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(Tampa Bay Online)   With no farmer's market in sight, eldery man crashes car into airport baggage claim   ( divider line
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2765 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jun 2004 at 4:26 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-19 04:30:29 AM  
an old dude tried a no-signal-lane-change into me on the way home from work. another usual day driving the crx.
2004-06-19 04:30:54 AM  
No picture...bummer.
2004-06-19 04:35:43 AM  
Great headline.
2004-06-19 04:43:00 AM  
What, pray tell, is eldery? Being sort of elder-like in nature? The practice of being an elder?
2004-06-19 04:52:20 AM  
Is it just me, or is the farmers market headline getting a little old?

Ha ha! Get it? Getting OLD! Like the drivers! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

2004-06-19 04:55:44 AM  
eldery is the ancient art of car crashing only obtained through a daily regimen of metamucil prunes bran and tellin kids to get the hell off of the grass
2004-06-19 05:03:01 AM  
It doesn't take a relic to drive like a farking weiner...

I like to see the brains oozing around trying to get off the hot road into the shade...

I wonder if he went through the metal detector? Was he driving a Saturn?
2004-06-19 05:03:08 AM  
When i'm 'elderly' i want to go into a home depot, bring a bunch of meat, beer, and friends, and fire up one of the grills they have inside. When managment comes up to me and tells us to leave i'll say

"Ger the hell outta my yard you hooligan!"
and shake my fist in that old man way.

I think that would be fun.
2004-06-19 05:03:09 AM  
When I die, I want to pass quietly in my sleep, just like my Grandfather did, not yelling & screaming like the people in his car.
2004-06-19 05:06:06 AM  
It would be fun except you'd have to bring your own gas bottle and those suckas can be heavy!

You could just plug in a George Foreman and have at it...

leave some taint on the wicker... ewwww
2004-06-19 05:07:21 AM  
Was he getting a hummer?
I meant to type driving a hummer...

forget it...
going home now...
2004-06-19 05:12:53 AM  
Look for the signs people.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-19 05:13:16 AM  
Letting the elderly drive cars is like handing loaded guns to children. Once old people get past the age of 65, they should have to take a full driver's exam every year in order to renew their license. If they can't pass, no driving. They're a huge risk in Florida, and drive the price of insurance through the roof.

Last year one ran a stop sign and crashed into my brand new car. One second earlier and he would have hit the driver's compartment of the car. Then when the cops got there, he tried to blame me for speeding (I was going 15 in a 30 mph zone)

fark the elderly anyway. They're a plague on Florida - they contribute dick-all to the economy, and vote against simple things like public education funding. Buncha carpet-bagging, depends-wearing bastards.
2004-06-19 05:19:39 AM  
When i turn old (age 65), i'll stop driving and walk everywhere. I think that would be a nice carefree world...just walking with no job or brats to worry about. Well until then...

2004-06-19 05:21:01 AM  

We test elderly drivers in Canada yearly. It doesn't stop the crashes. Just a few months ago, a guy grazed a school bus, knocked out a street lamp and hit two people while he was in a hurry. His car died out a block after he hit the 2nd person and he ran away from the scene on foot in the direction (about half a block away too) of the police station.

That's not to mention the jewellery store that was smashed head on (on a corner no less) and the front of the cinema which had to be replaced because the elderly driver backed up too fast/much.
2004-06-19 05:25:19 AM  

Did the elderly men say it was the school buses/jewlery stores/cinema's fault?
2004-06-19 05:38:03 AM  
here's a link to the pictures and the video

enjoy!! "welcome to Florida.... God's waiting room!!"
2004-06-19 05:59:18 AM  
MrPerspicacious: Bwahahaha!
2004-06-19 06:11:22 AM  
Geohegan said some passengers initially feared the accident was a terrorist attack, although the scene was quickly calmed by police and rescue workers.

Gotta love people who over-react. "OMG, a car/bus/suv just crashed through the window, it MUST be the terrorists and not just an idiot!"

/Longs for the days when real 'terrorists' carried uzi's and held up LA Office buildings
2004-06-19 06:24:08 AM  
Thanks to the new Chrysler 300 - they now have Hemis
2004-06-19 06:28:16 AM  
oh god how i love my city. way to go lakeland.
2004-06-19 08:22:19 AM  
I, too, am proud to call Lakeland my home. Our old people are crappier drivers than your old people!
2004-06-19 08:31:21 AM  
old people hitting stuff deserves its own tag. :)
2004-06-19 08:36:24 AM  
MrPerspicacious - Maybe a "Geezer On Board" sticker should be mandatory, but then I hated the "Baby On Board" signs from the '80s.
2004-06-19 08:40:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"It's kinda hard to make out?"

2004-06-19 09:04:25 AM  
When did Florida get its own tag?
2000 election?

/from Florida
2004-06-19 09:11:24 AM  
That's weird, I was at baggage claim #5 yesterday at around 1:45 after I got off my flight. If it was delayed just 45 minutes I could have seen this first hand.

A link to another article. I forgot my HTML, sorry.
2004-06-19 09:54:39 AM  
Charles J. Plaskowsky from New Jersey

we import e'm for sport.

if it's tourist season how come we can't shoot e'm ?
2004-06-19 10:31:14 AM  
A sport utility vehicle crashed through the glass doors into the baggage claim area

The writer fails to mention elderly driver until half-way down article. It's probably a good thing it was a sport-ut. Had it been a Ford Probe the victim probably would have been smashed by the undercarriage.

2004-06-19 10:42:55 AM  
Now watch this drive!

2004-06-19 11:57:37 AM  
Damn I was at that airport on Thursday - nice place as I recall.

/off to read the article
2004-06-19 01:33:59 PM  
74 year old driver runs over 74 year old victim. And the circle of life is complete.
2004-06-19 03:53:45 PM  
I arrived at TPA just an hour after this happened. Everything was cleaned up and the door boarded over. Couldn't find out what happened until I logged on to Fark. bless you. A pulitzer for Drew. And on the topic of airport security, this is further proof of my belief that there has been ... none... zilch improvement in airport security since 9/11. The TSA are idiots. Any airport in the country can be attacked through the luggage claim or passenger pickup areas. They don't need to blow up planes. Anything in the airport will do.
2004-06-19 04:07:22 PM  
I blame the prevalence of the automatic transmission. The sissy stick babies people too much. See, with a stick shift, once they lose the knack, they'd probably crash into their OWN house.
2004-06-19 06:34:49 PM  
great headline
2004-06-19 09:08:41 PM  
I've got a few pictures from it as well. I landed in Tampa about 20 minutes after it happened.
I'm just wondering how many more people have to be injured, maimed or killed before Florida will revise it's driving laws.
2004-06-19 09:27:16 PM  

Yearly testing in Ontario, maybe. Sure as hell not out here. Would be nice though.
2004-06-19 09:32:29 PM  
Here's a pic, courtesy of the St. Pete Times...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-20 08:38:41 PM  
was at US Air baggage claim in Tampa at 12:45pm Friday...I'm GLAD I missed the geezer
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