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2002-01-16 04:57:20 PM  
I can't believe people just can sleep safely anymore
2002-01-16 04:57:41 PM  
That's bunk!
2002-01-16 04:58:16 PM  
Maybe they should have safety labels
2002-01-16 04:58:42 PM  
Heh i'm smarter than them, i can figure out how to sleep and not fall out of the bed...
2002-01-16 04:59:34 PM  
'Students Against Bunk Bed Violence' LOL
2002-01-16 05:00:19 PM  
Hah! Eat that pansies!
That's what you get for not hailing to the chimp!
2002-01-16 05:01:41 PM  
Maybe the Ivy Leaguers should start out with trundle beds and gradually work up to bunk beds. Better ask Mommy first..
2002-01-16 05:01:51 PM  
Ivy Leaguers Get Bunk Bed Lesson? I bet they do.
2002-01-16 05:03:03 PM  
man I had a horrible bunk bed experience in college, well not bad for me but bad for my roomie. Lets just say that I had a bit too much to drink and my bed (the top bunk) was clean as a whistle while his was not as lucky. Guess I was just born with good drunk while sleeiping/vomit skills, and a large weener of course.

2002-01-16 05:04:30 PM  
"Contrary to what Isaac Newton had to say about a body at rest tending to remain at rest..."
Contrary to popular belief that journalists know what they are talking about; someone screwed up Newton's 1st Law.
2002-01-16 05:04:58 PM  
"Exercize more care while sleeping" What the hell? is this even possible?
My ex and I used to sleep in a bunk bed that was about 2.5 feet wide all the time, I never fell off. And I sure ain't no Ivy Leaguer.
2002-01-16 05:07:49 PM  
Whoop-de-friggin' doo. This is so damn interesting.
2002-01-16 05:09:34 PM  
The trick is, of course, to keep the bunk beds against the wall, and then to sleep next to the wall. It works. I live in fear of falling off the top bunk in the night, but it has never happened.
2002-01-16 05:09:45 PM  
"Contrary to what Isaac Newton had to say about a body at rest tending to remain at rest..."

that would be true but apparantly they were not at rest or they would not have fallen off of the farking bunk! I think he meant at rest as in I put a rock down and it is at rest until I kick it.

2002-01-16 05:10:16 PM  
We need most pseudo-science like this in all articles, "The interaction of mass, height and gravity" and being a dumbass caused Bush to knock his noggin while pretzel eating.

i love that phrase "The interaction of mass, height and gravity"

The interaction of mass, height and gravity
2002-01-16 05:12:14 PM  
I did this once as a kid, slept right through it as well. My mother was wandering why the hell I was sleeping on the floor when she woke me up.
2002-01-16 05:12:45 PM  
The complete law is: "remain at rest (or motion) unless acted upon by an outside force." They were acted upon by the force of gravity. I wouldn't want to know about any other "forces" going on in the bunk so let us just assume it was gravity.
2002-01-16 05:15:09 PM  
Ivy Leaguers will never need lessons in fudge packing.
2002-01-16 05:15:17 PM  
Interaction of mass, height, and gravity. What about velocity? Why didn't that bastard list velocity too? Can't forget friction or the spring potential from the bed springs. Stupid journalist...
2002-01-16 05:17:29 PM  
One sissy to a bunk from now on.
2002-01-16 05:17:42 PM  
The potential energy of the student was simply too much for the bunk bed, not to mention the frictional coefficient of the sheets...perhaps if they used flannel sheets (as used at Yale)instead of the crimson satin which are standard issue at Princeton, they would have more luck.
2002-01-16 05:19:20 PM  
Fenester you must also include the fact that the force from one student checking the oil of the other was greater than the spring potential.
2002-01-16 05:19:37 PM  
"When you're sleeping, the playing field is even." HA! Nice.

Why do the sleep in bunk beds, anyways? Lofts are better: next to no floor space is used, and both people will fall the same distance.
2002-01-16 05:19:41 PM  
i had bunkbeds when i was a kid
but i had my own room
i just kinda picked which one i wanted that night
for sleepovers, nobody had to sleep on floor
2002-01-16 05:20:20 PM  
David Michelson, 26, said the incidents clarified a puzzling sign he noticed on campus last month. "It said something about bunk bed violence, like 'Students Against Bunk Bed Violence.' I couldn't tell whether it was a joke or not," he said.

goes to show only a few have a sense of humor. 26, and you don't get a joke?
2002-01-16 05:21:32 PM  
I just want to go on the record here, that there has never been a bunk bed-related injury at ANY of my residential or commercial properties. Now swings, jacuzzis, balconies, that's another story. I remember one night at the Taj in Vegas...it was me, Perot, and these twenty showgirls. I told Ross, there's no way in hell you're getting me in that swing....but would he listen? So he.....
2002-01-16 05:23:09 PM  
Ahem, yes, perhaps restraints would be in order....
2002-01-16 05:23:36 PM  
Bunkbeds? These farkers can't figure out how to build a loft?
2002-01-16 05:24:35 PM  
Maybe if they had chains bolted into the ceiling that wrapped underneath the mattress and added support....
2002-01-16 05:28:29 PM  
One has to assume binge-drinking was involved in both of these accidents.
2002-01-16 05:28:51 PM  
And, if so, one was to say "right on."
2002-01-16 05:29:54 PM  
Yea my brother goes to Princeton, he says that drinking was probably involved with this.
2002-01-16 05:31:56 PM  
I think the problem is that the beds were designed for only one person at a time.
2002-01-16 05:35:20 PM  
he's henry, gay henry. he was big on the taste of cock.
2002-01-16 05:35:27 PM  
Bunk beds times 4,500 students equals dorm space.
2002-01-16 05:39:46 PM  
The University of MD put bars on dorm windows because some chick rolled out of her bunk bed and fell out the window - 18 stories...
2002-01-16 05:47:15 PM  

Thank you, thank you.

Someone needs to bash subway's marketing exec. in the head with a shovel for that ludicrous campaign.
2002-01-16 05:49:08 PM  
I don't know nothing about no Ivy Leagers, but has anyone seen commercials for the new Sean Penn movie? Does that look like an embarrassment or what?
2002-01-16 05:52:45 PM  

Yes. Looks like one of the finest actors of his generation has lowered himself to playing a sappy, ass retarded guy in a sappy, ass film - just to win an Oscar.

Guess it beats sucking Hollywood cock, though.
2002-01-16 05:54:10 PM  
I haven't fallen of my lofted bed in three years. I have it set against the wall anyway. Of course, anytime a girl sleeps with me, she makes me sleep on the outside.
2002-01-16 05:55:07 PM  
I hate to say it but the only actor I've ever seen play a good retarded guy is Leonardo Di Caprio in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

Sorry to go off the topic but I just saw the commcerical and I really like Sean Penn so I'm a little aghast
2002-01-16 06:04:57 PM  
18 floors. that was nasty!
2002-01-16 06:05:05 PM  
Slow news day?
2002-01-16 06:08:53 PM  
What about Dustin Hoffman? Definitely Dustin Hoffman. 10 minutes to Wapner. Bye-bye Rain Man.
2002-01-16 06:12:44 PM  
Which bunk is safest in case of uh, methane gas attack?
2002-01-16 06:14:19 PM  
I made it through four years at Princeton without
ever falling out of my top bunk. Even when sharing.
And drinking.

So hooray for me!
2002-01-16 06:15:37 PM  
well now hoffman I don't think was playing retarded, he was playing autistic, which is a little different.
2002-01-16 06:24:43 PM  
Now Corky was a fine actor.

SDK-hilarious---Gay Henry does give me the creeps in that stupid commercial. So does Jared though. I stopped eating at subway because I didn't want to look gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. My dad is gay.
2002-01-16 06:26:28 PM  
Funny you should mention Corky. I saw him once in a restaurant in NY and he was wearing a kermit the frog raincoat, which included googly eyes.
2002-01-16 06:36:41 PM  
What a fashion statement. I wish I had a raincoat like that. farking hilarious
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