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(NPR)   Traces of opioids have been found in Puget Sound shellfish, leading to claims that doctors are over-prescribing drugs for mussel pains   ( divider line
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2018-05-27 9:22:33 PM  
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Kudos, Subs.
2018-05-28 12:59:22 AM  
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2018-05-28 2:15:56 AM  
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2018-05-28 2:17:29 AM  

ox45tallboy: [ image 461x200]

Great.  Now, I have a crave for geoduck chowder. I just need to keep clam, and it'll be okay.
2018-05-28 5:07:30 AM  
2018-05-28 5:07:59 AM  

harleyquinnical: [ image 480x360]

Why so crabby?
2018-05-28 5:08:44 AM  
HOTY, right here
2018-05-28 5:30:21 AM  
Crying cockles and mussels
So high, so high-o
2018-05-28 6:07:59 AM  

harleyquinnical: ox45tallboy: [ image 461x200]

Great.  Now, I have a crave for geoduck chowder. I just need to keep clam, and it'll be okay.

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2018-05-28 6:10:16 AM  

Nogale: HOTY, right here

let's not go overboard
2018-05-28 6:11:38 AM  
it was pretty funny
2018-05-28 7:38:44 AM  
I just want to participate in what should certainly be a HOTY candidate thread.

Well done Subby, well done.
2018-05-28 10:02:00 AM  
The Institute reported that the amount of oxycodone found in the tainted mussels was thousands of times lower than a therapeutic dose for humans. And the highly addictive drug was only ingested by mussels in three of 18 test sites, described as highly urbanized and not near any commercial shellfish beds.

Read the report.

Seriously, read it. The article selectively quotes the report, painting CECs as a scary problem when, in fact, the only reason the article mentions CECs is to remind us that they're not even considered during current testing - as the report states:

Given recent evidence of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) in Puget Sound fish (Peck et al., 2011, Johnson et al., 2008; Fiest et al., 2011), we recommend adding some CECs to the list of contaminants analyzed. We further recommend seeking guidance from PSEMP's Toxics Workgroup on which stormwater-related CECs are relevant to the Puget Sound and measurable via current methods.

So, yeah, they were detected - but that's it. There's no threat to the public, or even to wildlife. The article should be taken as a "...huh, interesting" note, not a "DEAR GOD DON'T EAT SEAFOOD ANYWHERE NEAR SEATTLE!" note.
2018-05-28 12:04:00 PM  
2018-05-28 2:28:46 PM  
Well played, subby. Well played indeed.
2018-05-28 6:44:12 PM  
Municipalities do not remove prescription drugs such as pain killers or hormones from water before its discharged.  All it would take is granular activated carbon.
2018-05-28 8:38:14 PM  
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You earned this one, Sunny.
2018-05-29 9:40:49 AM  


*raises hand* That's me. I am 'that guy'. I used to HATE puns, but then I began to understand the power of the pun, and the seething rage it can invoke in people.

/there's one in my profile that I'm rather proud of.
2018-05-29 1:49:56 PM  
What a clamity.
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