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2004-06-20 03:49:39 PM  
Here comes the mosquitoes, and more water birds to fly into the path of airplanes from Sky Harbor.
2004-06-20 04:14:35 PM  
please no more fake water which attracts non-native mosquitos. no more plants from back East which ruin the once allergy free ecology.

and most of all no more Californians, who move here in droves then talk about "well we do it this way in California.."
2004-06-20 05:19:35 PM  
"I'm like a Phoenix rising out of Arizona!"

[image from talkingstreet.com too old to be available]
2004-06-20 07:44:40 PM  
Am I the only one who sees this as a city's attempt to find a place to dump their sewage/chemicals?
2004-06-20 09:38:18 PM  
How about finishing the damn highways first? Then we can "pretty up" our dry river. Non AZ natives are probably in charge of this silliness.
2004-06-20 10:33:02 PM  
Once Phoenix gets it's river going again, it should look to Portland (OR) for how to manage waste chemicals. For years the Willamette has been on the verge of being a EPA superfund site.

2004-06-21 05:06:00 AM  
" with sometimes flowing water and even an occasional flood."

Has this person ever been to Arizona?

I have seen a helluva lot of flooding here over the years.
Try going through a wash when it is raining sometime.

And is anyone who has commented so far NOT living in Phoenix?

2004-06-21 05:23:58 AM  
Let me be the...8th to say, fark no.

The Tempe Town lake is bad enough. The saying is a 'dry heat', but when you add water to it, it's suddenly 115 and very wet. I also agree on the bugs and plant problems that will likely occur.

Plus, we'd never have hilarious Japanese concentration camp stories; like the one time that two POWs busted out of the Chandler camp with a make-shift raft, with plans to float to freedom down the Salt River.
2004-06-21 05:27:06 AM  
As a New Mexican, all I have to say is...

HAHA, We have the Rio Grande!


(We all piss in it before it gets to Texas. We're just that spiteful to our neighbors.)
2004-06-21 05:29:53 AM  
Oh, and just to be obvious..

[image from franksreelreviews.com too old to be available]

River Phoenix doesn't need to come back.
2004-06-21 05:42:44 AM  
Asc'Fu Cuboo it was actually German POW's they thought that a blue line on a map meant there would be water flowing, but that was their first time to Arizona. Another funny one is about the POW who escaped, got lost, and got caught by asking a hooker for directions to the train station.
2004-06-21 05:45:18 AM  
Out my apartment window i look at one of these beautiful restoration projects, a beautiful concrete stream full of backpacks, bikes, mutant rattlesnakes fully equipped with scorpion tails, and a small child bathing in the the pristine water. Damnit, im only 19 and this city sucks the life out of me. Thank god its the cheapest weed city in the states.

/wonders why he moved from wisconsin to arizona again
2004-06-21 06:45:19 AM  
A coworker of mine visited Phoenix, Arizona and described it to me. From his description I couldn't possibly imagine a more hellish city on Earth. Terrible heat, scorpions crawling into your shoes, rattlesnakes hiding in your artificially irrigated grass that kill your children. Ugh. Why don't you just move straight to hell while you're at it? I'll stick to my beautiful pristine midwest. Sure, it snows here 9 months out of the year, but at least I don't have scorpions.
2004-06-21 06:56:37 AM  
"If there is, in fact, a Heaven and a Hell, all we know for sure is that Hell will be a viciously overcrowded version of Phoenix." - Hunter S. Thompson
2004-06-21 07:10:32 AM  
Phoenix is the 6th largest US city??

So I went and checked:
some fascinating statistics, Professor

NY, LA., Chicago, Houston, Philidelphia, then Pheonix!!
2004-06-21 07:12:13 AM  
Being from Phoenix, now living in tucson, I will tell you that it sucks right now. However, during the fall, it rains, making the whole city smell like greesewood (it's awesome) the rattlesnakes hibernate, the grass is green, and the temperature is perfect.

I love my city.
2004-06-21 07:24:31 AM  
Phoenix actually passed Philadelphia the other week by most estimates.

I can't wait until there is another 100 year flood like the one in the early-mid 1990s. That one took out everything in its path. The lakes were overflowing, so they had no choice but to release water from the dams. If that happened again, all of this work would be for nothing.
2004-06-21 07:25:52 AM  
Every time I read "Phoenix project" I think of MacGyver.
2004-06-21 07:37:45 AM  
Thanks for the Hunter S quote. They never fail to smile. And when I say smile, I mean laugh out loud.

Ok, hundred year flood. Last happened in 90s. Keep waiting buddy. Don't hold your breath.
2004-06-21 08:19:18 AM  
Well as a resident of the Phoenix area, I agree that Tempe Town Lake was a silly idea, but what does my opinion matter. It's Tempe, the "Shut up we know what's good for you" suburb of Phoenix.

If you've seen the Salt River especially on the west side (say it like you mean it) anything they can do to improve it can't hurt.

Some technical info. A one hundred year flood means they predict a flood like that could happen in any given year, just a 1/100 chance. So theoretically, given the odds, it could happen at any time.
2004-06-21 08:40:07 AM  
Girls from PHX are hot. That is all...
2004-06-21 09:14:32 AM  
Just curious, where are these hot PHX girls ?

Now, Toronto girls, they're hot.
2004-06-21 09:14:49 AM  
highwebl - That hundred year flood was last century. Every year XX00, the counter resets, and you have a random 1/100 chance of a 100 year flood. Once the flood happens, you're only safe until the next year xx00. Jeeze, some people don't understand statistics. . .

I agree. Make Phoenix more humid. Stop all that "but it's a dry heat" nonsense.
2004-06-21 09:21:31 AM  
Anything from Phoenix is hot, it's in the farking desert.
2004-06-21 09:43:04 AM  
I'm in Denver. Is Arizona going to divert more of our water so they add a "river" to go with the irrigated lawns in that blot in the desert?
2004-06-21 09:50:46 AM  
Woohoo! According to the link that was posted, my shiathole of a town is the 50th largest city in America!

/I'm not bitter...
2004-06-21 10:14:08 AM  
Anyone else having problems getting to any sites on Yahoo?
2004-06-21 10:14:42 AM  
we'd never have hilarious Japanese concentration camp stories; like the one time that two POWs busted out of the Chandler camp with a make-shift raft, with plans to float to freedom down the Salt River.

it's already been pointed out, but that was a German POW camp and it was in Papago Park. I'm not sure if that counts as Tempe or Phoenix. Either way, it ain't Chandler.
2004-06-21 10:30:32 AM  
The other night at the Phoenix KISS concert Paul Stanley said, "They said don't worry about playing Phoenix in the summertime. It's dry heat. I guess this is dry sweat then..."
2004-06-21 10:47:31 AM  
I live in Phoenix... And all I have to say is that the river will be disgusting and disease plagued toilet water. And oh yes, AZ girls are very hot. nuff said.

P.S. ASU sux!
2004-06-21 10:50:16 AM  
"You could probably build a building with all of the stuff that's been pulled out of there. ... I mean, we pulled out full cars," said Kris Baxter, economic development and marketing coordinator for the city

I wonder what the hell Kris's house is made of.
2004-06-21 11:18:12 AM  
born in yuma. az native, living in mesa. i say, WOOOHOOO. the salt was destroyed when they turned it into a gravel pit, and create pools. this is going to make it freeflowing again which will REDUCE mosquitos.

now, we need to go to the pipeling feeding colorado river water to cali, and turn the valve to the off position. letem build some desalinization plants.
2004-06-21 11:21:11 AM  
earache, we dont divert water from other states. we supply most of cali's water, as well as water to nevada, utah, and idaho. (go fig, thirsty potatos, i guess)

only about a quarter of the state is desert. az has the largest ponderosa pine forest in the world, as well as wetlands, marsh, and swamp (depending on the season)
2004-06-21 11:22:02 AM  
and rackrent, you do know that phoenix was originally a suburb of tempe?
2004-06-21 11:36:15 AM  
Just moved from Tempe to rural Minnesota. Can I come back to AZ please? No, seriously, please?
2004-06-21 11:41:24 AM  
Funny, I thought the Tempe Town Lake was part of the reason the Salt River stopped flowing.

And CatchrNdRy, it's not "fake". The drying up of the river is the "fake" (or rather, "artifical") part.
2004-06-21 11:41:42 AM  
I just love it when people from other states move to AZ and whine about how different things are blah blah. Why the hell are you here? If it sucks so bad why are people moving there in droves? its overcrowded enough get the fark out. I also find it funny and stupid when Tucsonans have a pathological hatred of all things Phoenix.

2004-06-21 11:48:16 AM  
I was being serious. I want to go back to AZ in the worst possible way.
2004-06-21 11:50:54 AM  
You can have my spot, Bitterman.

Although I don't really want to go to Minnesota, rural or otherwise. But I do want to get out of here. I can't for the life of me figure out why people keep coming down here.
2004-06-21 11:54:22 AM  
I used to live in Chicago. The sky was gray every day. Not so in Tempe. That's why I don't mind it here.

Also, Tempe Town Lake is just plain silly. You can drive over the water on Mill or Rural, but take McClintock and you're over dirt. Also, it has led to the closing of Long Wong's, which is very, very sad.
2004-06-21 12:21:07 PM  
Forget Phoenix - when the big one hits, Nevada will be an ocean-side state!

This guy will be happy:
[image from pobladores.lycos.es too old to be available]
2004-06-21 12:25:08 PM  
Man I lived in Michigan all my life (or at least the first 34 years of it) and I couldn't wait to get out of the long cold grey winters. I love the sunshine and blue skies of Arizona just not the brown cloud that hangs over Phoenix. That's probably why I bought a house in Arizona City (south of Phoenix approx 50 some odd miles) and not in Phoenix. Yes overcrowding is becoming a major issue in the "Valley of the Sun" because of all the damn Californians moving here.
2004-06-21 12:28:35 PM  

and rackrent, you do know that phoenix was originally a suburb of tempe?

The heat must be getting to you. The only two good things about Tempe are the girls and that it ain't Scottsdale.
2004-06-21 12:31:22 PM  

Just moved from Tempe to rural Minnesota. Can I come back to AZ please? No, seriously, please?

Really? My sister is getting ready to move to rural Minnesota, from Mesa, in a couple of months. Is there something I should warn her about?
2004-06-21 12:36:00 PM  
Y'know, that water in the Tempe Town Lake is kind of funky. I don't know if that water ever gets cleaned. It's kind of nice every once in a while to see water in the middle of this desert but some naturally flowing water (ha, hah, ha...yeah right) would've been nice.
2004-06-21 12:37:29 PM  
also, there are quite a few Phoenix farkers in here. when are we gonna have another PHX Fark party?
2004-06-21 12:39:11 PM  

and rackrent, you do know that phoenix was originally a suburb of tempe?

Just to clarify.

Phoenix, city (1990 pop. 983,403), state capital and seat of Maricopa co., S Ariz., on the Salt River; inc. 1881

Tempe , city (1990 pop. 141,865), Maricopa co., S Ariz., in the Salt River valley, a suburb of Phoenix; inc. 1894
2004-06-21 12:55:10 PM  
VERY subtle reference headline writer.
Also, no one should complain about heat in Tempe. You have a Circle K on every other street corner. Just drop in and grab a cold one.
2004-06-21 01:09:45 PM  
The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
Any farking time.
Any farking day.
Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona bay.
2004-06-21 01:24:35 PM  

Yeah, invest early in OFF! Insect Repellent, don't drink the water (agricultural runoff) and buy a 4-wheel drive for the winter. Prepare for stiffling humidity in the summer coupled with a majority of overcast days.

I once made the mistake of going "mountain biking" (if you can call it that in the prairie) without spraying down with bug spray. I came home two hours later with over 60 mosquito bites.

Minnesota: Land of ten thousand lakes and ten-billion mosquitoes. West Nile virus for all!
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