting knife and beating a guy to death with your bare hands count as "similar situations."
2002-01-17 09:42:13 AM  
He's wondering why GOD did this? Excuse me, but I read the article. He killed one son, another man beat the other one to death. I didn't see lightening strikes mentioned once.
2002-01-17 09:43:01 AM  
"Why (God) did this, I'll know someday," he added.

God didn't do it, you did.
2002-01-17 09:43:05 AM  
Talk about Karma...
2002-01-17 09:45:15 AM  
<grammar nazi>
Tagline is wrong.
It should say "whose", not "who's".
</grammar nazi>
2002-01-17 09:46:19 AM  
So why can't the poor old man see his grandson Dennis, er Brendan?

I killed you! Arrrrg. I killed you! > aaaaaaaa
2002-01-17 09:49:49 AM  
Costin said he grabbed a hunting knife from under his son's pillow during the fight. He said the younger Costin rushed him in their kitchen, running into the knife. The knife pierced Dennis through the heart.

Uh.....right. Did he run into it more than once?

You shoulda killed *both* the Costin brothers! Guess they did.
2002-01-17 09:50:59 AM  
Can anyone say "white trash"?
2002-01-17 09:51:36 AM  
Well, that cheered me up.
2002-01-17 09:53:24 AM  
He ran right into the knife! I swear! JESUS CHRIST I SWEAR!
2002-01-17 09:54:50 AM  
ha ha ha
that is what you get for being white. And dumb.
2002-01-17 10:01:21 AM  
Hockey dad should be executed.
2002-01-17 10:04:34 AM  
so costins family has a history of violence perhaps the big guy was defending himself...any ways you fark with someone that much bigger than you and you get what you deserve!
2002-01-17 10:11:59 AM  
'Costin said he sees the grandsons as God's replacements for the sons he lost, and said he'll keep fighting to see them "until they throw dirt on me." Several times in a recent interview, he mistakenly used his grandson's name, Brendan, when talking about his son Dennis.'

'"Why (God) did this, I'll know someday," he added.'

Here's a clue asshole - God has nothing to do with it. He didn't kill your first son - you did. He didn't kill your second son - some other asshole did. If this isn't an arguement for mandatory sterilization, I don't know what is.
2002-01-17 10:15:14 AM  
I'd hate to be the grandsons. Wonder if they'll learn to avoid fighting, or if they'll proudly carry on their family's tradition.
2002-01-17 10:16:22 AM  
Guy who's son was murdered by hockey dad actually murdered his other son 27 years ago. (similar situation)

Huh? hockey dad murdered guys son who was murdered by other son, actually his hockey dad?

No, this headline is too tough for me. Swedish guy tired by late night actually tired by other guys dad late one night 27 hours ago.
2002-01-17 10:22:19 AM  
I couldn't think of a better way to word it right off the bat. That was the least confusing way to say it in one sentence!

Does anyone have a problem with the hockey dad getting a minimum of probation?
2002-01-17 10:30:42 AM  
This is not funny, it's not fun.
2002-01-17 10:33:38 AM  
That is one dysfunctional family. I'm not surpirsed the other son, Michael, acted the way he did. I would have done the same. But for some reason, I think the current hockey dad up for sentencing should have a lighter sentence now that I know about Michael's family.
2002-01-17 10:37:17 AM  
One question-- why did the kid keep a hunting knife under his pillow? And how did the dad know it was there? Was he afraid of monsters in his closet?

OK, three questions.
2002-01-17 10:46:48 AM  
<grammar nazi>
Tagline is wrong.
It should say "whose", not "who's".
</grammar nazi>

Whitespace is not permitted as a tag name.
You should replace with one of the following
2002-01-17 10:48:09 AM  
I don't see why the more recent incident is any less of an accident.
2002-01-17 10:51:39 AM  
What comes around goes around.
2002-01-17 11:00:24 AM  
we're a happy family/ we're a happy family/ we're a happy family

me, mom, and daddy.

we ain't got no friends/our troubles never end/no christmas cards to send/daddy likes men

we're a happy family...etc.
2002-01-17 11:06:04 AM  
Ahhh!! so the latest son who died wasn't just the poor nice little guy being picked on by a bigger guy.....sounds like he was basically a scumbag....
2002-01-17 11:14:53 AM  
That was farking depressing. I guess I'll start drinking before noon after all...
2002-01-17 11:15:13 AM  
god works in mysterious ways...
just the other day god said i should take a crap on my neighbors lawn... i didn't understand it, but i did.
and then god said i should sodomise little boys...
god probably just asked this guy to stab his son in the heart.
it wouldn't be the first time god dickishly asked someone to off their son, would it?
don't worry mr. sons were killed by god and not you and another guy... someday when you die you'll be able to see god's master plan.
his master plan to bop the man
2002-01-17 11:34:06 AM  
the tagline for this story should've been
img.fark.netView Full Size

i'm pretty used to the fact that the majority of farkers are heartless turdloafs, but it still surprises me when people think someone else deserves to die. i'm not gonna defend either the costins or junta, it would be pointless, but seriously it sounds like you think life is a friggin television show.
2002-01-17 11:34:31 AM  
"I swear sir! We were just walking along, I slipped and fell and my dick accidentally landed up inside your daughter and somehow she got pregnant!"

now that would be a similar situation to the first son.
2002-01-17 11:39:14 AM  
"Why (God) did this, I'll know someday,"
I say the same thing everyday. He works in mysterious ways. (like making me shoot blanks and lose my job)
2002-01-17 11:55:24 AM  
It's like a dysfunctional soap opera.
2002-01-17 11:59:29 AM  
...and slew that bothersome hichhiker who kept on babbling on about Walleye fishing. And setting fire to the ladies underwear section in that department store. I do not question His motives, for he must have a master plan.
2002-01-17 12:13:51 PM  
My question is, if you pick up a knife in the middle of a fight, what are you planning to do with it? Whittle? Sounds like this family has got some kind of hereditary chemical imbalance. I side with the big guy who killed the coach. I believe he accidentally killed the little guy in what would otherwise be just a notorious and ill-advised fistfight.
2002-01-17 12:17:59 PM  
Are there rednecks in Massachusetts? You betcha!
2002-01-17 12:59:34 PM  
"What goes around, comes around"


"You reap what you sow"

Funny ... huh.

Evidently, this Costin clan is steeped in violence.
2002-01-17 12:59:45 PM  
So do I have this right?
The man killed his own son in a fight 27 years ago, and his other son just go offed in a fight at a hockey game?

Sounds like a thinning of the heard. Unfortunately that gene pool might just live on in the son who was left fatherless to play hockey.

I will be anxiously awaiting an update...
2002-01-17 01:12:47 PM  
Does anyone know who won the game?
2002-01-17 01:41:43 PM  
First off, I-likes-maple-syrup: My question is, if you pick up a knife in the middle of a fight, what are you planning to do with it? Whittle?

That is farking hilarious

Now then. I'm just wondering what group will protest when this guys sentence is less (or more) than the six months the father got. I can't believe you can murder someone and walk away with NO jail time. Makes me take a second thought about the way i deal w/ people i hate...
2002-01-17 02:21:30 PM  
I watched a lot of that Hockey Dad trial on CNN (I have CNN on in the background while I work) and that guy got off light. He claimed that he only threw three off-balance punches but Costin's head was almost torn off and he had 20 different "trauma sites".
2002-01-17 02:44:50 PM  
Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a hockey dad
2002-01-17 02:47:28 PM  

Is murder the right word? non-culpulable homocide isn't the right term either... because he had a knife. But it was accidental notwithstanding. I'd say "killed" but not murdered. Subtle difference.
2002-01-17 03:23:34 PM  
I heard that the dead hockey dad's father forgave his son's killer, and wondered why.

Now it's pretty clear. He'd be a huge hypocrite if he said that he wants the other guy to pay for his crimes. Better to just say "We should forgive him. It's too bad it happened, but hey, sometimes you just gotsta kill sumbuddy".
2002-01-17 06:21:17 PM  
The Hansons
2002-01-17 06:53:26 PM  
Hahaha..."pedant". I had to look that up.
2002-01-17 07:00:27 PM  
...sigh...shiat happens, and then you die.

Or is it, you die, and shiat happens. I get confused.
2002-01-17 08:35:07 PM  
Far out
2002-01-17 09:06:04 PM  
Hmmm.... The hockey dad should have used that defense:

"He just kept running into my fist! I swear!" And then afterwards, he'd be able to say:

"I don't know why God made him run into my fists like that. Someday I'll know."

2002-01-17 11:08:13 PM  
I hate people. So very...very much.
2002-01-18 12:15:10 AM  
That's one screwed up family
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